WA Democrats Seek to Eliminate Drive-By Shooting as Factor in 1st Degree Murder

Detroit justified homicides spike in 2014
Two Washington lawmakers want to eliminate drive-by shooting as a reason to elevate first-degree murder to an aggravated status.

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- A pair of Democrat legislators in Washington State have pre-filed legislation that claims to promote racial equity “by eliminating drive-by shooting as a basis for elevating murder in the first degree to aggravated murder in the first degree.”

The bill was quietly prefiled on Dec. 23, allegedly to avoid public notice during the Christmas holiday weekend. But sharp-eyed former broadcast journalist Brandi Kruse, who now operates her own online news platform called (un)Divided, pulled this one from under the political covers via Twitter, and it is creating a firestorm.

House Bill 1692 calls itself “AN ACT Relating to promoting racial equity in the criminal legal system by eliminating drive-by shooting as a basis for elevating murder in the first degree to aggravated murder in the first degree; amending RCW 10.95.020 and 10.95.020; creating a new section; providing an effective date; and providing an expiration date.” It is sponsored by Reps. Tarra Simmons (D-23rd District) and David Hackney (D-11th District). They both serve on the House Public Safety Committee and Simmons—whose biography is both harrowing and redeeming—is vice-chair of the House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee.

The measure deletes drive-by shootings as an aggravating factor in determining a charge of aggravated first-degree murder. The idea seems so outrageous that Kruse’s revelation had garnered 139 responses and was re-tweeted 329 times over the Christmas holiday weekend. One reply, from someone named Phil, ripped the bill’s premise.

“Ridiculous rationale. File it on 12/23 in hopes there would be minimal press coverage,” he wrote.

Most responses to Kruse’s initial tweet ran from the silly to serious, with a majority so far being negative. There was one message that could only come from Seattle. The sender, “gt Whizz” stated, “If all we had was public transportation these drive-by’s (sic) would not happen. Fund Sound Transit and confiscate personal vehicles.”

The five-page legislation would also be retroactive, so if the bill is passed and signed by liberal Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee, it would apply to anyone whose charge was enhanced by the fact that they committed murder from a moving vehicle.

“This act applies retroactively,” the bill says, “to any person convicted of aggravated murder based on conduct committed prior to the effective date of this section where the only aggravating circumstance admitted in the guilty plea or found by a judge or jury at trial was that the discharge of the firearm was either from a motor vehicle or from the immediate area of a motor vehicle that was used to transport the shooter or the firearm, or both, to the scene of the discharge.”

Washington’s Legislature convenes Jan. 10, and this will be a 60-day session because it is an election year. Earlier this month, the Seattle Times acknowledged Democrat lawmakers are again pushing an anti-gun agenda including a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and “Restrictions on high-capacity magazines.” AmmoLand News reported on this back on Dec. 19. However, this new measure carries Democrats to what many feel is a new level of absurdity.

Since her departure from KCPQ in Seattle—the local Fox News affiliate—where she had hosted a weekly news/comment program called “The Divide,” Kruse has garnered more than 54,000 followers for her online presence at Twitter. She has also been a substitute radio host for KIRO-FM’s Dori Monson. Both have a common-sense approach to local and national politics that Western Washington’s woke far-left often despise.

Kruse, in one of her online commentaries at (un)Divided, summed it up best, “If this bill passes, I don’t ever want to hear Democrats in Olympia complain about guns, all the while pushing leniency on those who use them to kill, because if Democrats truly care about gun violence, they sure as hell have a sad way of showing it.”

If Democrat sponsors Simmons and Hackney hoped to sneak this in under the radar, they failed miserably. Evergreen State gun rights activists might justifiably wonder if this is an effort to distract public attention from the gun control measures Democrats want to push over the next couple of months, however. Keeping track of those bills will be the challenge.


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Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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i’m guessing drive by shootings are carried out more frequently by a particular racial group. Authors of the bill see racial disparity in result of members of that group being more frequently subjected to punishment for this particular crime. i would say that racial equity would be better served by making drive by shooting a capital offense regardless of perpetrator’s age. Protect minors from being used for lower charges applied to minors. More importantly, same minority group committing these crimes is currently more likely to be the victims as well. Protect the good people being victimized to reduce racial disparity… Read more »


“i’m guessing drive by shootings are carried out more frequently by a particular racial group.”
Good guess Finnky. They are all white parents opposed to the teaching of Critical Race Theory in their children’s schools. (Better known as domestic terrorists)


Well said, Amen.


not just one, it is both latins and blacks ,sometimes against each other, tipicol gang turf warfare , some is black theft rings starting to sell drugs in their own neighborhoods where the latin gangs had been selling


Great point. Since the victims are typically “minorities”, the proposed law effectively grants leniency for shooting “minorities”. Racist!


they should redraft the bill… anyone convicted of killing another in a drive by shoting must be executed within thjirty days of verdict and reexamination of evidence. That way the drive by kids would be reduced in number, thus moving the “trend needle” downward in the siaparity of the race of the druveby shooters. Thin the herd actually DOING these crimes to make things more “equal”.


quote: “If all we had was public transportation these drive-by’s (sic) would not happen. Fund Sound Transit and confiscate personal vehicles.”

They the “driving by” would be done by the busses,and the shooters would only have to stahd there as the bus passes by.

These two nutjob “legislators” need to have the contents of their crania examined. What passes for justice” inside those empty jars is a travesty.


As a student of history, this is mind blowing. The first drive by shooting happened in 1912, between Jewish criminal elements in Manhattan. The end result for justice was an execution, a few years later, for the instigator of the murder. It would never have occurred to anyone, least of all the Jewish community, that the religion or ethnicity of the perps should somehow ever mitigate the legal process. Some times we live in!

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This is typical stupidity by rich white liberals. Let’s let people stuck living in urban America vote on this. The enhancement for drive-by shootings didn’t appear out of nowhere. It was a rational response to the senseless carnage caused by idiots spraying bullets from moving vehicles in the general direction of their foes, more often than not hitting people unrelated to the dispute that led to the shooting. And, those victims are most often black. Once again stupid white liberals are pushing a law that will harm urban black people.


If these two morons get re-elected, the people of WA state will get what they deserve.


Just like they are now for reelecting Insley.
OreGONE where we have our own Insley and it is called
Kate shit stain Brown.


Inslee did not win. The people who “counted” the ballots won. And the public lost. We have not had a fair and accurate election since Queen Christine stole the throne. Three cartons of “ballots” somehow “discovered” on a high shelf in a post office in Seattle three weeks AFTER the election were “certified” (the “certifiers” are “certifiable”…..) tipped the scales ever so slightly in her favour.. by the iniest handful of “votes”. Friend of mine in Seattle has a close friend who was an “observer” in the “recount” in Seattle… My friend sked how that was going.. response: there are… Read more »


Yes and wait till you have nothing but mail in ballots like we have and then you will never see another republican governor again, just like us.


Yep. I’d say no reg by mail, ever. No mail-in ballots except true absentee – military overseas or job out of state; must be seen in person every couple years – proof of life. Truly disabled absentee is easily stolen. A registrar should come to the home & take the vote. Absentee workers get proof & ballot mailing notarized. Making voting effortless was a bad idea. Why push voting by those who don’t care enough about the franchise to go to polls on election day? In Cali it was dumbass Rs who pushed reg by mail & no-excuse absentee in… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Good point.


This bill is bad enough but there’s a lot more to this story than just stupidity from Uber leftist politicians it shows how a solid red district can change before your eyes due to the area becoming more prosperous. There’s even redemption in the story, wrong kind of redemption but it’s there for the lefty’s to celebrate. Tarra Simmons, the lead sponsor of this insane bill, is a carpetbagger in the 23rd district, more about this loser in a minute. The 23rd district is home to 3 military installations. If you have ever watched NCIS they mention Bremerton Naval Shipyard… Read more »


It continues to get worse. The blue migration didn’t stop at Bremerton. It’s swallowed up the 39th district, home port of Naval Station Everett, and the 10th district, home to NAS Whidbey Island. NAS Whidbey has been there since 1942, and recently, these same liberals have started complaining about the noise from FA-18 etc. training/mission flights, and with the assistance of the POS WA AG Ferguson, have sued the navy re: the noise. It’s like Seattle liberals moving out to rural farmland, and suing the farmers over the smell of manure. Two more years of this stinkhole, and happiness will… Read more »


Yes, I have been following those insane ideas. The AG is the most corrupt dim of all in Washington, IMHO.

I want out of here too. I have 3 years until I retire, but my wife doesn’t want to move away from the kids, 4 daughters, 5 grandkids and 9 great grandchildren. I really don’t want to die in a commie state even though Grays Harbor is pretty solid red!


Any person buying a house behind a shooting range would have to be blind, deaf and have no friends to inform the person of the dangers. There oughta’ be a law!


Back in the olden days, there would be no one who would buy the property because of the range. It is of course a ‘new age’ and there is as much politics involved as anything else. Sorry to hear all this. Maybe they could erect a steel fence or concrete wall on the berm and create a 20 ft. fence to protect the property behind it? Probably just a dumb idea.


So what state do you reside in Oldvet


I agree. I think it went the way of the dinosaur in the early seventies when liberal teachers finally grasped the fact that they could change history by not teaching it.


Realtors are complicit in misleading buyers. Ranges tend to be busiest on weekend afternoons. Realtors will bring prospective purchasers by at slow times, when it is likely no-one is shooting – or even on days the range is closed (if any). At the same time, as we’re seeing in Texas, range is there, development is built and occupied – then more developments are built and there are more people living near the range. Thus the range gets far more business from all the new residents. Residents of the development think the range is new because they used to only hear… Read more »


That’s about the same distance away from a range to my house in WA. I can hear the guns constantly and it doesn’t bother me at all. I have had a few neighbors who have moved away because of the sounds of gunfire plus their dogs couldn’t take it. They were the kinds of neighbors whom I don’t miss at all.


I believe they have already done this in Kalifornica.

Arizona Don

Racial equity in crime? Really? Blacks make up about 18% of America population and yet they commit over 85% of the crimes. Yep that is equity all right! A lot of it!


This sounds like stupid stuff Massachusetts demoncrats would dream up. A utopia where school bus drivers carry narcan (even elementary school) you cant have a gun but drug dispensaries do, and still get robbed, unless there is a shooting most robberies go un reported, cant have the pot houses get a bad reputation


Can’t really believe that the robberies go unreported. I don’t know how Mass. does it but here in WA, if you come up short anywhere in your inventory from growing to processing to sales, you are in a world of hurt with the State Revenuers wanting their cut. The only reason they legalized recreational cannabis was to get the money into the state coffers so as to piddle their way into all the ways to embezzle the taxes and divert it to the democratic communist state, so as to further take us to the left.


Democrats want to coddle their animals so they will vote for them


Quite the sad state of affairs, say I. It truly is unbelievable for a person like myself to realize the I have lived in WA. State for going on 67 years now, and it only gets worse every day. Let it start here.


“promoting racial equity”?? Has anyone noticed that the overwhelming majority of the victims from drive-by shootings are of the same cultural and race profile as the shooters?
What the hell… ahh, forget logic. Welcome to Bizarro World, er, I mean, Washington.
Someone elected these people.