Cutting Edge Game Calls 4-Play Turkey Call Review

Note only is the 4-Play Turkey Call a beautiful box call, it also has some3 unique features that no other call on the market has.

U.S.A.-( Recently, I received an email from Brian Benolken with Cutting Edge Game Calls, who is a member of POMA. He asked if I’d like to test out his box call named the 4-Play turkey call. Ok, I’ll say it right off the get-go, I’m a sucker for box calls. When I was a 9-year old kid hunting turkeys in the hill country in South Texas that’s all we had. Since those early hunts decades ago I’ve tested all manner of reeds, slate boxes, push boxes and who knows what else but I’m still infatuated by wood box calls.

Mom and dad gave me my first box call for Christmas over 5 1/2-decades ago and I still have it. Things have progressed and improved since those days. Like I say, I’ve tested hundreds of turkey calls but the 4-Play Turkey Call is unique and has some special features/attributes. Let’s cover those

To begin, a cool box call is a work of art. If you don’t understand that statement then you’re not a turkey hunter. If you’re a horrible hunter and can’t fill your tag every season on opening day then at least use a box call so you can be cool! He who fills his tag opening day will eat his bird in a few days. He who owns a cool box call will be cool all season!

My point in the above paragraph is to convince you not to buy a cheap piece of Chinese pallet wood box calls. This is a well-built American-made call. It is a beautifully handcrafted piece of work and is the prettiest call that I own. You can also have your name engraved on the lid for $35.00.

You have three options when ordering, cherry body, mahogany body, or a walnut body. 4-Play Turkey Calls claims that all three bodies have similar densities and that there is no difference in the tonal quality.

Now for two of the really unique features on the 4-Play Turkey Calls that I haven’t seen on any other box call.

Sound Rail Woods

All three calls come with a white oak lid but here’s where they shake things up. The 4-Play Turkey Call comes with four different sound rails, Walnut, Eastern Red Cedar, Sassafras and Popular. On all of my other calls, the sound rails are all made out of one type of wood. Each type of wood will give out a slightly different cadence. With this call, you have four different cadences out of one call. So when calling you can switch to a different sound rail and make your incoming turkey think that he is talking to at least four birds.

Think about the last sentence for a minute. For a foreigner, he may think that all Americans talk the same. But if you live here you know there are different dialects in Texas as compared to NYC as compared to Alabama. And what about even individuals from your hometown? Even old rodeo buddies from 40 yrs. ago that I haven’t talked to in years, if they called right now, I’d know exactly who it is. So you might not be able to pick it out but I guarantee you that the gobbler will think that there are four different birds he’s approaching.

Forward Mounted Wheel

Now for the really unique feature, what they call a forward mounted wheel. Let’s see if I can adequately describe it. All other box calls have a bolt that holds on the lid and screws into a block on the bottom side of the call, right? The 4-Play Turkey Call has a spool that the lid screws into. The spool is free rolling so not only can you work on the top two sounding rails but the spool will rotate around so now the lid can work on the bottom two sounding rails as well. Ingenious.

As usual with box calls the 4-Play Turkey Call needs chalk to enhance your performance. They also have available for purchase Rain Chalk which is basically a rainproof chalk component. I don’t know about where you live but here in Idaho Spring is our rainy season and rain and wood box calls don’t mix. In the old days we had to carry a bread bag for our call if it was raining.

The MSRP on the 4-Play Turkey call is $125.00. This will be a call that all of your buddies will crave and try to confiscate. Plus, it’s a beauty which you can even set on a display shelf in your office. (A little history-Eric Steinmetz, which is a turkey hunting fanatic) is the one who designed this call. He eventually hooked up with Brian and they are now in full swing).

Cutting Edge Game Call Comments:

All 4-Play turkey calls come EQUIPPED with the same sound-producing parts which consist of a White Oak lid and 4 different sound rails (Walnut, Eastern Red cedar, sassafras, and poplar).

From there the customer is free to choose whichever body type that most appeals to them (Walnut, Cherry, or Mahogany). Being of similar densities these three beautiful hardwoods have been found to be INTERCHANGEABLE with no difference in tonal quality.

We strive to give hunters not only a very EFFECTIVE and versatile call but one that is beautiful to the eye as well!!

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