Below The Radar – LEAD Act

Below The Radar – LEAD Act

United States – -( Attacks on our right to keep and bear arms don’t just take the form of gun bans or universal background checks. If anything, anti-Second Amendment extremists have always been scheming to find ways to make it harder to exercise our rights, and some of them are quite diabolical in the way many Second Amendment supporters do not see them coming.

One such bill is HR 405, the LEAD Act, introduced by Ted Lieu, a congressman from California (no surprise, a Democrat). In this case LEAD stands for Lead Endangers Animals Daily, and it bans the use of traditional ammunition on lands that the United States Fish and Wildlife Service has jurisdiction over. For a first offense, there is a $500 fine, with additional offenses leading to fines from $1,000 to $5,000.

When compared to the sentences that occur from violating 18 USC 924, these seem mild, and this bill seems like it isn’t a big deal at first glance. But it actually hits those who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights hard in multiple ways. One of the worst is that Lieu’s proposed ban, based on an Obama Administration “midnight regulation” that President Trump overturned, hits their pocketbook.

Traditional ammo is relatively cheap, even in a time where a gun store can sell a shipment of 80,000 rounds in 30 minutes. For many who acquire firearms for hunting, personal protection, or just plain target shooting, it’s not just about buying the gun. They need to make sure it is sighted in properly, that they have an idea of what ammunition works best for them, and that they have sufficient proficiency with that firearm/ammo combination to safely use it. That takes a lot of rounds.

Now bad can the hit be? For example, a box of 25 non-toxic shotgun shells runs for over $40 at Assuming you’d have enough proficiency and confidence in a shotgun/shell combo after firing 250 rounds, that’s $400 before one single “for real” use. By comparison, a box of 25 traditional shells runs for about $13 at that same site. Assuming the same 250 rounds for proficiency and confidence, that is a difference of $270 – enough to buy a FMK semiauto pistol from Sportsman’s Guide (following all state and federal laws, of course).

Of course, this is the real reason for the bill – to make exercising Second Amendment rights unaffordable. Second Amendment supporters should contact their Representatives and Senators and politely urge their opposition this legislation. Second Amendment supporters should also support the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action and Political Victory Fund to ensure that the current anti-Second Amendment regimes in the House, Senate, and White House are defeated at the ballot box as soon as possible.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

Harold Hutchison

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One of the last lead smelters in the united states was closed in East Helena by the Obama administration . Liberals are more toxic than lead . Let’s remove all gun hating liberals out of America . This will solve most of our problems .


News flash: it really stands for “Lets Eliminate All Democrats!”


I know, let’s make up a stupid law and make up a cute little name to go with it.

Ryben Flynn

I’m flattered you chose my stash for the article picture. Yes, that’s mine. I uploaded it sometime back to another article.


Nice stash, I’m envious. Living in Commiefornia sucks.

Watch out for a late night or early morning knock on the door.


No pistol?


USFWS is, in many cases, more draconian (worse) than BATFE when it comes to abusing the Constitution and the rights of American Citizens. The original lead ban, which forced the use of steel shot for migratory waterfowl, was based on faulty research and studies (lies), and the same type of research continues to be used by USFWS, to “create” new laws and regulations which do nothing for wildlife, but everything for USFWS by increasing their authority and funding.

Last edited 1 year ago by JPM

I’m posting this article on Fakebook. I hope you don’t mind me using your comment as the header. Nice job.


That’s what I call “a start.”

Ryben Flynn

Unfortunately the lack of powder prevents me from adding to it, although I have primers, brass and bullets. That’s my stash.


Powder’s easy, try looking for primers!

Big George

…or, a weekend in the desert target practicing!


Waste not, want not.


Lead Endangers Politicians. That’s what gun control is all about. Protecting their own tyrannical asses from Patriots about to get fed up with their shit.


Since there aren’t any lead manufacturers or lead production mining left in the US and China has a monopoly on it, the Chinese will go belly up ?


I shudder at the thought, but maybe Red China and the USSR will be the ones that supplies our lead for ammo. Until then hoard those tire weights!!


And used car batteries.

American Patriot

Yeap….Don’t shoot someone in front of witnesses or cameras……..!


Since they can’t ban all firearms, they start with a few, then it’s parts, accessories, lead shot and now lead bullets. They restrict who can make and distribute and who can buy and sell. Essentially, the American people have become the democrats worst enemy.


Why do you think the “EPA” eventually “discovered” that there were lead mining and smelting operations here in the US that “could be” shut down to “save us all”?

It started a LONG time ago, and will not let up until we either knuckle under or “t’row da bums outt”.

Which will it be?


the shortages we have now are a back handed obuma(yes bum) gun control measure stop led and copper smelting in Gary Indiana put all those people out of work epa controls licensing for smelters closed them same epa controls import of toxic substances we switch to steel kills reloading

Last edited 1 year ago by swmft

Ted is just another commie coming out of the closet


Former governor already signed a lead ban for hunting. Where’s this guy from?


During the Trump years, after the fiasco Obie, I added 28,000 rounds. Now stored in 4 locations along with that needed to make them go bang. January 2020 you could but 1000 rounds of 5.56 plus 10 mags for $139 delivered. Did you think it would get cheaper?

Get Out

The anti’s are currently attacking anything and everything gun related, semi-auto guns, ammo because of lead, transfer of guns to family members or friends, gun parts and other gun related components. Gun owners are going to get to the point that no more compromise.


The liberals may not know what they are about to start. The British tried to take guns away twice and it didn’t work well for them. Why would liberals think it will be better for them?


“We will circle back around on that issue.”

Ryben Flynn

That was only about half my ammo, here’s the rest.

Dave in Fairfax


You desperately need to back-fill the holes in your supply. Seriously. 1K per weapon held in reserve, then you start piling up the shootable supply. I see 6 weapons right off, that’s one safe not quite full. It should have at least 10K of ammo to back it up. You need to get serious yesterday.

Ryben Flynn

Oh, those are the only ones in that part of the room.
Trust me, I have more rifles.
The shelves hold about 500 rounds of several calibers I did not buy ammo boxes for them. Deli containers work OK for smaller amounts.
Powder is non-existent or I would make more ammo.

Dave in Fairfax


Throw an ounce of rice in each container and seal it up. The rice will act as a desiccant.
Ammo should never be left out unsealed, cool and dry are imperative.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave in Fairfax

Rice is so good at sucking up moisture one can even drop your phone in a puddle and bring it back to life. Just remove the battery, shake out the water. and seal it up in a baggie of rice for a couple days. Put the battery back in and they fire right back up. I’ve had to do it twice now.
Phones in shirt pockets, working in the shop, and puddles don’t play well together! 🙂

Dave in Fairfax


Even a Conex will do if you don’t have much ammo to stash.


Actually, you have to sharpen your tactics and start picking up the ammo dropped by your threat(s).


I’d like a 00 buck coffee table and a 50BMG end table please…..


If the feds can’t outlaw guns; then they’ll tax the krap out of ammo, components, and parts. The hope is that eventually guns will become wall decorations only!


Harold is coming along nicely. I didn’t find a single word suggesting that the grabbers should be appeased by giving up something. Perhaps we’ll make a patriot of him yet! 🙂


And monkeys will fly out of our butts?

Ryben Flynn

Spammer reported