Analysis: Why Guns are Winning the Hearts & Minds of Americans

Civil Unrest
Analysis: Why Guns & 2A Rights are Winning the Hearts & Minds of Americans iStock

USA – -( These are the most perilous times many Second Amendment watchdogs have ever seen. Our right to keep and bear arms is under constant assault by a troika of would-be infringers: the Biden-Harris administration – the most anti-gun group of bullies to occupy the White House in modern times, the legacy media – which is aiding and abetting Biden’s every whim regardless of its constitutionality, and the anti-gun industry – which is providing the playbook and orchestrating the campaign.

Still, there are glimmers of hope – the light at the end of the tunnel may be dim, but at least it’s visible. At least for now, things appear to be changing, albeit slowly. Thankfully, a growing number of Americans have stopped listening to the anti-gun forces. In other words, regardless of what Biden, Cuomo, or Giffords are saying, the liberal bubble has been pierced by the truth, and worried folks are buying guns.

Over the past months, I’ve talked to dozens of new gun owners. Many described themselves as liberal or formerly liberal. Here’s what they are saying about why they broke ranks with the gun banners and bought guns:

Root Causes

New gun owners revealed near unanimity for the main reason they purchased a firearm: the surge of violent crime.

Smash-and-grab robbery gangs, well-publicized home-invasions, and the newest media buzzword “follow-home robberies.” have folks terrified they will be ambushed in their home or on their doorstep, in zip codes where these types of crimes are not supposed to happen.

Some say the specter of mob violence has them readying themselves for the next wave of rioting and looting, and those unfortunate enough to live in large metropolitan cities say open warfare on their streets forced them to purchase a means to defend their hearth and home from illegally-armed gang members.

Radical Social Agenda

Many new gun owners complained about liberal criminal justice policies, which have caused increased crime: low/no bail, lighter sentences, and no-arrest guidelines. These felon-friendly policies combined with the “defund the police” movement and liberal prosecutors are wreaking havoc in communities across the country. Add to that the politicization of federal law enforcement agencies – most notably the FBIs involvement policing local school boards – and many folks don’t see any relief in sight.

Dire Warnings

The nation’s sheriffs were the first to sound the alarm. Several famously warned the public they needed to arm themselves, for they were their own First Responders. Citibank warned its employees they needed to “dress down” so as not to become victims of crime. Other large corporations chaperone their employees to and from work, and several major retailers are closing stores in large cities because of skyrocketing thefts, robberies, and assaults on their staff.

Other Contributing Factors

Terrorism, the pandemic and its lockdowns, waves of illegal immigrants, Biden’s tanking economy, inflation concerns, and the growing scarcity of basic commodities created a sense that “something bad” is coming for many first-time gun buyers. They responded by heading to a gun shop. More than a few said this growing sense of dread and uncertainty was unprecedented – something they had never felt before. One new Glock owner compared it to watching the first episode of “The Walking Dead.”

Empty Rhetoric

While their constituents were becoming concerned about how they would defend their families, the Biden-Harris administration offered nothing but tired, old talking points spoon-fed directly to them by the anti-gun industry. It didn’t work. Many Americans wanted easier access to firearms, not more restrictions. Biden, or whoever is actually calling the shots behind the scenes in the White House, completely misread the room.

The gun banners are just now realizing that no one is listening. For many people, the skewed data from debunked sources that the anti-gun talking heads have been peddling for decades only reinforced their desire to buy a gun. The more direr the warnings from the gun banners, the more guns are sold. It’s something Shannon, Gabby, and Mike have yet to fully grasp.

The Result

More than 36 million Americans blew a big fat raspberry at Biden and his gun-banning squad, according to NICS background checks, and that only includes the first 11 months of 2021. It does not include private firearm sales, which are still legal in free states.

That’s more than 74 background checks per minute – a rate the market is still struggling to counterbalance.

To be clear, gun sales have skyrocketed. Ammunition sales have skyrocketed. Membership in gun-rights groups has skyrocketed. Demand for firearm instruction has outpaced the instructor pool, and support for anti-gun groups has plummeted, all as expected.

Public opinion is shifting, the polls are showing, as more and more Americans realize the utility a firearm can offer. Politicians are discovering that an anti-gun stance will cost them votes, if not their jobs. The anti-gun groups are growing desperate. The more they’re ignored, the louder and more shrill they become.

This is, however, not the time to celebrate. We are only one executive order away from yet another infringement. Our right to keep and bear arms requires eternal vigilance.

Remain vigilant, friends.

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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2A Gun Guy

Great Article Lee, It’s getting the word out. Thanks


He really does put out great articles that are very informative. The gun-grabbers are doomed.Freedom and the 2A continues to win big! TEX


Never have firearms been as popular and in high demand as now.Americans are purchasing firearms at historic numbers to protect themselves,family’s,,and others. More and more states have passed some amazing pro-2A legislation with much of it designed to limit or prohibit federal infringements on our constitutional rights.The gun-grabbers are losing miserably and know it. Freedom loving Americans who cherish their constitutional rights are winning large and the gun-grabbing trash knows that too. It will only get better.

Deplorable Bill

The 2A came into existence as a defense for we, the people, against government tyranny, it also provides for sport use, collections and defense of self and others. In the years, decades and century after it was written it has come to the aid of civilian and government alike. The RIGHT to life also provides for the defense of life. This is a right I have had to use in defense of my family and myself more than a few times. The RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms is something that keeps foreign governments from attacking us.… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

Because firearms ownership is their birthright,Shall Not Be Infringed.


leftists care little for the rule of law and that is very troublesome and has brought our country to this point, i.e., riots, crime, illegal immigration, infringement of rights, mandates. let’s hope that they feel that way when each and every election cycle comes around again. we definitely know the vast majority of demoncrats are against civilian firearm ownership and there are quite a few republicans who feel the same way. only when we get representatives that will actually “honor” their oath of office will we be safe from tyranny. lee, your comment on being one executive order away may… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, we should have killed them off in the 1920s, before socialist could infiltrate every crevice of out country and nation.


Do NOT put too much hope in the “court”. My money these days is on courts making the wrong decision. I will prepare with that in mind so as not to be caught with my pants down.


A number of years ago now, I was chased by a group of four young men in a car. The gun in my pocket, which I didn’t draw, gave me the confidence to hide successfully in the dark shadow of a large bush until they left.

Bill Sr.

I’ve said before that the democrats were going to knock the lid off of Pandora’s Box but now I realize I was wrong. The lid has already been opened and what came out is known by the name DEMOCRAT. If they aren’t stopped they will totally destroy our country and turn it into a socialist hell hole.

Pa John

On a parallel note, DESPITE a near total corporate media blackout, including online with Facebook / Twitter / Google all censoring / blocking / banning all posts to the contrary, ‘Seventy-two percent of adults said it’s “likely” that the coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China‘. Another excerpt: “The Ronald Reagan Institute’s 2021 National Defense survey showed that 42% said the lab leak theory is “very likely,” while 30% said it is “somewhat likely.” Eighty-six percent of Republicans believe the lab leak theory, according to the poll, while 61% of Democrats and 67% of independents said the… Read more »