Private Buttercup Forced To Join The War ~ Military Draft To Include Young Women?

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Private Buttercup Forced To Joint The War ~ Military Draft To Include Young Women? IMG iStock-Khosrork

USA – -( “On September 1st (2021) the House Armed Services Committee joined the Senate Armed Services Committee in voting 35-24 to expand registration for a possible military draft to include young women as well as young men” this from

“Suck it up buttercup”

The USA has a military draft that can force American men into uniform and into combat to die if need be. The use of this draft ended in 1973 but all males must still register for the draft within 30 days of their eighteenth birthday. What this above change in the draft law will do is drop the word men/males and use the inclusive “all” meaning both men and women without saying the word woman.

Sister / Private Buttercup you are fixing to go to war even if you never saw combat boots in your fashion statement.

Brother / Private Buttercup just because you are in the group of seven out of ten American males who cannot meet the minimum standards to enlist in the military–that is not going to stop them from drafting you. If you are 50 pounds overweight and have been on meds for years for ADD or ADHD, not a problem. The military has all kinds of programs such as motivational exercise platoons and motivational attitude adjustment platoons to help you correct your personal deficiencies. You never know, your own parents may be willing to pay the Army to take you in, if the military can guarantee such improvements in their children’s lives.

Sister / Private Buttercup the military will establish the same motivational opportunities for you also after you show up for your mandatory induction into the combat arms, on your way to war. Now do not worry about that “Freshman 15” pounds you put on last year at college as you partied your way through your first time away from home and away from some semblance of structure in your life. You will have instant structure in your new life all the way from the parade fields of basic training to the killing fields perhaps in the Pacific Theater.

Remember how your parents, family, and of course your teachers demanded everyone get their covid shots. You were taught that if you refused you were trying to hurt, maybe even kill your fellow Americans? Extrapolate this concept to forced birth control.

When I came back to my college campus after registering for the draft I was sure I was going to be forced into the Army and sent to Vietnam, there to die in the jungles and never return. Some of my fellow female college students thought I was a little overdramatic in my concern for being drafted against my will. I asked them what they would do if women had to register and possibly be drafted. “I will just get pregnant” was the usual answer I heard and most times said with a laugh implying I was screwed and headed to Nam, but not her.

Sister / Private Buttercup hard times are here and there is a reason your elected officials are working behind your back to set you up for the draft. I would suggest that we the US will be in a shooting war in 12-18 months and our government will implement the draft. With the new change to the law both male and female Americans will be forced into the military. If you think something like pregnancy will keep you from being forced into the Army, think about forced covid shots and then think about forced birth control for women in the military. They can make you get an anthrax shot and if you refuse, they can court-martial you and send you to prison. Sadly, they may have the ability to force you to be on birth control for the good of the nation. We always discover the powers and controls of our nation over its citizens after the war starts.

This Will Get Ugly.

Brother / Private Buttercup have you heard about how the Communist Chinese are not happy with all the effeminate pop stars who are allegedly polluting the masculinity of young Chinese men? Manly men are what the Chinese Army wants and I dare say the US military could use some manly men also. If your favorite musical group that you devote your every waking minute to is a South Korean boy band that features male singers prettier than their sisters you may want to switch over to a Country and Western radio station once in a while.

Sister / Private Buttercup there are no Kardashians in the Army that I know about and yes the latest camouflage-patterned battle uniform the US is wearing will in fact clash with your orange hair. Fear not, during your first of many weeks in the motivational platoon they will help you figure out your hair coloring. They will cut you off from all electronics so who cares what Hollywood is doing, you may not hear about them for months on end.

The reason you have not seen the massive anti-war protests in this country following the first Gulf War and after the attack on 9-11 that caused this Nation to be at war since 1990, is nobody was forced to join the Army against their will.

The country had already been in two wars in Asia, with Japan in 1941 and North Korea in 1950 and they really did not want to be in yet another crazy Asian war in Vietnam. More than not getting in a third Asian war the Americans did not want to see their “boys” forced into the Army. Cannon fodder in the rice patties of Asia can be so unnerving. So they protested and broke things in the process.

Given the violence this country has seen with the past election directed by elements of one side, what happens if both sides are unhappy about their daughters being drafted and sent into the front lines of combat in yet a fourth crazy Asian war? Female cannon fodder, not good optics on 24-hour cable news.

Hug your sons and hug your daughters tighter, we are in for a very dangerous ride in our country in the next 24 months. If international conflict really happens the US shores will not be safe from attack and no one will care about your politics after the enemy has blown up the power grid. You may have to teach your sons and daughters how to shoot long before the Army has an opportunity to impact their young lives.

The old sports saying directed at athletes getting hurt on the playing field “Suck it up buttercup” is fixing to take on an entirely darker and perhaps more sinister meaning in the near future.
HELL NO, SHE WON’T GO–now there is a sound bite for the masses.

Major Van Harl USAF Ret.

About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:

Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force, was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School. A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI. His efforts now are directed at church campus safety and security training. He believes “evil hates organization.” [email protected]

Major Van Harl USAF Ret

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WI Patriot

“Military Draft To Include Young Women?”
Damn straight…
They want equality, they want rank, they want same pay, then they can share in the same risks and responsibilities…

AZ Lefty

You mean like Senator Duckworth?


They want equality, they want rank, they want same pay,

you rae describing the noisey and shrill three percent of women. they do NOT speak for the vast majority of females in this country. DO NOT project the idiocy and insanity of this small group onto the rest of women in the nation.


Another case of:
Be careful what you wish for… you might get it.

Matt in Oklahoma

So am I to be outraged at the draft or the “we want equal rights” getting it? Not enough diversity in drafting? I’m not sure what your point is.
It’s not like men aren’t being replaced already in our military with the crayon alphabet I’m special crew.
Let them draft only women for the next upteen years so things are really equal.
I doubt if we have that long anyway as a country


I’m 70 and I can tell You Anything that has tits or tires you’re going to have trouble with it.


I registered for the Draft in 1972 when I turned 18. I received a notice that because the Draft was ending I was classified “1H – Registrant not currently subject to processing for induction.” So, I went down to the recruiter and enlisted. I served for 12 years before getting off active duty to try and save my marriage . . . on hindsight I should have stayed in but that’s another story. As for women being drafted, I’m sure the greater percentage of them will never serve for one reason or another but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t… Read more »

Wild Bill

Thank you for your service. I have known a lot of men that took the divorce, stayed in, made SGM, and found another spouse. I think that at least one divorce is a prerequisite for making SGM!


I served 8 yrs so I feel I can say this. I have sons and daughters and they will not serve in the military period. I know decisions have to be made that send soldiers to their death. But the administration today has shown that they care nothing and will willfully expend your life not for strategic and national defense but rather for political and propaganda reasons. This has been the case with other administrations like the Bush admin. I’m not letting my children die for socialism, BLM, the alphabet soup or any other deviant anti American group. This country… Read more »

Wild Bill

“… die for socialism…”? The United States is not socialist.
But if it were socialist, would you have the communists just take us over, rather than make a defense? I can not think of a more encouraging way to support the Chinese Communist Party, than telling the world that Americans will not fight for America.
How about instead, we regain control of the Congress and presidency; teach our children and grandchildren to be patriots; and lets all be strong minded adults.

Knute Knute

Or at least adults. I, for one, am getting pretty sick of all the grown children today that want someone to care for them from cradle to grave.
I guess they’ve never figured out that a government big enough to give them everything they want… is also big enough to take everything they have!


It’s a sad thing that people like you are no longer willing to serve their country or to teach their children to be Patriots. Does that extend to your children no longer being proud to be Americans or having the courage to defend their country because their father taught them that it’s not worth defending?


He’s not saying he will not fight for America. He saying he will not allow them to be part of the military today. So long as the socialist regime is in power in the United States.
I would bet money though he will teach his children to fight against this propaganda machine.
We are the Militia.


broken fingernail loading mags


i too expect war within that time frame – made more likely by recent decrease in our deterrence credibility. However given geography I expect utter subjugation of Taiwan to have been completed before that. Question is how forcefully we would respond – would we act as a superpower to protect our ally or would we negotiate we Xi to stop there and treat the Taiwanese as well as the Taliban treat their subjects? if biden proves true to form, that war will be over faster than we could institute a draft. Certainly faster than draftees could be turned into effective… Read more »


the unique thing about Taiwan is the huge industry/manufacturing going on there. That is ostly run byAmerican companies getting their goods produced overthere cheaper than here yet still with great quality. The economic harm we’d suffer by letting the CCP overrun that nation would be devastating to our economy. But, they are not hesitating to use the stupid viral disease to accompish the same thing. The goons in control simply want us in chaos, the better to control us. In fact it would not be beyond possible that Dopey Je’s handlesr are carefully setting this up, the better to destroy… Read more »

Wild Bill

China’s first grab will be for Tiawan, Guam, and Hawaii at the same time. Creating an invasion threat against our west coast. Austrailia, India, Micronesia, Vietnam, S. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, France, and England are all depending upon us to be the linch pin in the current alliance against China. We better be all in. The space war phase will be over in about two hours. The nuclear war phase will be over in 24 hours. The conventional war phase is hard to say. We could have used Afgahnastan to attack China directly on land, thus giving us an… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yep, grabbing Hawaii would take the pressure off of the Taiwan Straights fight, and threaten the West coast.


Hawaii would fit right in as a part of Communist China. A match made in Heaven!

Wild Bill

@OV, I am glad that you are back. And I am glad to be back.

Wild Bill

@OV, All these shortages are part of the CCP’s asymmetrical war plan. Those plans also include denial of GPS, communications, and banking satellites; disruption of electric grids and everything that depends upon electric service; denial of supply chain; nuclear; viral; and of course conventional forces… all at once!
The CCP is fixing the conditions for their victory.

Wild Bill

I did not know that. The Old Farmers’ Almanack is predicting another cold winter. I am buying a few extra 20 lbs of propane, and a sunflower burner.

Wild Bill

Longer, too! No spillage, either.


@WB it might no longer be an option to use Afghanistan…..but it could be……if our military decides it would be to their and our advantage to go back in,(in order to rescue the few remaining US citizens and allies) and just stay there until we really want to leave. It is always best to wage war on anyone without having to fight on our own territory. The reasons for leaving Afghanistan were purely political and for Joe’s legacy, and now he will never have one that anybody in their right mind would want. Go Brandon Go!


Canada is a socialist country, now.


Ya gotta draft women……. the politicians “borrowed” a sh!tload of money from the ChiComs. EVENTUALLY… they’re gonna want to be repaid (and not with dollars worth a friggin dime).
To start off, we need to pay off the Chinese starting with politician’s body parts, and their women (wives, daughters, nieces, daughters-in-laws). IF, you voted to raise the debt ceiling, your exteded family gets thrown in the pot)
(“OK Joe, I rove to have a river, a kidney and your 16 year old daughter – but what about the rest of the 200 Trillion dorrars?”)


I favor an active military draft as did Charlie Rangel, a black Korean War veteran from N.Y. I met him on a few occasions socially, and I liked him. Politically I believe the draft was the only thing we agreed on. I talked both my son and daughter out of joining the military reserve out of high school because “rules of engagement” have no place in war. Games have rules; war is not a game. My father was in WW2. I was a Naval officer in the ’60s. It is my belief that if it appears to be the enemy… Read more »

Wild Bill

, You did your children no favor. I joined the Army soon after High School and it got me three paid for college degrees, including a doctorate. Two well paying careers, two retirements, and a kick ass thrift saving plan, the same health care as Congress, and one blond bombshell bronze star recipient. Oh, yeah, and I got to see the world.
As to “Rules of Engagement” I doubt that you could even define the phrase.

Wild Bill

@OV, Yeah baby!
The other day she announced that she wanted a BMW. Well … I could not say, “No.” So I said, “They are not made in America.”

Next, I’m going to say,”No one around here knows how to fix a BMW.” I’ll let you know how I come out

Wild Bill

Yeah … me, too!


WB, YOU of all people should know by now to just pull up the papers and sign them…

Wild Bill

Good to hear from you. She might just sign the papers for me!

Country Boy

Barvarian Motor Werken BMW is of GERMAN manufacture… not British. British is Triumph and MG (Morris Garage), Royal Enfield, BSA,Norton and again Triumph for Motorcycles . There’s a couple more IINM.

Last edited 1 year ago by Country Boy
Wild Bill

Yeah, but we knew what he meant! I’m still trying to talk her into a made-in-America pick em up truck.


Like me, it appears you missed combat. All my friends who didn’t provided me with pretty good descriptions. Such as, you can’t shoot in that direction– even if it’s where Charlie is shooting from. Or, wait ’til they shoot first. Marines and Army both, Vietnam and Afghanistan. Congratulations on successfully feeding at the public trough for years.

Wild Bill

I was a battalion commander. Rules of Engagement are the commanders tool to avoid getting drawn into combat at a time, place, or circumstance not of his choosing.
If Lee would have issued Rules of Engagement, he would not have gotten drawn into a combat not of his choosing at Gettysburg.
The public got its money’s worth. Your kids could have too, had you not instilled fear into them.



Knute Knute

A “Mustang”, they call them in the Navy. Like Dick Marcinko, the former commander of “Red Cell”, AKA Seal Team Six. The ones who get shit done proper!

Knute Knute

Give me a Mustang over a ring-knocker any old day of the week! 🙂

Wild Bill

Knute, Yeah, I “dislike” those ring knocking bastards too, but I can work with them.

Wild Bill

Yep, that is what they call us in the Army, too! I think that it is service wide. Dick Marcinko … I read his book! A warrior and genius!

Knute Knute

Did you follow his real exploits with Red Cell back in the 80’s? Soldier of Fortune mag followed some of them. Never did fail to break into any US installations he was assigned to. Including the Naval Yard at Norfolk, and a SAC missile silo right here in Montana. He embarrassed too many ring knockers by exploiting their poor security, is what got him drummed out of the service. Nobody working for the Pentagon is allowed to be competent any more. It makes the ring knockers look bad. But if you sail right into the shipping lanes off Japan and… Read more »

Wild Bill

They hated him because he shredded careers. Careers that should have been shredded. He was also a casualty. We should have listened more then and should be listening now.

Knute Knute

I can understand that too. Nobody wants to be shown up as foolish. Esp. people in positions of power. But when those in power misuse it to destroy other people that they dislike, that society has a big problem. And when others in power above them, misuse it to protect the misuse of those below them…well, isn’t that the definition of a criminal conspiracy? The years long “investigation” into the Fitzgerald incident just shows how low our society has gone. What’s to investigate? At least a half dozen people were asleep at the switch. Or playing video games or whatever.… Read more »

Country Boy

I’d say you chose the wrong “hero”…..but thank you for you and your Father’s service to our country.

Last edited 1 year ago by Country Boy

I’m all for women being eligible for the draft, there are lots of jobs they can handle that would free up men for the fight. Some handicapped should be able to join the military also, there are jobs they can do and give them a purpose in life. Let the women get their finger nails dirty and crawl through the mud, let them see how other people in other countries live and maybe they will appreciate what we have and stop whining and b-itching about how terrible the USA is.


Joint the war? They may attract the wrong individuals.


“If you are 50 pounds overweight and have been on meds for years for ADD or ADHD, not a problem. The military has all kinds of programs such as motivational exercise platoons and motivational attitude adjustment platoons to help you correct your personal deficiencies. You never know, your own parents may be willing to pay the Army to take you in, if the military can guarantee such improvements in their children’s lives.” WOW? TRUE EQUALITY for the feminists! A corrective path for parents that either failed or didn’t give a damn how their children were raised, motivation platoons (Much healthier… Read more »

Terry H

Joint the war?

Country Boy

Will the female squads and companies sing “I don’t know but I’ve been told,Eskimo penis is mighty cold”? ROFL.
Just my opinion…maybe this is yet another democrat/globalist elite/NWO plan to rid our country of our females, while they are replaced with less American attitude illegals flooding our borders and now our airports? Maybe this rids the elites of female Americans that the “jab” did not, but left infertile?
I see an evil plot afoot.

Last edited 1 year ago by Country Boy

Then flip her over to me and I will upgrade her to that of a Marine.


Then flip her over to me and I will upgrade her to a Marine.

APG member

If you conscript someone against their will and force them to pick cotton, you have done them wrong, but forcing them to murder other humans….Slavery in all forms should be ABOLISHED!

Qui Bono?

Conscription isn’t slavery – it’s holding citizens to account, requiring them to do their duty and serve the country that has served them, fulfilling their end of the social contract (John Locke). We make exceptions for conscientious objectors, often allowing them to serve in non-combat roles. The author of “Private Buttercup” is misogynistic and unrealistic. Women have served voluntarily in every conflict since the Revolution, often in combat roles. They (should) enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities as males, so why shouldn’t they be required to help protect those same freedoms? And don’t conflate performing one’s civic duty with slavery,… Read more »

APG member

Social contract? I would like to se a copy please; John locke is not my father.

Lincoln was a tyrannical usurper who disappeared journalists, suspended habeas corpus, and initiated the unconstitutional practice of conscription. Apparently you equate conscription to voluntary servitude, you might enjoy North Korea.

You should have to pick cotton for 2 years while I will oversee your work! Stockholm Syndrome…


whaddya speck from a former corporate railroad lawyer? He grew to accustomed to getting HIS way, no matter how many toes he stomped upon. HE arranged the False Flag “attack” at Fort SUmpter, which they had no business occupying anyway, as that was territoty of a soveriegn foreign hnation, the COnfereate States of America. He had no more business blocading the ports and trade of that nation than he would have had to sail accross to the Channel and blockade British shipping. His policy was “there are no rules and I make them”. Seems that’s the mantra of most of… Read more »


You have a good argument but, Our founders did not have a draft as only 10% of the US fought in the war of independence. Also our founding fathers told us not to get entangled in foreign conflicts which is what is happening now. A just war will have many volunteers to fight and possibly die for our country. I have always said, I’d be the first to pick up a gun and face a foreign invader that comes to our shores. There is no benefit to fighting a war overseas for another countries freedom. We may sell them arms… Read more »


ou are on the mark concerning “anti-vaxxers”. We are the most informed and knowledgeable group in the nation AND the healthiest.


Thank You, Jim13a!!!!


Yes wonen DID indeed help the cause during the war to kick the tyrant Brits off this land.But NO ONE coerced them. They had “cartridge parties”, made blankets and other needful implements, At timees they picked up arms and used them to further the cause. WHY? They were also fighting for their homes, security, prosperity, the ability to raise their families the way THEY saw fit. The draft and forced service of women in today’smilitary is a horse of a nother colour. WHY have be been in Afghanistan for twenty years? WHY are we hecling and harrassing and killing over… Read more »


I can’t believe your drivel got so many upvotes on this forum. Other than our country and our soil facing imminent attack from forces our military is not equipped to deal with manpower wise, a draft is just WRONG. Interrupting lives and careers so the wars of big corporations, the Rothchilds, and the New World Order can be fought for eternity is immoral. So is flippant forcing of troops, whether conscripted or volunteer, to take questionable injections as is now happening with the Covid vax and happened almost two decades ago with old Anthrax vaccine that was forced on our… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Grigori
AZ Lefty

Wow the triggered Beta speaks