Oregon: The Most Humiliating Political Session Ever…Comes to An End

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Oregon: The Most Humiliating Political Session Ever…Comes to An End iStock-Waldemarus

Oregon – -(AmmoLand.com)- The most destructive and disgraceful legislative session in Oregon history ended on Saturday, June 26th, 2021.

It was a perfect game for the hard left. Not only did they pass strict and dangerous new restrictions on your right to protect yourself and your family, but they also passed a massive and crushing agenda of tax increases, rewards for criminals, attacks on the police, a guarantee of future power failures at greatly increased cost and official incorporation into Oregon statutes of Marxist ideology and racist Marxist for-profit corporations.

It was breathtaking in its sheer, humiliating magnitude. The damage that has been done to our state can barely be measured.

And through it all, the “loyal opposition,” the Republicans, responded with… press releases?

House Republican “leader” Christine Drazan announced in her release “ We have accomplished much for our communities and for Oregonians across the state this session…” before a list of Republican failures.

House Rep Bill Post bragged about the money that will be spent in his district and his success “working across the aisle.” “Working across the aisle” is Post’s slang for “crawling into bed with the left for another slap on the back of the head.”

Senate Republican “leader” Fred Girod presided over a caucus he split in half. Half doing their best to stand for principle, and the other half, Anderson, Kennemer, Knopp, Findley, and Hansell siding with the enemy on bill after leftist bill.

Through it all, the Republicans meekly complained about the left-wing steamroller that was crushing Oregon, while handing them victory after victory with no attempt to stop or even slow down the mudslide of devastating policies.

This was the “equity” session. And while the Democrats completely intimidated and neutered Republicans with that word, everyone knew what it really means:

The institutionalization of rabid racism and identical, failed, outcomes for all.

Democrats even introduced a bill at the end of the session saying racism was a “health crisis” and demanding “redistribution of resources.”

We sent a note to Democrat House Rep Andrea Salinas, the chief sponsor of that bill, HB 3414. We pointed out that while this entire session has been dominated by rhetoric and legislation condemning the brutal behavior of white men and demanding revenge, the session has been completely controlled by the “BIPOC Caucus.” All of whom identify as non white. Salinas is in this caucus although she looks whiter than half the people in the legislature and she lives in that downtrodden ghetto… Lake Oswego.

We got a reply from her chief of staff, “Miranda Miller”. She said:

“I will be forwarding this email to the Oregon State Police, and if our office continues to receive messages from you that are in anyway similar to the one you just sent, I will be sure to escalate the Oregon State Police’s response to this behavior.”

We saved her the time and sent it to the OSP ourselves with a promise to go quietly when they came for us.

Miller went on to say:

“I also have many connections with the many gun groups that lobby across Oregon because I worked for a year and a half at Pac/West Communications. I will be forwarding this message to every gun lobbying group so they are aware of the fact that any association with your group will mean they do not get a meeting with our office.”

You simply cannot make this stuff up.

Republicans in both Houses even abandoned the tactic of a full reading of the bills and thereby guaranteed a timely passage of the crippling policies of the left.

They caved with barely a whimper.

The Republicans in the House did stand together on one issue. The expulsion of the only real patriot in the House, Mike Nearman.

Not a single Republican House Rep demonstrated a shred of integrity when they bowed to the demands of Democrat overlord Tina Kotek and expelled Mike for doing what the other Republicans only give lip service to. Opening the people’s house to… the people.

We have received countless emails from Oregonians expressing their disgust with the vast majority of elected Republicans. We share their disdain.

And now for some good news.

Since Nearman’s colleagues banded together to remove him from the House (in order to assure they got their $ 2 million dollar payoffs) Nearman’s seat was declared vacant.

When a vacancy occurs in a legislative seat the process to replace that person requires the “precinct committee persons” of the same party (in Mike’s case the Republican Party) who reside in the affected district, to pick three to five candidates to fill the seat.

The final candidate is then chosen by the commissioners of the county, or counties, that are in the district in question.

In Mike Nearman’s case, his House district spread through parts of 4 counties; Polk, Yamhill, Marion, and Benton.

The commissioners of those counties get votes that are weighted by the number of people that are in the House district.

In this case, Polk County will get the most votes followed by Yamhill, Marion, and Benton.

Last Friday the Republican PCP’s met to pick the candidates for the vacant seat. And the top vote-getter was…Mike Nearman.

Clearly, the PCP’s of the Republican Party in House District 23 have far more courage and integrity than does the entire Republican House Caucus. And while we have a long way to go to weed out the turncoats we helped elect, this is indeed a hopeful sign.

The other candidates that the commissioners will pick from are:

  • John Swanson
  • Anna Scharf
  • Jim Bunn
  • Micky Garus

But Nearman got the most votes by far.

We have been informed that Anna Scharf (who actually worked for Nearman at one time) and Micky Garus, both said that had they been in the House when Mike was expelled, they would have joined in that vote and expelled him.

Some things never change.

It is clear that the people in Mike’s district want Mike as their Rep. And while we can’t imagine why anyone would want to go back to work side by side with that collection of cowards, Mike’s committed to the people who elected him and the Constitution.

The Commissioners will have to pick a replacement by July 9th, 2021. If they fail to do so, Kate Brown will choose a lackey to fill Mike’s seat.

You can urge the commissioners to act quickly and in the best interests of the voters of Mike’s district.

Remember, Polk and Yamhill counties have the most votes.

This has been a bad year for patriots. But there is still time to demand a resounding and historic victory and return Mike to the Oregon House.

Commissioner’s websites following:

  • www.co.polk.or.us/boc
  • www.co.yamhill.or.us/boc
  • www.co.marion.or.us/BOC
  • www.co.benton.or.us/boc/page/about-board-commissioners

Email links:

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5 months ago

If these are the kind of RINOs that the “Good” counties, that want to leave Oregon elect, they should stay there! They richly deserve what they are getting!

5 months ago

It’s a hell of a note that we give our mind, body and soul to protect, support and defend the provisions mandated by the 1st amendment to our Constitution, but the opposite is in vogue relative to the 2nd amendment. If every antigun law in every state of The United States Of America isn’t an infringement, then we are all greenhorns on the definition of the term.


5 months ago

Oregon has become the biggest joke among states who want to destroy our way of life. Let Portland burn… Who would care?

5 months ago
Reply to  Winchester1873

Portland , california , New York, chicago , google HQ, Facebook HQ, should Washington state pay for Seattle since the CITIZENS have not stepped up and chased those little queers out? Did I miss anyone? They can only be redeemed with a cleansing.

Last edited 5 months ago by SEMPAI
5 months ago

Burn it down

Last edited 5 months ago by SEMPAI
5 months ago

Anna Scharf. I wonder if there is a connection here.

Yep, going down the tubes but you can see that the republicans are trying to hold their ground and not give in, at least the real republicans. 2022 should be pretty interesting around here.. I hope we get a real governor rather than more of portlands crap;

From the shit hole of OrGONE, portland.

Liberty Valance
Liberty Valance(@liberty-valance)
5 months ago
Reply to  musicman44mag

“OrGONE, portland. LOL has a nice ring. I went to school in Oregon many years ago. Portland in particular was a beautiful city. When I visited 5 years ago it looked like a shit-hole. What have they done, what have they done?

5 months ago

What have they done? They’ve done the same thing that the Khazars do everywhere they go. Build power,then take over, and then destroy. From the Soviet Union, to Venezuela, to the EU,it is always the same agenda.
Next up, a State near you. They don’t ever quit, only expand. Like a cancer, they are all about uncontrolled growth until destruction.