Nosler and Randy Newberg Prepare First-Time Gun Owners for the Shooting Range

U.S.A.-( In a continued effort to support and engage the growing community of new shooters and hunters, Nosler has released an educational video to help prepare beginners for their first experience at the shooting range.

Training at a gun range is critical to building foundational firearms skills. Unfortunately, this process can be intimidating for new shooters who are unsure of what a trip to the range fully entails. In “Tips: First Trip to the Shooting Range,” Nosler Pro-Staffer, Randy Newberg, sheds light on the gun range experience to help shooters feel safe and confident at any range.

Set at the Redmond Rod & Gun Club in Central Oregon, the 7-minute video shares several key components that apply to all ranges including necessary equipment, firearm safety, range commands and etiquette. Differences between indoor and outdoor ranges, as well as range restrictions to consider before your visit are also covered.

Nosler’s rollout of the video will include a call-to-action for experienced hunters and shooters to help empower those new to the sport through mentorship, accompanying a new shooter to the range or simply sharing educational resources that may benefit newcomers.

The video can be viewed on the Nosler YouTube channel or on the company’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

About Nosler

Founded in 1948, Nosler®, Inc. is a family-owned company located in Bend, Oregon. Nosler is most known for revolutionizing the hunting bullet industry with bullets such as the Partition®, Ballistic Tip®, AccuBond®, E-Tip® and most recently the AccuBond® LR and RDF.  With the company motto of “Quality First,” Nosler manufactures premium component bullets, reloading brass, ammunition, semi-custom rifles and their own line of family-stamped hunting cartridges making Nosler a comprehensive shooting products company. Nosler products are used worldwide by discriminating hunters, shooters, military and law enforcement professionals.Nosler Ammunition