UMAREX TDP45 BB Gun Air Pistol Review

If you're wanting an economical CO2 BB gun to stalk tin cans then you ought to check out the Umarex TDP45 BB Gun.
If you’re wanting an economical CO2 BB gun to stalk tin cans then you ought to check out the Umarex TDP45 BB Gun.

U.S.A.-( I recently tested the Umarex TDP45 BB Gun Air Pistol. To operate, first put on the safety and then hit the magazine button to drop out the mag. To load the mag with BBs, pull down the follower far enough to allow you to place BBs in the hole near the end of the slide. It can hold up to 19 BBs. When you have put in the desired number of BBs, let go of the follower so it goes up and holds the BBs in place.

Umarex TDP45 BB Gun Air Pistol

It is a CO2 airgun so of course, you must slide in a 12g CO2 canister to operate. To do this remove the BB magazine. Then turn the piercing knob counterclockwise (Looks like a wing nut. It is on the bottom of the grip). On all of their CO2 airguns, Umarex recommends putting one drop of RWS Chamber lube on the nipple of the CO2 canister. Pop the back of the grip up and slide in the CO2 canister. After installing the CO2 canister close the backstrap. Screw down the piercing knob. When it punctures the canister you will hear a hissing noise, which is gas escaping. Tighten down snug and the hissing will stop. Slap the magazine back in and you’re now ready to roll.

To fire the Umarex TDP45 BB Gun Air Pistol push it down on the safety and slide it back towards the red dot. You’re now good to go for firing 19 shots.

For my initial test, I set up a target at 8-feet. It has an exceptionally long trigger pull but surprisingly I shot a ½-inch 3-shot group. I then moved the target out to 15 feet and the group widened out quite a bit. Something like 2 ¼-inch. Of course, to be fair to all pistol companies I always throw out the disclaimer that I am the worst pistol shot in the world.

The Umarex TDP45 BB Gun Air Pistol only cruises along at 410 fps so it’s not a viable option for hunting. I see three main uses for it:

  1. To run pest out of your yard or garden. You should be able to safely run deer out of your garden.
  2. You can use it to practice shooting, especially in the winter. Make a box target backstop and you could set it up in your basement or garage. What I did was to fill a large box with slats of cardboard and then stick a target on the box. That way no matter if a blizzard is howling on the outside, you can shoot inside while wearing your cowboy boots and underwear or whatever you wear around the house. (I used a really large box. You don’t want to miss and have a BB bouncing around your basement off of the concrete walls).
  3. You and the kids might just want a fun gun to blast tin cans and water bottles.

The MSRP on the Umarex TDP45 BB Gun Air pistol is $32.25 and as is usual, we will close with the specs.


Just keep pulling the double-action trigger, unload the mag, reload, repeat. That’s the cycle of fun with a semi-auto BB gun like the Umarex TDP. This well-priced BB pistol is great for shooting cans or knocking down objects. It has a 19-round drop-free metal magazine and fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. Experience the fun and action of shooting semiauto handguns with the Umarex T.D.P. 45 and enjoy popping targets at a fraction of the cost firing a live-fire gun. Not only will you save a bundle on ammo, reloading the magazine will be a cinch, especially if you buy an Umarex BB speedloader! Similar to the 2254822 TDP45.

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$29.99 in-store only, and in-stock at the Traverse City, MI and Pittsburg, PA stores only. Probably sold elsewhere.