Riding Shotgun With Charlie #134 – Thank You! ~ VIDEO

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- I wanted to reach out and let everyone know that I really appreciate all the support and encouragement that I get for doing the show. It’s great to hear that folks hear about passengers on other shows and see that I had them on the Stagecoach. Or better yet, when a fellow podcaster listens to a show to get some back story on a guest and then have them on their podcast. Either way, it’s a feeling that the show is going well and helping people learn about others in the firearm community.

I was talking with a friend who I call “B-L” Lisa and she thought that doing a Thank You show would be a great way to end the year.  I wasn’t sure what format I could do the show.  Then talking with John Petrolino, he gave it some direction. Despite the pandemic and shutdowns, the loss of jobs and income, 2021 was a successful year!

Thanks to these folks for making 2021 successful for The Stagecoach.

I got to go hunting with CNJFO, played the Star-Spangled Banner in Florida, spoke in Dallas, took training in New Hampshire, South Dakota, Ohio, and Massachusetts. I kept teaching classes in Massachusetts for residents to get their License To Carry. And kept doing Utah classes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. All along, making new 2A friends!

I was able to film more shows than ever before. That meant I was publishing episodes more than ever! From the end of March until November, I put out a show every week.  And even in November, I put out shows 3 out of 5 Tuesdays. This year, I published over 40 shows!

Gun folks are the greatest folks. RSWC displays many of the movers and shakers in the firearm community in a very different situation, much more intimate and relaxed, and off guard. There’s a great blend between serious topics, some humor and lightheartedness, and comfort with all of the passengers on the show.

Next year, there’s going to be more shows, more passengers, and more traveling. My goal is to complete the 5 states East of the Mississippi where I haven’t done shows. And get a few more states West of the Mississippi.

It wouldn’t mean a thing without viewers and listeners.

Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Riding Shotgun With Charlie isn’t about firearms. It is about having an intimate conversation with 2 people talking. You’re the fly on the rearview mirror. Many passengers are involved in the firearm community, but not all of them.

This is a more intimate conversation than a phone, radio, or Skype interview. You get to see the passengers. And you’ll see where the road and the conversation take you! www.ridingshotgunwithcharlie.com, Facebook

Riding Shotgun With Charlie