Legal Action by Sandy Hook Parents v. “Remington” Taking Strange Turns

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Connecticut – -( Attorneys for the now-defunct Remington have reportedly subpoenaed the records of five children and four adults who were killed by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn in December 2012.

Nine families filed the lawsuit against Remington, and in 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the case to move forward.

There may be just one problem for the continuing narrative of this case. As noted last week by the CT Post, “Remington no longer exists as a company.”

Plaintiffs’ lead attorney Josh Koskoff told the newspaper, “We have no explanation for why Remington subpoenaed the Newtown Public School District to obtain the kindergarten and first-grade academic, attendance and disciplinary records of these five schoolchildren.”

He reportedly also stated in a motion by the families to have the subpoenaed records sealed that “Remington’s counsel recently conceded: ‘Remington no longer has a proprietary interest in those documents because Remington no longer exists.’ Counsel is right that Remington is no longer entitled to claim confidentiality for documents it has produced or will produce.”

The company that was Remington has been dissolved in bankruptcy court, as reported by the Danbury News Times, which added, “four insurance companies have taken over the former company’s defense.”

So, when it is reported “Remington” has made an effort to settle the case, that is apparently not accurate.

It was not Remington, for example, that earlier this summer offered a $3.6 million settlement to each of the nine families involved in the lawsuit, but two of the four insurance companies, the story explained.

Adding even more strangeness to the case, CT Post also reported that just days prior to the settlement offer, “Remington raised eyebrows when it was accused of handing over 18,000 ‘random cartoons’ and 15,000 irrelevant pictures of people go-karting and dirt-biking as part of its pretrial data requested by the families.”

The records request, while it may seem unusual, apparently is “routine,” according to TIME. Quoting an unidentified “legal source,” TIME explained, “that it is routine in wrongful death lawsuits for the defense team to subpoena education and medical records to determine damages.”

However, attorney Koskoff contends the records “would not help” in estimating any damages. Instead, he insisted to TIME that the school records “cannot possibly excuse Remington’s egregious marketing conduct.”

But there is yet another concern about where this case might go, and that would be in the realm of conspiracy theories, specifically that the Sandy Hook incident was a hoax.

Four defamation lawsuits were filed against Alex Jones and his InfoWars following assertions that the school shooting was a hoax. Jones has been battling those legal actions, according to the Austin American-Statesman. On Sept. 1, the newspaper reported that the parents of two Sandy Hook victims were asking for a default judgment against Jones. In December 2019, a judge in Texas ordered Jones to pay $100,000 for “intentionally” disregarding an order “to provide witnesses to attorneys representing a Sandy Hook father” who brought a lawsuit in Austin, while other actions were filed in Connecticut. At the time, District Judge Scott Jenkins also denied Jones’ motion to dismiss that lawsuit, according to the Associated Press.

Attorneys for Jones have contended his remarks were protected by the First Amendment.

The problem with the Jones case stems from the “dump” of thousands of pages of documents sought in pretrial discovery, the newspaper explained. District Judge Maya Guerra Gamble told attorneys “she will issue…rulings on the default judgment and contempt of court ‘as quickly as I can.’”

While many believe the case against Remington should never have gone this far because of the federal Protection in Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) passed during the George W. Bush administration—an argument that got the nod from a Connecticut Superior Court in 2016—three years later, the state Supreme Court said the plaintiffs could pursue the lawsuit under a state statute called the Unfair Trade Practices Act. That allows legal actions based on how products are marketed. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to review the case in 2019, sending it back to the lower court for trial, the CT Post story recalled.

Mass shooter Lanza murdered his mother in December 2012 and took her legally-purchased guns to the elementary school. Twenty youngsters and six adults were killed before Lanza took his own life, apparently as police cars approached the school.

The incident not only became a gun control cause to the Obama administration, but it also resulted in a national movement to beef up security at public schools, with either off-duty police or the assignment of officers or sheriffs’ deputies as school resources officers. An offshoot of this was the effort to arm volunteer teachers or school staff to provide some defense while waiting for law enforcement to respond to an emergency.

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Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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I am sorry for these families losses but Remington does not owe them one red cent for the actions of a mentally ill person who committed a evil act with thier product . If this is allowed to happen then any and all manufacturers better beware as you will all face these frivolous lawsuits in the future .

Boris Badenov

Would the families be going after the Chinese manufacturer of a machete if one had been used?


I wonder if all the screwdriver, hammer, knife killings are going to end in suit against Craftsman, Roto, Harbor Freight, et. al., for either making or selling “weapons of murder”?


I think & have a theory that the truth is never completely told between 9 to 5. I suspect that lots more went on than we were indoctrinated to think with what & how the media portrayed & pictures that were released. I was privy to a lot of forensic evidence that didn’t add up. I’m also fresh out disclosing & discussing here what I know to be the facts of Sandy Hook on the IoT. Suffice it to say there were LOTS of anomalies & aberrations that don’t add up. It has proven to be futile & like having… Read more »


You could have stated what your conspiracy theory is in 1/10th the words.


If you don’t like it or how I synthesize & compose my thoughts or my style don’t read it.

  • Privy to non-public information.
  • Assertions that you have it all figured-out.
  • Vague allegations that some people did some things (other than a guy murdered some people)
  • All part of the plan.
  • Nonsensical rambling.
  • Defensiveness when simply asked to state what it is you think happened.

Typical internet conspiracy theorist.

How you “synthesize and compose your thoughts” is funny, but my comment was that after all the gushing you do on this topic, you never simply state what it is that you think happened.

So mysterious, so interesting.

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Thank you for proving my point. Anybody who still throws out CIA created term “conspiracy theory” red flag continually is way behind in critical thought. QED
We’re done here.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tank

You may be done – I’m not.

What you are vaguely alluding to is a conspiracy.

What you have in mind (that you refuse to just state) is a theory of yours.

You are a conspiracy theorist.

Nothing wrong with having theories about conspiracies.

It’s just that, well, you’re a nut.


I’ve seen enough evidence about Sandy Hook to say…Sandy Hook was a MIND FK and was a CONspiracy. Too much evidence to the contrary.


Did all the people listed in the above post ever exist? If they existed, and the CTNs believe they were not killed, where did they go? If all those people never existed, is it not odd that none of the people who did attend the school, their parents, and the teachers haven’t said those people never existed? If it is all a big hoax, why did Donald Trump (who, for four years, had access to vast resources) never say anything? Was he part of the conspiracy to create a false flag to create a reason for more gun control? Why… Read more »


?????? than why did you post if you didn’t want us all to read your post?


Seems some don’t like or appreciate your use of your 1st Amendment RIGHTS?


Exactly the opposite – I’d like to hear his specific theory. He’s the one who has censored himself.


I always say, what I think I know, I don’t know. Belief and knowing are two different things. Your statement bears a lot of truth.


With the media lies you will never know the truth. I know what I know as shaped by the media. Fortunately I also read Conservative sites which give a truer account of all.


That was a long, bloviating screed if ever I saw one.


First, this case should not have been allowed to go forward due to the rightful federal shield against suing firearms manufacturers for the unlawful things done with their products. This case survived by a thread because the plaintiffs’ complaint makes the bare accusation that Remington knowingly marketed its firearms in such a way that would cause mentally unhinged people to buy them and commit mass murder. That’s why the plaintiffs sought all marketing material from Remington, hoping to find something that might convince a jury that Remington was marketing to nut jobs. Second, the request for the kids’ school and… Read more »


the offer was cheeper than a trial that is all it is paying extortionists. the share holders of the former Remington should sue ct in federal court for several billion in lost value ,would they have gone after exxon if he burned the school down?? could have killed lots more with a gas truck


Firstthing I thought of when I read aout the records request of the kids alledgedly killed by Lanza was that the records did not exist because the deaths were faked. All the whinge about privacy for the dead “victim” is a smoke show.

I’d also be going after other records to confirm the kids existed…. birth, other medical, social security records of parents, tax returns lisitng their dependent children, etc. And I’d be demanding this for all twenty of the purported “victims”.
One more big government hoax that needs to be exposed.


I’d like to understand your point.

Do you believe that these people never existed, or that they didn’t die?

Nancy Lanza
Rachel D’Avino
Dawn Houchsprung
Anne Marie Murphy
Lauren Rousseau
Mary Sherlach
Victoria Leigh Soto
Charlotte Bacon
Daniel Barden
Olivia Engel
Josephine Gay
Dylan Hockley
Madeleine Hsu
Catherine Hubbard
Chase Kowalski
Jesse Lewis
Ana Marquez-Greene
James Mattioli
Grace McDonnell
Emilie Parker
Jack Pinto
Noah Pozner
Caroline Previdi
Jessica Rekos
Avielle Richman
Benjamin Wheeler
Allison Wyatt

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Reply on hold (long list of people who died that day).

Do you think those people never existed, or that they didn’t die?


“TEX” (Will) – 9/8/21:
“Tio,people who think SH wasn’t staged are the same people who think Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and not Kenya Africa.”

Response to “TEX” (Will):

Do you think the people who were reported as killed didn’t exist, or do you think they were not killed?


And I thought I was a nutty conspiracy theorist. Holy macaroni.


They never get much past: “It was staged” “It was a false flag operation” “The deaths were faked” “Alex Jones proved it” Did all the people listed in the above post ever exist? If they existed, and the CTNs believe they were not killed, where did they go? If all those people never existed, is it not odd that none of the people who did attend the school, their parents, and the teachers haven’t said those people never existed? If it is all a big hoax, why did Donald Trump (who, for four years, had access to vast resources) never… Read more »

Dry Powder

Amazing to find TDS trolls here.

Don’t deny it. You couldn’t resist.

You people just have to bring President Trump into everything.

With all the fake nonsense being laid on him, it’s not like he had time to look into everything some Americans have questioned throughout the years.

Give it a break.


No TDS here – I voted for him twice.

Trump didn’t say anything about the “conspiracy” because there was no “conspiracy.”

Boebert didn’t say anything about the “conspiracy” because there was no “conspiracy.”

The people in the above list were murdered that day.


Another excellent point. Not only the other people who attended the school, but the cousins, the aunts, the neighbours, the friends of family, the ex classmates, the family doctors, pharmacists, the local shop keepers, the gas station attendants, the solicitors, the accountants, the plumbers and repairmen, the car mechanics, absolutely EVERYONE who ever came in contact with all these families would have to be involved in any conspiracy and keep silent about the supposed non existence of kids and child free status of the parents. What is a distinguishing feature of these conspiracy theorists is their total avoidance of thinking… Read more »


We can always go to the graveyards and search the records there?


Or, make a few phone calls to teachers, janitors, parents of students who attended the school, neighbors, relatives, EMS staff, cops, hospital employees . . . There was no “false flag operation” – a murderer killed a lot of people. After the murders, many politicians used it as an example to attempt to gain support for their desire for never-ending gun control. Other politicians used it as a way to pander to white suburban women to get their vote by pushing for more gun control because a certain percentage of that voting block believe the government can keep their children… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

It seems to me that people don’t know what the term “false flag” means. If people believe that no one died at Sandy Hook and call that a false flag, they don’t know what it means. If people believe that no false flag occurred because people did die at Sandy Hook, those people don’t know what it means either. False flags are about obscuring the identity of the perpetrator of an action and blaming an unrelated party for that action. It’s not that an action didn’t occur, in this case the murder of 26 people, but that a party was… Read more »


Thank you.   One person wrote: “the records did not exist because the deaths were faked.” Another person said Sandy Hook was staged. He then made a comment about there not being any pictures on the internet of the people who were murdered, and then wrote “Staged event just like Alex Jones has proven too. Pitiful ain’t it?” One person made a vague comment about searching graveyard records and then got irritated about the discussion. Another person said Trump was too busy to ask someone to look into what some believe to be a massive “false flag” operation conducted by, or… Read more »



Care to clarify?


“Do you believe someone other than Adam Lanza murdered those people at Sandy Hook?” No I don’t, but some people do. That’s life. I served on a jury recently and it’s hard enough to get 12 people to agree on anything let alone a country with 255 million people >17 yrs of age. Not everyone is going to believe what I believe even when we view the same “evidence”. “Do you believe all the local and federal law enforcement who were involved are incompetent or in on the conspiracy?” There’s incompetence in all sorts of places, but to say “all”… Read more »



Last edited 1 year ago by Jason_A

“TEX” (Will) – 9/8/21:

“@Tio,google crime scene photos from Sandy Hook and you will never see bodies in any of them.Staged event just like Alex Jones has proven too. Pitiful ain’t it?”

Response to “TEX” (Will):

Can you think of another reason that photos were not made public?

Did the people never exist or were they not killed?


And all moved away. Selling homes for a dollar. Does make one wonder. Govt does have unlimited resources. Do you believe Oswald shot Kennedy ? lol

Last edited 1 year ago by Arny

Do you believe the people listed as being murdered existed?


Oswald didn’t shoot JFK. That was a coverup which continues to this day. The X-rays of JFK’s skull made public would have told the truth and haven’t been released to this day.

Dry Powder

Simple answer is they don’t want to produce the records because there are none.

They would have to be fabricated en masse and that takes a huge amount of time to do without “threads” to pull.

Like a birth certificate.


other interesting factoid: In the wrap up after this “incident” I saw a video purporting to be of an interview by the press, which took place at the school the day of, and had a man identified as”the medical examiner”, who was first exiting the school building after having spent considerable time in their “examining”. He plainly stated that “all the victims I saw in there had been shot with a handgun at fairly close range”. Since when have Remington been making handguns that marketed under the name “Bushmaster”? I also watched video taken from an hovering news helicompter of… Read more »


Given that examiner was an ME, I would say it speaks volumes as to difficulty of determining caliber from a wound. Always hate how TV detectives can glance at an injury and instantly know exact caliber which was used in causing the wound.


You are writing as if people died that day – haven’t you been reading the conclusions of the CTNs?


Thanks for that term. I was not familiar with CTN abbreviation. As there are so many, handy to have a convenient handle 🙂


I had no idea there were so many.

Not one stated whether the people didn’t exist or whether they did exist but were not killed.

Heed the Call-up

Just looked that up, never heard of that acronym before, CTN, conspiracy theory network, I assume you mean?

There was enough bad reporting of that event that it made it easy to suspect it was a false flag event. I am not stating I believe it, just that one does not have to be insane to believe it, just distrustful of government. It’s not like the government has never betrayed our trust. I believe just reading about the syphilis study on black men would be enough to convince you the government does not do things in our best interest.

Last edited 1 year ago by Heed the Call-up

Jan 6th was the latest


FYI, I read the Connecticut SP report, and they gave the round count of expended brass and the count of 30rnd mags that were full, even counting the 1 in the chamber and the remaining rounds in that mag, and as I recall, the count was 8 ROUNDS LONG ! This was gone over with a fine tooth comb before being released . No one at the CSP caught this (IMO) glaring discrepancy . I do not believe for 1 minute lanza was there alone . Just my opinion . P.S Not to mention the pictures of where he entered… Read more »


Only the stupid believe the firearm is responsible -the pig Lanza has all the liability


So, when will vehicle mfg companies be sued because of drunk drivers killing the innocent? When will the FDA be sued for allowing drugs and foods to pass inspection that ultimately kill someone? Can war enemy families sue the makers of our military equipment suppliers when we kill enemies? Can a child that fails spelling sue pen and pencil makers? Can we sue alcohol makers over dui wrecks that kill the innocent? This is all so stupid!


Why is it that money seems to sooth pain and suffering for a dead child ?


Because “ambulance chaser” attorney’s convince them. They take at least 40% of any $$$$$ award… I was coerced by “grandma” into filing a wrongful death law suit on behalf of my 10 yo son. My ex wife died due to “medical malpractice”. I’ll never forgot the look I got when I asked if they would be firing those culpable. No words in answer just “that” look. Then dummy here realized it was all about $$$$$. No one was held responsible. He got 60k when he turned 18 and wasn’t too happy receiving “blood money” in exchange for his mother’s life.


In case like yours the blood money is not compensation but assistance with raising your child. Money which can help provide day care services Mom would have provided. Money which may enable Dad work fewer hours in order to spend more time parenting – as we all know is a huge job made tougher by being alone and even tougher by grief you suffer at your own loss. As for bringing comfort to a parent who has lost a child, it can feel like revenge to some people. Quite often parents sue as SJW – trying to influence corporate behavior… Read more »


So that said when a thug kills someone why can’t they be sued. After all thugs kill fathers and mothers or a father or a mother.


You can sue a thug for killing a family member.
The only problem is most thugs don’t have any money.
You can also Sue law abiding citizen who shoots a thug in self-defense.
Most citizens have a bank account, and assets like a car or a house.
this is why many states have been passing stand your ground laws that shield self defense cases from being sued in civil court for their actions.

Dry Powder

That’s just it. They won’t set that dangerous precedent, so the lawsuit is a farce.

It’s meant to not go anywhere



Dry Powder

You can’t really say Jones is a Conspiracy theorist, considering alot of what he has talked about in the past has come to fruition.

This is going to be another “you’re not allowed to defend yourself” type of lawsuit.

It should have never gotten this far.


I have worked in the software business for 30 years. Once a vendor of the company I worked for sued us for copyright infringement (they contended some work that we paid them for was not a “work for hire”, but they owned it and licensed it to us. It was nonsense and they were looking for a settlement.)

My email was subpoenaed. They got 115,00 emails. And one of the things they wanted separately was any office humor or cartoons.

It must be a lawyer thing digging for any embarrassing things or dirt as leverage.


Why are we allowing the mentaly ill run our society? Time and time again you here that the perpertrator had a history of mental illness. In stead of building more prisons, we need to build more mental institutions. Years ago, we arrested a guy for domestic abuse. I recognized that he was mentally ill. He went before a judge who didn’t think there was anthing wrong with him. He was released and a week later we were called back to his home where he had shot and killed his wife. He was convicted and sent to prison. He did not… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Cruiser

Some are obvious and do need help, however care is needed that we don’t allow anyone the power to decide who is insane and needs to be locked up for their own safety.

Many already consider firearms ownership to be a sign of mental illness. Do you want to risk spending the rest of your life in a padded cell? Remember “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest?” Those good old days were not always all that good.


The writing above is unclear on several points – particularly “Remington’s lawyers”, but I’ll respond on the basis of what it appears is being said. Let’s assume Sandy Hook was real, and as reported. I’d put higher probability on that than on an elaborately constructed hoax with no subsequent leaks to weaken the history. What I find interesting is the ruling that Remington has no standing for discovery in this case, on the grounds that “Remington no longer exists.” The name “Remington” is a trademark, of long standing, and still associated with a firearms-related product line/division of an existing company.… Read more »


Depends on level of contribution. Remington contributed exactly nothing to the horrendous crime, thus should bear no liability. I would say it is immoral to sue them. Were I on jury I would award a substantial sum to respondent to be paid by plaintiffs AND their lawyers. As for not being primarily at fault, if they are at fault then yes. For example if a pair of muggers work as a team and one kills or even injures a victim – they both should be punished. If second can convince everyone he was completely unaware the other was armed –… Read more »


I am so glad that the comment section is here for our entertainment, ranting and spewing BS, else I would assume it was to discuss SOLUTIONS and a pathway to obtaining a positive outcome to issues and problems that WE, as a nation face?


Finally (after pouring gas on the fire) Workman gets it right.

The settlement offer did not come from “Remington,” the brand of ammo.

The settlemnt offer did not come from “Remington,” the separate company currently making firearms.

How much damage was done to these two entities by the previous article when the torch and pitchfork crowd was thrown red meat? The village idiots were marching through the streets condemning “Remington,” swearing to never buy their products ever again.

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

the worst thing about all this is they attack Remington and the problem is how society deals withe mentally disabled ,there are some that cant be mainstreamed , I have a friend who has a almost 50year old child who will never be able to be on the streets he stabs things . animals furniture people his mother locks him in his room at night out of fear. who do you sue? god??? the state has no facilities for someone like him. I have seen the police shoot another just like him so society is to blame in these deaths… Read more »


Sorry to hear about your friend’s son. It’s a tragic situation.


Sure they do. They put them in a old folks home or jail these days. Or as you stated 6ft under.