How It’s Made: Behind SilencerCo’s Doors ~ VIDEO

USA – -( What, exactly, goes into making a silencer? It may be more than you’d expect.

From cutting metal to chemical baths, to extensive quality control every step of the way, our streamlined process is more than just a few steps. Watch our newest video, HOW IT’S MADE: Octane 45, by clicking on the video above to catch a glimpse behind SilencerCo’s doors.

The Octane is a user maintainable, multi-caliber centerfire pistol silencer featuring a modular mounting system for use across a wide range of hosts. Innovative, high strength, stainless steel CTA™ (Click Together Assembly) baffles are easily disassembled for cleaning and make the Octane the most durable pistol suppressor on the market. This durability is a vital feature of the Octane and means that it can be used on everything from semi auto pistols to carbines to submachine guns­ — even hosts like the iconic H&K® MP5.

*We do not recommend shooting lead projectiles out of any of our sealed suppressors.

About SilencerCo:

Founded in West Valley, Utah in 2008, SilencerCo started with a belief in the fundamental premise that firearms don’t have to be loud and has now become the market leader in sound suppressors, muzzle devices, and related products. By investing in innovation, customer service, organic manufacturing, advocacy, education, and talent, SilencerCo is now focused on making firearms hearing safe for all hunting and shooting applications, making products that have never been made before, and making the buying experience a better one.


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You know if you breathe it’s dangerous,
If you like to shoot then shoot , don’t worry about the smoke and the dust , you will likely die by some other cause anyway when you get old .
Just go burn it. Sgt.USMC retired

The Green Watch Dog

Article suggests to not use bullets with lead with suppressors. Have read a number of publications where exposure to lead at firing ranges is dangerous and preventable. Would then suggest taking extra precautions at enclosed firing ranges. Ensure adequate ventilation, take a change of clothes, wash hands etc. to limit lead exposure.


It states that one should not use lead bullets… hard/soft cast, non plated type bullets. Plain lead bullets will leave a large amount of lead residue that will quickly build up within the suppressor. That build up will become dangerous to the shooter and those next to him.

The Green Watch Dog

Sounds dangerous all around. Maybe maskup at shooting ranges for extra precaution.