EOTECH Awarded Kansas Highway Patrol Optics Contract

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EOTech has been awarded an optics contract from the Kansas State Highway Patrol for EXPS3 optics like the one shown on this SIG MPX. IMG Jim Grant 

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- EOTECH, the leading manufacturer of holographic weapon sights and premium Vudu riflescopes, has been awarded a $277,000 optics contract from the Kansas State Highway Patrol. The KSHP has chosen the EXPS2-0 holographic sight to outfit its new arsenal of carbines.

The contract is part of a group of contracts that were awarded new Colt M4 Trooper carbines for KSHP officers and the necessary accessories for each, including 600 EOTECH EXPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sights with quick-release mounts.

“EOTECH is very pleased the KSHP chose our optic, joining an immense, worldwide community of professional users who count on the speed, accuracy and reliability our holographic technology provides,” says Mark Cockman, Vice President of Commercial and Law Enforcement Sales for EOTECH. “We are confident that our products will enhance their capabilities and contribute in providing safety and security for the officers and their community.”

The EOTECH EXPS2-0 is the premium model holographic sight. Like all models, it projects a 68 MOA ring and a 1 MOA dot reticle, offering uncompromising speed and accuracy. It offers brightness buttons on the side of the sight allowing the user to configure a magnifier if needed. It also includes an adjustable, quick-detach mounting base that provides immediate attachment and removal, while positioning the sight at a perfect lower-third co-witness with iron sights.

The contract is expected to be fulfilled in March 2021. For more information on EOTECH and its products, please visit www.eotechinc.com.


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