Benelli Congratulates Pro Shooter Dakota Overland After Acceptance to West Point

Junior Benelli pro shooter Dakota Overland was the High Lady out of 14 female shooters and finished second in the junior category with 21 total competitors.
Benelli Congratulates Pro Shooter Dakota Overland After Acceptance to West Point

U.S.A.-( Benelli Pro Shooter Dakota Overland accepted an offer to join the U.S. Military Academy and is set to report to West Point at the end of June. The new chapter to her life temporarily ends a pro shooting career highlighted by numerous titles in the U.S. and abroad.

“Dakota has been a prolific winner during her time shooting competitively,” said Benelli USA VP of Marketing Timothy Joseph. “Her steadfast dedication and passion for shooting showed at every event and her devotion and enthusiasm made it tough on her competitors. Benelli is proud of the partnership we’ve had with Dakota as she’s showcased the high performance of Benelli shotguns in competition. She is a very special individual who brings a bright light to shooting sports. We thank her for her years as one of our successful shooting team members and wish her the best of luck with her new venture in life.”

Recently turned 18 years old and on the verge of graduating high school, Overland comes from a family with a history of serving in the U.S. military and understands how their service and sacrifice allows citizens to enjoy liberty and freedom in America.

Benelli Congratulates Pro Shooter Dakota Overland After Acceptance to West Point Academy
Pro Shooter Dakota Overland

“I have enjoyed a great life of being able to live with all the freedoms secured by military current and past,” said Overland. “It makes sense for me to give back and the opportunity to attend West Point will help me obtain a secure future in either the military or in the private world. I am looking forward to the next few years.”

While Overland is looking forward to her future, she does admit she will miss seeing her fellow Benelli team members.

“I always appreciated my team members,” said Overland. “They have been supportive throughout my time on the team and have become like family members. I wish them continued success and hope to see them soon down the road.”

Overland has stood on the podium more than 40 times in her career. Some of her wins include, but are not limited to:


  • Lady Champion 2018 Lucas Oil Shotgun Championship, USA
  • Junior Female Champion 2018 Babes With Bullets, USA
  • Ladies Standard Bronze 2018 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot Off, France
  • Lady Tactical Champion 2018 Colorado 3gun Championship, USA
  • Lady Champion 2018 Hard As Hell 3gun, USA
  • Lady Champion 2018 Blue Ridge Mountain 3gun, USA
  • Lady Champion 2018 Fort Benning Multigun Challenge, USA


  • Lady Champion 2019 SMD Carbine Series 1, USA
  • Tactical Lady Champion 2019 Texas 3gun Championship, USA
  • Lady Champion 2019 Vortex Shooters Source, USA
  • Lady Champion 2019 Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun, USA
  • Lady Champion 2019 Rockcastle ProAm, USA
  • Tactical Optics Champion 2019 AGAG Fall Fest, USA
  • Lady Champion 2019 Blue Ridge Mountain 3gun, USA
  • Lady Champion 2019 Fort Benning Multigun Challenge, USA


  • Lady National Champion 2020 USPSA Multigun Nationals, USA
  • Lady Champion 2020 Valiant 3gun, USA
  • Lady division champion 2020 Magpul Wyoming Governors Cup, USA
  • Lady Champion Generation 3gun Championship, USA
  • Lady division champion 2020 Texas 3gun Championship, USA
  • 1st place TacOps 2020 A Girl and A Gun Fall Fest Multigun Challenge, USA
  • Lady Champion 2020 Vortex Shooters Source, USA


  • Lady Champion 2021 Texas Tune Up, USA
  • Lady Champion 2021 Superstition Mystery Mountain 3gun, USA

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West Point will ruin her and attempt to turn her into a communist. West Point is now a disreputable institution not fit for decent young men/women.


We’d like to hear of your experiences at West Point; care to share?


I didn’t need to experience “West Point” to experience what they turned out. I could only imagine it has gotten better after 30 years. And current politics. lol

Roland T. Gunner

I am not anti military, I just cannot imagine anyone wanting to be part of it lol. That level of imersion into that degree of discipline and regimention? Oh, hell no. I’ll decide what works for me, and irregular paramilitary service was close enough for me. Replaced the spit shine and marching up and down the square, with a fat paycheck.


Spoken like a true patriot!


Welcome to the Long Gray Line, Miss Overland.

USMA 1988 F-2