Ammo Scammers ~ GoWild Warns of Spike in Fake Ammo Sales

Ammo Scammers Warning
Ammo Scammers: Warning

USA – -( Outdoor social media platform, GoWild, is issuing a strong warning to firearms consumers regarding Ammo Scammers:

Fake ammunition scammers are posing as online retail storefronts and aiming to steal your cash and personal information with too-good-to-be-true ammo deals and offers.

GoWild’s security team has flagged a record amount of firearms scammers focusing on gun accessories over the last few weeks, especially with ammunition. While GoWild deletes the scammers from its platform immediately upon identification, the company has also found scammers circulating through other social networks and is therefore releasing tips to help shoppers identify the scammers.

“With gun sales at an all-time high and ammunition in short supply, scammers see a rich opportunity,” said firearms enthusiast and GoWild Cofounder, President, Zack Grimes. “Buying ammo online is safe if you’re working with a known reputable company—I do it all the time. But these scammers are taking advantage of millions of new gun owners and even some long-time firearms owners.”

About the Scammers

Most of the scammers are operating from outside of the United States. They are not only using fake business names, they’re creating fake logos, addresses and websites to pose as legitimate companies. The content posted usually appears to be stolen.

At first glance and especially to an untrained eye, it can be tough to tell if a company is legitimate. But GoWild’s tips below will help consumers better identify scammers.

Example Discussions from Reddit:

Does anyone know if this Ammo website is legit? How can you tell? (Ammo city store) from r/Firearms

Tips to Avoid Being Ammo Scammed

If it’s too good of a deal, it is.

Scammers often list prices for half MSRP.

Don’t take the convo to another platform.

On social media platforms, scammers nearly always ask to speak via direct message or will often ask to use another chat app (WeChat, Hangouts, etc.).

Be leary of messaging app purchases with third-party payments.

Many scammers are selling via direct messaging through social media platforms, not real websites. They are asking customers to use Venmo or Cash App to send payment. If the scammer has a website, paying with a credit card will sometimes not be an option. The only payment options are often Zelle, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, and even Bitcoin. GoWild does not recommend trusting sellers who direct messaged you and want to use third-party payment apps. The company also recommends against trusting retailers who don’t accept credit cards.

Check for website security indicators.

Real retailers will have an SSL certificate, which ensures a secure connection for transferring personal data. Tap the lock at the beginning of a web URL to see if your connection is secure. Please note GoWild has still identified scammers with SSL certificates for fake websites.

Look for confusing sentences or misspellings.

Scammer communication will often be confusing and with poor grammar. Scammer websites are chocked full of typos and glaring mistakes. GoWild has found that many of the scammer websites are using copy and images from established businesses. One scam website listed its own fake name but forgot to change the original retailer’s name in the next paragraph.

Check the business address.

It sounds simple but it’s one of the easiest ways to verify a real business. Business addresses for scammers are always fake. A simple check online will often lead you to find the website’s address listing is not even a real address. If you can’t find an address, be leery.

When in doubt, don’t buy.

If you buy, the scammers are going to have not only your payment information but your home address. Even with this firearm and ammo shortage, it’s not worth it.

Simply put: Buy from trusted sources.

The best way to ensure you’re not getting scammed is to work with brands you know and trust.

About GoWild

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Bulk ammo supply dot com is a scam site with an offshore cc processor through an African co named flutterwave


Well….I ordered from OpticsPlanet on 10/5/20. 1,000 rds Winchester 115 gr FMJ 9mm at their then-price of $289. “Shipping soon” they said. Have received several ‘delays’ of ‘next month’. I KNOW their prices have more than doubled….BUT…they took my order and keep telling me…”soon”. Do I EVER expect to get my order for $289 for 1,000 rds.? What do you think? BUT..they should NOT have taken my order if they were not going to fulfill it. Is this how they will be doing business…? if their price goes up before they ship it…do they just delay, delay, delay? Would you… Read more »


They’ve been on my shit list for a number of years. Constantly selling stuff marked’ in stock’ then you have to wait forever to get it or get so disgusted you cancel the order. When crap like the ammo shortage happens they take your order (and money) and when they realize they can sell it for a lot more they just keep sandbagging you hoping you’ll cancel the order. They aren’t the only ones. I could name at least a dozen.


I don’t believe they charge you until it ships, however, like you, I have a couple orders pending for the same reason. It’s like they are not honoring our purchase, & instead selling it for top dollar to people who will pay it. Horrible.


“If it’s too good of a deal, it is.” Probably; however, I know a guy who just bought 500 rounds of 9mm reman ammo for $50.00. But things aren’t always as they first appear. Turns out he gave someone he knew a bunch of once fired Federal 9mm brass and a 500 count box of Extreme 9mm 115gr plated bullets along with 26 pounds of de-primed once fired 223 brass. So the guy receiving the goods decided what the hell I’ll just load those bullets up in those cases and do a solid. And so the brass was polished and… Read more »


And why wouldn’t scammers jump on this bandwagon? If I were a crook, I’d figure that anybody desperate enough to pay 850USD for a thousand rounds of M855 are probably desperate enough to pay for “sailboat fuel”, like the Pentagon did all throughout the ‘Iraq’ ‘war'(and still does)!


Another good seller is Ammo Shop Online. Bought Norma ammo here. Brass 9mm 124gr FMJ abought $32.00 a box of 50. Shipping was a little slow but they were moving warehouse & not even sure if it wasn’t Fedex issue.


I’m embarrassed to say that I got suckered into an ammo scam a month ago. The online company was called Just as the article described, they had a great website, physical address and reviews. As soon as they got my money, they disappeared. Upon checking, after the fact, the business address was a street intersection, and I couldn’t find the listed owner on Google. It wouldn’t surprise me if these people were from outside the US. It was an expensive lesson for me. Thanks for writing this article, so hopefully others will investigate before being taken advantage of.


Anyone heard of “Brown Ammunition” on Instagram? He quoted me $410 shipping included for 1000rnds of .303; almost went for it but something didn’t feel right – pay by Zelle – so I asked for a copy of his FFL.

I’m still waiting.


arsenal ammo shop dot com totally looks and feels like a scam. Their address is a crappy little building outside of Chicago. Can only pay with third party pay apps where there’s no recourse if you get screwed. “John James” is the guy to send money to, not even a company name.
Anyone dealt with them?