Aero Precision to Relocate to Lakewood, Washington

Aero Precision FDE Products

U.S.A.-( Aero Precision is excited to announce that we have entered into an agreement for a new facility located in Lakewood, WA, home of Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). The 268,000 sq/ft facility is located within the Lakewood Industrial Park.

“We are very excited to be working with the City of Lakewood on our relocation,” said Scott Dover, CEO and Founder. “The city representatives have been extremely welcoming, and we foresee Lakewood as the long-term home for Aero Precision as we continue to position ourselves as a top tier manufacturing facility in the State of Washington.”

“The substantial growth our business has achieved over the past several years has tested the limits of our current facilities. This move will allow a full company consolidation, bringing all Aero Precision operations under one roof. Expanding our footprint is important for the continued growth of our company and will allow us to create efficiencies that will benefit our customers and employees alike.”

Aero Precision currently employs a workforce of over 800 employees, including a very diverse population of minority, women and veterans. Relocating to Lakewood will allow us to further our goals of diversity and inclusion by recruiting from the surrounding community and JBLM. As Lakewood’s largest private employer, Aero Precision will also have a significant impact on the city’s economic vitality.

The relocation will be a phased approach beginning in February with the goal of having all business functions in the new Lakewood facility by end of year 2021.

About Aero Precision

Aero Precision was founded in 1994 in Gig Harbor, WA. The company originally began in the Aerospace industry and currently operates as a leading firearms parts and components manufacturer. Aero’s innovative products and manufacturing practices have resulted in a desirable, made in the USA line of products that are highly respected by recreational, sport and professional users alike.

Aero Precision

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Good luck staying in a left wing state. If they were going to move there are plenty of 2A friendly states that would have been a better option. They will probably have to move again in a few years.


They totally cucked on the move by transferring from one anti-2A city to a little less anti-2A city.

Ryben Flynn

They should have moved one State to the East to Idaho which is right in the top 10 of gun friendly States while Washington is in the bottom 10.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ryben Flynn

Yep, or South Dakota


The city of Tacoma brought this move upon itself. They installed an illegal $25 tax on firearms and a 2-to-5 cent tax on each round of ammunition.


Yes exactly. Tacoma is not friendly place to do business. Any business. Total mess of homeless near their current shop too. Former mayor now a D representative. Seattle woke wannabe.


And Washington is? You don’t think that the state legislature will not echo these same anti-2A policies?

Unlicensed Bozo

about a 20 min drive from the old place in case anyone wondered about the workers


Thanks for saving me from having to look that fact up.

American Patriot

Apparently common sense is very, very hard to come by these days….
Another firearm company is moving to a very liberal state, well lets see how well that works! I for one refuse to buy from communist states like NY, NJ, IL, CA, OR, & WA. I will in NO way shape or form contribute money to Socialist, anti-American, Anti-gun places so, my account can be deleted that’s a shame but in this day my principals stand!


They’re not moving to a liberal state, they’re already in one. It’s an intrastate move.


Try reading the story instead of being stupid.
They are just relocating multiple locations to one in the same state they have been operating in from the beginning.

Elisa Delaurenti

Firearms manufacturer moving to an anti-gun rights communist state? Hardy har har.
That’s rich.


Elisa, Dear, are you posting just out of your ignorance or are you trying to look like you know something you don’t?


Elisa, I think they are in Gig Harbor which is in Washington and moving to another town in Washington which really doesn’t make much difference, it’s’ still washington.


Uhh, you missed on this one. Gig Harbour and Lakewood are in the same county, about fifteen miles apart. I’ll bet most of their present employees will simply commute to the new location. Many probably already live in Tacoma, thus will no longer have to endure the Narrows crossing twice a day, a major bottleneck and added expense (toll on the bridge). :akewoood and Gig Harbour are very similar in their city governments At least its not IN Tacoma.. the second least gun friendly city in the state, only surpassed by Seattle. But WHO ever would want to live or… Read more »


Not changing States. They are already from Washington, only moving from Tacoma. Big time NRA supporters, if that tells you anything further about a corporation headquartered next to Seattle!


wow only 20 minutes … more like 5days for me key largo is a long way, was hoping for Florida they make nice stuff