Ruger Updates Its LCP Series With the LCP MAX .380 ACP

Ruger’s new LCP MAX handgun. IMG Ruger

U.S.A. -( Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is thrilled to introduce the latest upgrade to America’s favorite ultra-compact pistol: the LCP MAX. Chambered in .380 Auto, the Ruger LCP MAX fits 10+1 rounds into the same footprint as the LCP II. A 12-round accessory magazine slightly extends the grip length while doubling the capacity of the legacy LCP. Measuring less than 1″ wide and weighing under 11 ounces, the LCP MAX is smaller than every micro-compact 9mm pistol available today, expanding the options for comfortable and convenient concealed carry.

Offering more than just capacity, the LCP MAX pistol’s double-stack magazine feed lips are optimized to reliably feed the wide variety of modern .380 Auto ammunition available. As compact as ever, the flush-fit, 10-round magazine feels identical to the LCP II magazine (with its extended floorplate installed) while accommodating an additional 4 rounds of ammunition. The included finger grip extension floorplate and accessory 12-round magazine allow most shooters to obtain a full firing grip.

Addressing the main complaint with most pocket pistols, the LCP MAX is fitted with a tritium front sight with a white outline that is quick to acquire and aligns easily with the generous u-notch rear sight. A square face on the rear sight aids in one-handed cocking and the steel, drift-adjustable sights make accurate fire easier than ever.

“The LCP MAX design incorporates over a decade of learning and experience,” said Ruger’s President and CEO, Chris Killoy. “What you loved about your LCP and LCP II, we know you will love even more with the NEW LCP MAX.”

The medium-textured grip frame provides easy reach to the Secure Action trigger that is well known for its short, crisp trigger pull and inner trigger safety. Pronounced cocking ears and deep functional slide serrations ensure easy manipulation of the pistol. Every corner and edge on the LCP MAX slide and frame have been softened for a comfortable carry and the magazine release is reversible to fit all shooters. The Ruger LCP MAX ships with one, 10-round magazine; a finger grip extension floorplate; a pocket holster; and a magazine loader.

About Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. As a full-line manufacturer of American-made firearms, Ruger offers consumers almost 700 variations of more than 40 product lines. For 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. Our motto, “Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens®,” echoes our commitment to these principles as we work hard to deliver quality and innovative firearms.

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I bought an original LCP about six months or so after they hit the market and then after firing it for a while I noticed a dimple had developed in the chamber which aligned with the unlocking slot under the chamber at that spot. I sent it back in and it came back with a new barrel that seemed slightly thicker at that spot. I have fired several hundred rounds through it since then with no “dimple” forming again. I did have the head break off the takedown pin which they replaced and I installed an eleven pound Wolff recoil… Read more »


Looks nice but I am a bit gun shy regarding small Ruger pocket pistols. I have a first run, original LCP with DA (or similar) trigger. Sent it back for the recall and it has the little diamond stamp in the hammer channel on the back. It was reliable enough but I misplaced it for about a year or two, eventually finding it. Got an LCP II, which is very reliable, but I do not care for the “always cocked” (or approximation thereof) status and companion hair trigger. It has been my EDC backup for years now but I prefer… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Grigori

Sadly, I’ve had much the same experience with my original LCP. Jams every few rounds fired…. totally unreliable. Polished feed ramp, sent it back to Ruger for jamming problem and they replaced a part (can’t remember now what) and retested it and returned it to me as ‘fixed’. Didn’t make it through first magazine before jamming again and this is all with ball ammo… not hollow points. I gave up and threw it in junk drawer as well. I do think we will have to find a holster that allows us to feel safe with the lighter triggers most pistols… Read more »


Just a FYI, I bought a Ruger 10/22 a few years ago, it was a always jamming, 2 months later my gun store returned it to Ruger. I got a brand new gun 2 weeks later, Ruger apologized, said the mag well was out of spec. They did the right thing, they are a good company. BTW, my LCP2 fell apart the first time I used it. The take-down pin was not installed correctly. Put it back together and it’s been ultra reliable since. Ruger my have a few QC issues, but they make it right. All gun mfg’s seem… Read more »


I agree MB, Ruger is a very good company and they do attempt to provide a high level of customer service in general. I have several other Ruger firearms with no problems. My point above was, in my opinion, there was a feeding/jamming issue on some original .380 LCP’s. Here are examples of three pistols with that exact problem. Take care.


How hard can it be to have the title reflect the content of the article? Somewhat, it would appear.


I was reading, thinking this is a 9mm. Apparently it is another .380. 9mm Kurtz, perhaps?