NSSF, Project Childsafe Urge Firearm Safety During National Safety Month

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In observance of National Safety Month, following a year of record-breaking firearm sales, NSSF and Project ChildSafe urge new and existing gun owners nationwide to prioritize safe firearm storage. IMG iStock-936533712

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- In observance of National Safety Month, following a year of record-breaking firearm sales, NSSF and Project ChildSafe urge new and existing gun owners nationwide to prioritize safe firearm storage — and are providing the resources to do so.

In 2020, 21 million FBI background checks were conducted for firearm sales — a record number that makes reminders about responsible storage timely. NSSF encourages first-time gun owners to ensure they have safe storage devices to account for their new firearms and learn about firearm safety best practices. Project ChildSafe provides a vast library of resources — including a host of new materials developed this year — to help gun owners determine the best method to prevent unauthorized access to firearms in order to keep their homes and communities safe.

“Every year, National Safety Month is an opportunity to remind gun owners that their most important responsibility is to store their firearms securely when not in use,” said Joe Bartozzi, NSSF’s President and CEO. “We know that there has been a significant increase in the number of new gun owners in the past year, and that they are looking for guidance on storing firearms responsibly. We’ve worked hard to give them the resources they need to secure their firearms to help prevent accidents.”

In the past year, Project ChildSafe updated its resource library with an emphasis on providing information to first-time gun owners, those who may be reevaluating their firearm storage practices and parents whose children were likely home more than ever while schools and other activities were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Project ChildSafe also partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) to develop a joint resource on teen mental health and firearm safety — recognizing that the challenges of 2020 made it more important than ever to have discussions on preventing unauthorized access to firearms for youth facing mental health challenges.

“The past year, more than ever, showed us the importance of putting firearm safety first in our homes,” Bartozzi said. “As kids spent countless hours at home, we helped parents learn more about youth mental health and storage options such as lock boxes and safes to prevent unauthorized access to firearms when they’re not in use.”

Among the top NSSF and Project ChildSafe resources for firearm owners are:

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Everyone hurry up and render all of your firearms useless in the name of safety! Give me a break. This is how the slow March of bad gun control legislation starts. Look at Oregon. If you want to reduce teen suicide, start by being a strong parent and educating your children. And stop allowing the communist bullies
In blue states to control you and your kids. Stop living in fear- this is still America.


Ya look at Oregone. Governor Shit Stain Brown just signed a bill that requires us to have not only a safe to keep our guns stored in but locks on each weapon while they are in the safe and to put a special prize on it, she also signed in a law that if you get caught with a gun in a gun free zone (any store or place that decides they want to be gun free), walmart, your gas station, drug store, you name it, anyone can jump on board no qualifications needed is now upgraded to a felony!!!!!… Read more »