Ammo InStock: Winchester USA FORGED 9mm Luger 115Grn 50 Rounds $34.99 FREE S&H

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Winchester USA FORGED 9mm Luger 115Grn 50 Rounds Deal
Winchester USA FORGED 9mm Luger 115Grn 50 Rounds Deal

USA – -( Get while you can. Optics Planet has 50 round brick of Winchester USA HANDGUN FORGED 9mm Luger 115 grain ammo in-stock and shipping FREE for $34.99. That is $0.699 each a round. Do we even have to say it? This will S_ _ _ _ O _ _. (fill in the blanks)

Winchester USA HANDGUN FORGED 9mm Luger 115 grain AmmoBuy Now Gun Deals

USA Forged is 100-percent safe for use on any range, and with any properly chambered modern firearm. Winchester offers USA Forged in 20-round, 50-round and 150-round boxes. Built with clean-burning powder for less barrel fouling and non-corrosive primers for long storage life and reliable ignition, USA Forged is value priced, making it ideal for high-volume range sessions and plinking, and for anyone looking to save on the costs of shooting.

Specifications for Winchester USA HANDGUN FORGED 9mm Luger 115 grain Full Metal Jacket Steel Cased Centerfire Pistol Ammunition – 50 Rounds:

  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Number of Rounds: 50
  • Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  • Bullet Weight: 115 grain
  • Cartridge Case Material: Steel
  • Primer Location: Centerfire

The steel cases are also easy to pick up when the shooting is done by simply using a magnet to collect them from the ground.

Ammo InStock: Winchester USA FORGED 9mm Luger 115Grn 50 Rounds $34.99 FREE S&H

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$34 for 50 rounds of 9mm steel cased fmj?!?! Eat a big flaming bag of richards.


“Optics Planet has 50 round brick of Winchester USA HANDGUN FORGED 9mm Luger 115 grain ammo in-stock and shipping FREE for $34.99.“

50 rounds does not constitute a “brick”. 50 rounds is a box and a brick has multiple boxes in it, typically 10 or 20 boxes.


I can hardly believe it. I tried a box of this garbage two years ago when it was $6 a box. This useless crap refused to even GO INTO the magazines of 4 different Sig Sauer pistols, 2 Glocks, and a Springfield XDM. TOTAL GARBAGE. AmmoLand you should be ashamed to run this article and Winchester should be sued out of business for selling it at $6 a box. GARBAGE!


Optics Planet, you haven’t filled the order I placed in November. Last I heard you might fill it in April but you have ammo for sale now at a higher price. Imagine that. People, be careful doing business with them. They don’t honor deals they make when they can screw you to make a few extra bucks.


They wont even ship ammo in my state. No chance I give them a sale for any other item.
I have seen people posting what you stated for a while now. And that price is easily double what I paid locally a few months ago.

Xaun Loc

Without mentioning which idiot blue state you choose to live in, we can still be quite certain that the reason Optics Planet won’t ship ammo to you is because you and your fellow residents have chosen to elect clowns to your state legislature who have given you the kind of useless “common sense” laws you asked for.

Sorry, but I have very little sympathy for people who have voted away their rights, and even less sympathy for fools who blame businesses for following the laws their stupid elected officials have enacted. If you want mail order ammo, elect new politicians.

Dogma Factor

And the price gouging go’s on…..

Local big box is sell the very same at $16.99 a box with a limit of two


It seems to me that ammo is beginning to show up, like this offer, but at hugely inflated, price gouging levels. BUT, let’s look at it a bit differently, even though I still don’t like the situation. What if somebody offered 9MM at the normal price of let’s say ten to 15 cents a round. It would be snapped up immediately and we would be back to nothing. By keeping the prices artificially high the seller, probably inadvertently, allows more people to have access to his limited supply. While not a supply side economist what might be happening is that… Read more »


It’s almost as if it is a classic case of a large increase in demand for a product for which a significant increase in supply takes time and, even then, the investment may not occur because of uncertainties about the future. That is, if demand goes down (because people buy less), the price will go down. But it’s so much more fun to scream “help, I’m being repressed! Somebody do something!!! We The People are entitled to as much ammo as we want at a fair price. Biden and the Chinese are hiding lead and all the shipped ammo is… Read more »