Leupold Launches Game-Changing DeltaPoint Micro Red Dot Sight

Leupold Launches Game-Changing DeltaPoint Micro Red Dot Sight
Leupold Launches Game-Changing DeltaPoint Micro Red Dot Sight

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Leupold & Stevens, Inc., provider of the world’s most rugged, lightweight, and clear sport optics, is pleased to announce the launch of the new DeltaPoint Micro, a fully enclosed, low-profile red dot sight designed specifically for concealed carry and personal defense firearms.

Featuring an incredibly compact and revolutionary new design that is easy to conceal, the DP-Micro mounts directly to the rear sight dovetail and sits at the same height as factory iron sights. The red dot aligns with the front sight, delivering rapid target acquisition and improved accuracy. Launch-day models will fit all non-MOS Glock® models and the Smith & Wesson® M&P® line of handguns.

“As our team designed the DeltaPoint Micro, they knew it needed to be three things: low-profile, easy to use, and tough-as-nails,” said Tim Lesser, Vice President of Product Development for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “It delivers on all counts. No red dot on the market is more compact; its low height to bore replicates the same sight plane that iron-sight shooters are used to, allowing for intuitive target acquisition; and it delivers the legendarily rugged performance that Leupold consumers expect.”

Leupold DeltaPoint Micro Red Dot Sights

Lightweight and rugged, the DeltaPoint Micro is 2.25 inches in length and 1.25 inches in height–while weighing in at just 1.1 ounces. DiamondCoat II scratch-resistant lenses ensure it stands up to the roughest conditions, and a fully enclosed LED provides complete protection from the elements–as well as dirt and debris.

Leupold DeltaPoint Micro Red Dot Sight
Leupold DeltaPoint Micro Red Dot Sight

The DP-Micro features Leupold’s Professional-Grade Optical System, which provides unmatched light transmission, industry-leading glare reduction for a clear image in harsh, direct light, and the resolution and clarity that professional guides and shooters demand in the field. Crystal-clear lenses eliminate distortion and color inconsistency. The red dot mounts quickly and easily to the factory rear sight dovetail for co-witnessing the front sight, and eliminating the need for aftermarket rear iron sights.

The CR1632 battery required for the DP-Micro will survive 3.5 years of constant runtime on a medium brightness setting. It is supported by Leupold’s Motion Sensor Technology, which puts the sight into sleep mode to prevent battery drain after five minutes of inactivity, and reactivates the sight upon movement.

In the case of battery failure, the DP-Micro serves as its own backup sight.

“If the battery dies or you experience some sort of failure, the DeltaPoint Micro can be used like a ghost ring sight,” said John Snodgrass, Tactical Product Line Manager for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “By putting your front sight in the bottom-third of the window and using the two milled holes on the back to align with the front sight, you’ll still be able to get on target fast, without adjusting grip or presentation. When it comes to personal protection, you don’t want to leave anything to chance–and the DP-Micro doesn’t.”

The DeltaPoint Micro is waterproof, fogproof, and guaranteed to perform for life. It is proudly designed, machined, and assembled in the United States at Leupold’s Beaverton, Ore., factory.

For more information on Leupold products, please visit us at Leupold.com.

About Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

Founded in Oregon more than a century ago, Leupold & Stevens, Inc. is a fifth-generation, family-owned company that designs, machines and assembles its riflescopes, mounting systems, tactical/Gold Ring spotting scopes, and performance eyewear in the USA. The product lines include rifle, handgun and spotting scopes; binoculars; rangefinders; mounting systems; and optical tools, accessories, and pro gear.

Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

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Interesting, but I’ve got to wonder about the motion activation. A concealed handgun will presumably spend much time in a holster, on a person. If the person is walking or otherwise not perfectly still – will the red dot not be on pretty much continuously? If it also uses inclination, it could stay off when muzzle is close enough to vertical – but that might be a problem in situation shooting down at something. Would love to hear how Leopold has gotten around these problems. I suspect they are just depending on 3.5 year battery life, which turns into close… Read more »


I’ve never had any pistol mounted RDS that the battery didn’t last over a year. Just change it on New Years Day or your birthday every year and there should be no problem. It’s not like the batteries cost a mint


Interesting solution. If it holds up well to recoil, I’d like to try it.


A solution in search of a problem…..which has already been solved by the multitude of RDS’s already on the market.
$500-ish & can’t get to my slide internals unless I remove it, which means I have to verify it’s still zero’d after I put it back on?
No thanks, Leupold, this is a stupid product.

American Patriot

I’ve seen a video doing rapid fire…..No way the dude was looking thru the sights the way the gun was recoiling. As a person that has worn glasses all my life the sight picture appears way too small…..And price….Don’t get me started!


$520 price

Unlicensed Bozo

Optics planet has it for $399


Ha! Backordered 5-7 MONTHS!

Last edited 1 year ago by Unlicensed Bozo

Are they a sponsor because it is definitely not game changing.