Biden’s Plan to Enact Gun Control and the Dangers of David Chipman

David Chipman
David Chipman is a gun-control extremist. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A.-( Joe Biden’s executive actions now public and the President nominating rabid anti-gunner David Chipman for the top job at the ATF, many gun owners wonder what is next.

The targeting of unfinished firearms kits and pistol braces, along with an attempt to place Chipman in the ATF Director’s chair, hints at Giffords playing a significant role in the Biden administration’s gun policy. The former ATF agent was the Senior Advisor at Giffords, and long have pushed to eliminate the items Biden is trying to ban through regulation. In fact, in September of 2018, Chipman wrote what could be described as a road map for gun control.

Looking at this document, we can see what is coming down the road and Chipman’s nonsensical reasoning. It also highlights why we need all hands on deck to stop him from being confirmed. A David Chipman ATF is the greatest real danger the Second Amendment has ever faced. Republicans are partially responsible for the peril we are in as well. The lack of push back on the bump stock ban embolden Chipman and his elk. The ATF will use the reclassification of bump stocks as a template to reclassify other items.

We can see the ATF try to ban these items through reclassification with Chipman at the helm.

Trigger Cranks

Chipman will try to change the 1955 ruling that states Gatling Guns are not machine guns. He complains that trigger cranks can be attached to modern firearms allowing the user to speed up the gun’s rate of fire. Chipman disagrees with this ruling and will move to overturn it. Trigger cranks are rarely if ever, used in crimes.

High Capacity Shotguns

Chipman considers shotguns holding more than 12 rounds as “high capacity.” He will lean on the government, making the Armsel Striker an NFA “destructive device” in 1994 under Bill Clinton. He believes the NFA should regulate other shotguns with a similar round count. This belief even includes pump-action tactical shotguns like the UTAS UTS-15.

Chipman doesn’t believe these shotguns serve a “sporting purpose.” For a firearm to be imported, it must have a “sporting purpose.” Chipman also tips his hand on how he will stop the importing of firearms by just saying that guns do not have a sporting purpose. What is more disturbing is that he seems to want to apply the sporting purpose clause to domestically manufactured firearms.

Armor-Piercing Pistols

Another scary term Chipman likes to throw around is “armor-piercing pistols.” According to Chipman, the term refers to any AK or AR pistol variants. Chipman talks about how a person could easily conceal one of these guns and use it to penetrate body armor. He pushes the idea that even pistols without a stock or a brace are just as dangerous as it’s SBR cousin.

.50 Caliber Rifles and .50 Caliber Ammunition

Chipman claims that these rounds are “a threat to national security” because a user can shoot down helicopters. This document isn’t the first time he made a similar claim. Chipman actually fabricated a story about the Branch Davidians shooting down two Texas Nation Guard helicopters with a Barret .50. He also claims that terrorists can take out radar dishes with these rounds. Chipman also talks about how these rounds will let a shooter be effective at over a mile away. Because of these reasons, Chipman wants to see the rounds and rifles be put under the NFA as “destructive devices.”

Incendiary Rounds and Tracer Rounds

Chipman will target specialized rounds such as incendiary rounds and tracer rounds. He reasons that incendiary rounds spread fire upon impact. Chipman also makes the weird statement that “tracer rounds allow the shooter to see where rounds are tracking at night.” It almost seems like he is trying to make that a bad thing.

The end goal of trying to regulate these rounds has nothing to do with the rounds themselves. He is using these rounds to try to push for a California-style background check system for ammunition purchases. Demonizing these rounds is just a means to an end. Chipman is a master propagandist and knows how to confuse and pull on the heartstrings of the uninformed.

The Shockwave or Scattergun

It should come to no one’s surprise that 14-inch firearms based on shotgun receivers will be on the chopping block. Chipman wants these guns recategorized as NFA firearms. He goes back to his old trope of claiming these guns are too easy to conceal. Chipman claims these firearms are only legal because of an oversight in the wording of the NFA. He will look to change that through regulation instead of changing the law.

Pistol Conversion Kits

Through leaks obtained by AmmoLand, we already saw the ATF taking a hard look at these devices. Chipman will try to reclassify any gun with a stabilizing device like the Micro-Roni in the NFA list. He claims that using these devices turns the firearm into an SBR. He makes the bold assertion that the devices become more accurate and allows the users to shoot faster. He claims these devices make pistols more lethal.

Large Capacity and Detachable Magazines

No one should be shocked to find out that these magazines are on the chopping block. What should surprise rational thinking people is that Chipman states that these magazines basically change a semiautomatic rifle into a machine gun.

The document reads: “The danger posed by firearms that enable shooters to continue firing in this manner is the same reason Congress chose to include machine guns in the NFA when it was originally enacted: these weapons enable a shooter to fire many bullets very quickly. Semiautomatic firearms equipped with large capacity magazines do not, however, fall under the NFA. The NFA refers to machine guns as those firearms that discharge more than one shot “without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.” Firearms developed since the NFA and equipped with large capacity magazines rarely require manual reloading, but they can expel a lot of ammunition in a brief period of time. They do so by allowing a trigger to be pulled many times very easily and ensuring that there is almost always another bullet ready to go. Despite this, large capacity magazines and semiautomatic firearms equipped with them (sometimes called“assault weapons”) are not regulated under the NFA, even though they pose incredible danger to our communities.”

If you wondered where Joe Biden got the idea to move standard capacity magazines to the NFA, then look no further than David Chipman and Giffords. Trying to equate magazines to machine guns is just a tactic to scare the public and thus move the needle.

If David Chipman gets confirmed, the ATF will no longer be a law enforcement and regulatory agency. It will be a government-funded and government-backed branch of Giffords and the rest of the anti-gun lobby.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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There would be no United States of America if the Colonists did not revolt British Tyranny

The United States of America will no longer exist if Biden is allowed to deploy his Tyranny.

Its up to All Americans now. To accept the communist takeover is surrender.

Its up to you now.

APG member

This is not “Biden’s Tyranny”. Biden is the current (demented) puppet of the democrat party, which is the left wing of the regime that has oppressed you your whole life. like so many 2A advocates you seem to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Roland T. Gunner

You are just like my wife, going out of your way to be disagreeable.


LOL…oh that explains it.

APG member

You smell like a government agent, this is about my civil rights. Democrats and republicans have been joinoing together for gun control since 1934.


Exactly! It’s the only way us gun owners have a chance. If they don’t see it that way, then they could be a double agent.

Roland T. Gunner

I have not heard a knee-slapper like that since that silly Lt. at Baghdad Intl. Airport accused me of being CIA.

Roland T. Gunner

Yes, both Demonrats snd Republicans are both culpable in trampling our rights, I agree wholejeartedly; and of course I am a gub’mint agent, I am here to help you 😉

APG member

Given that we have been indoctrinated from birth by the LARGEST GOVERNMENT IN WORLD HISTORY I like to give all the virtue signaling 2A advocates the benefit of the doubt. The first step to reckoning that you are identifying with your abuser is to acknowledged the abuse. You were borne a free and beautiful individual, it is your right to live in a free society, which you do not. It may just be that you derive the majority of your income from a government job and have some sort of personal preference for authoritarianism, or you might be a worker… Read more »

Ej harbet

Trophy photo in front of charred remains of a waco victim.
All i need to know


This scumbag is a mass murderer.

Dry gulched

Look at his picture that accompanies this article. Extreme nutso.


He looks like he is trying to void a cinderblock from his colon.


Boris Badenov

You are describing virtually every left wing fool, facts have zero bearing in their ‘thinking’ process. They are fueled hate and the dislike for freedom.


I disagree. I believe the right side has all the hate with zero intelligence i.e Trump and his supporters. But we still have a job on hand, protecting our rights to bear arms because I LOVE my freedom!!!

Happy Everafter

We the People….

Used to be in charge…


“Used to be in charge…..”

Please explain.

Henry Bowman

If Chipman gets in, expect a Waco at every ATF action.


Anyone know if chip uses his retired LE status to continue to carry? I’d give fair odds that he does since everything he says reeks of elitism.


If he does it by the rules it doesn’t give much benefit for the trouble to do it correctly. That’s why I never did it.


Just looking at his picture, my first impression is that he is a whiny little crybaby, pampered and radical piece of shit !


David Chipman lends new meaning to the term “cum-dumpster.”


Well you do have to admit there was a wording oversight in NFA regarding SBRs and SBSs. When NFA was first written, they were going to ban all pistols and included SBRs and SBSs to prevent pistols masquerading as rifles or shotguns. When pistols were removed, leaving SBRs and SBSs was an oversight. An oversight which could easily be corrected if congress would get off their duff to take them out of the NFA. Our problem is that uninformed members of the public assume that if something is subject to extra regulations, it must be super dangerous. Thus lies about… Read more »

Roland T. Gunner

Please do not be willing to compromise when it comes to disbanding the NFA.


I thought the same with Trumps bumpstock ban setting the precedence.

Protect defend serve

People better wake up to what is taking place. These Gun grabbers WILL use regulations, exec orders and whatever else they can to stop law abiding citizens from owning, using or possessing firearms AND ammunition through permits, background checks Red flag laws, snitches and anything else they can dream up. The appeals to such things will be years in courts and no guarantee these will go away. God given rights mean nothing to these Government worshippers.

Ryben Flynn

Executive Actions are a wish list of what he wants. No force of law. Agencies are told to see what could be done, not actually do anything.
Executive Orders tell Agencies how to enforce existing Law, not to rewrite the Law.
biden cannot ban any guns with either Executive Action or Executive order. The most he can do is ban the import of certain firearms.
obama banned the import of Russian made AKs, so Kalashnikov built a factory in Florida to make “Made in USA” AK rifles. So much for bans.

Ej harbet

I guess the trophy photo with the remains of a branch davidian was a hoax?

Henry Bowman

Not a hoax. Nearly every fed involved in the massacre celebrated their slaughter by dancing on the corpses of their victims.


“.50 Caliber Rifles and .50 Caliber Ammunition”When California Governor, the RINO (Republican In Name Only), Arnold Schwarzenegger was in office, he outlawed the .50 BMG to all gun owners, over his concern (paranoia) that some people would begin shooting commercial airliners out of the sky. A quick reality check shows that that has never happened, and I have never read, seen, or listened to any media report of a commercial airliner being targeted. To put things into perspective, when our government, whether State or Federal, wishes to accomplish their own agenda, they either fabricate a narrative to fit their own… Read more »


Notice too, they executed whathisname for the crime in what had to be a fifty year record from court to casket.


Beware the “cleft-like” upper lip; never a good sign!


Like Senator Tim Scott from SC. You are right.


So David Chipman is a pro-gun-control extremist, a hare-lip, and a traitor?

Ryben Flynn

Why are so many comment now “Awaiting for approval”?


When I copied a quote, I didn’t realize it had an embeded link (which made two links in one post). I edited-out the embeded link, but too late. Here are two of his views: Only Lack of Resources Restrains Him From Kicking Doors and Taking Semi-Automatic Rifles “We have to deal with all the guns that are already out there. There are already millions, and law enforcement just doesn’t have the capacity to kick all those doors to take them.” Centralized Electronic Database After Hurricane Harvey threatened to wipe out gun dealers’ inventories in Texas and Louisiana in 2017, Chipman told… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC
Boris Badenov

It looks like they are using Disgust for their website/comments. Located in San Franfreakshow they are so far left their feet are getting wet in the Pacific. A few more inches and they’d be drowning 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by Boris Badenov
Dave in Fairfax


Sorry about that. I got a diagnosis that has me pretty knocked out between the symptoms and the various Drs and studies. I’ll try to keep up a bit longer.

Ryben Flynn

OK. I know including a URL will do it. I try to neuter them, but it doesn’t always work.
Hope you feel better soon.

BTW, y’all need to keep a watch on the spammers to the articles. When I find one I report it to Brian as he is the only direct contact I have at Ammoland.


it is getting close to time where some people will need taking out the police in Minnesota killed the black driver for having a gun … that is why he had a warrant out had a gun with no license no other “crime” think all blacks in Minnesota should start open carry and vote for anyone who is for constitutional carry


It is official: They are not going to charge Ashli Babbitt’s killer.

Prosecutors: No Charges For Officer In Capitol Riot Shooting (


More of Chipman’s views: Only Lack of Resources Restrains Him From Kicking Doors and Taking Semi-Automatic Rifles “We have to deal with all the guns that are already out there. There are already millions, and law enforcement just doesn’t have the capacity to kick all those doors to take them.” Centralized Electronic Database After Hurricane Harvey threatened to wipe out gun dealers’ inventories in Texas and Louisiana in 2017, Chipman told us that the NRA-backed ban on a centralized government database had constrained the bureau’s ability to get shooters off the street: “You lose the ability to connect the dots… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC
Roland T. Gunner

Gun owners need to wstch for this jerk and call him out, very loudly and vocally, in public. It really is time, I mean literally, to start pushing for leftist gun grsbbing politivians to be prosecuted for violating their oaths and the Constitution. Our Bill of Rights must be held inviolable. And yes, rights actually are absolute. There may be consequences to abusing your rights, but the rights themselves are absolute.


Roland stop saying “leftist” on gun grabbers. They are on both sides!! Trump enacted gun laws and I’m pretty sure he’s a “rightist”. Put politics aside because I’m what you may call a “leftist” but I’m damn sho a 2A individual. Trust me I own SOME shit (of course all legal). The gun fight needs guys like me! So stop with the name calling and propaganda bullish!t. Let’s fight the “gun grabbers” and let’s defeat these guys!!

Roland T. Gunner

I am unable to suspend disbelief, on so many levels.

Roland T. Gunner



More of Chipman’s Views (post on hold)