Could One Policy Objective Of Sarah Brady Be Killed By SCOTUS?

Why I Am Suing The Governor of Virginia, iStock-1055138108
Could One Policy Objective Of Sarah Brady Be Killed By SCOTUS? iStock-1055138108

United States – -( Supreme Court decisions can have some big effects people might not realize when a case is argued. In the case of New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, a dream of Sarah Brady’s could be wiped out.

NYSRPA v. Bruen centers around the “discretionary issue” concealed-carry permit systems, which most notably exist in New York (California and New Jersey are also notorious in that regard). Second Amendment supporters rightly disdain them, given the often arbitrary denials that come from issuing authorities. Besides, why should you have to demonstrate a need to exercise your Second Amendment rights?

Now, though, it’s time for history. Just under three decades ago, when the Brady Act was passed, anti-Second Amendment extremists unveiled the next part of their plan, what Charles Schumer called “the rest of the camel.” It was called Brady II.

Its provisions included a ban on magazines holding more than six rounds (owners of pre-ban magazines would have been placed under the provisions of the National Firearms Act), a separate “arsenal license” (in essence, treating gun collectors like criminals), and a host of other onerous provisions, including a permanent waiting period and a licensing and registration scheme for handguns.

The ultimate goal, as Sarah Brady put it in that August 15, 1993 article, was to impose “needs-based licensing” on gun owners. Just as New York, Maryland, California, New Jersey, and the other holdouts from the consensus between reasonably fair “shall issue” concealed carry states (like Virginia and Florida) or those that have taken to “constitutional carry” (like Texas and West Virginia) demand one justify a reason to have a carry permit, Sarah Brady wanted you to have to justify the purchase of a given firearm.

In essence, if you wanted a new rifle, you’d need to explain why, and some bureaucrat (or some panel) could keep you from buying that rifle if you already had some. And forget about being able to buy any sort of firearm for personal protection – as we have seen from “may issue” states, such a purchase would only be for those politically well-connected.

Well, here’s where NYSRPA v. Bruen ends that threat for the foreseeable future: If SCOTUS strikes down the requirement to justify a reason for a concealed carry permit, could any requirement that one justify the need for a specific firearm be upheld? While we’d never want to have an actual case in point, the answer is, “Probably not.”

However, Second Amendment supporters will need to avoid complacency. The best defense against seeing this policy objective of Sarah Brady’s becoming law is for Second Amendment supporters to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremist via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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A whole lot of people keep electing these idiots on the eastern seaboard. That’s the scary part. Not a lot of patriotic thinking.

Last edited 9 months ago by Bucketboy
Wild Bill

Yeah, it scares the hell out of our allies in the world, too! Welcome to the site.

Henry Bowman

D-rat voters are low information voters. They do as CNN tells them to do.


Schumer is a lying deceitful man who can never be trusted. As for New York expect those elected there continue to take all your hard earned money in taxes and to continue vacuum all the air from your life.

Last edited 9 months ago by john
Henry Bowman

Same can be said for RINOs like Kevin McCarthy, ‘Cocaine Mitch’ McConnell, Mittens Romney, Susan Collins, Murkowski, Graham, etc., and low-information RINO voters who are OK with the traitors who vote with the enemy to strip us all of our liberty while making themselves rich off of our extorted tax dollars!


Mitt’s using his bathhouse hookup name now, Pierre Delecto. Please respect his preferences.

Henry Bowman

LOL …well I identify as an A-10 warthog.


OK, for those tricycle riders among us, let’s take one more lap around the reality course. Once again, Boys and Girls…..yeah, I used gender terms and proud of it, so STFU,….the Second Amendment does not convey the right for citizens to keep and bear. The right to self defense of God (word has it He’s pretty personally capable), family, country, and self. That was endowed at creation by our Creator. Yeah, and there is proof of that also. The 2A tells government to keep their damn laws off We The Little Peeps’ “keep and bear”…..aka “…shall not be infringed.” There… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by StLPro2A
Wild Bill

I like what I’m reading. Did you mention Javilins, Stingers, and drones. We will need those!

Henry Bowman

I wouldn’t mind an M1A Abrams full of diesel and a fully stocked magazine of munitions!

Question is, if I put on a kufi, shemagh & caftan… and say aloha snackbar a lot… could I trick Spongebrain Poopypants into giving me $85 billion in military hardware??

Wild Bill

He is only sending them to apartment dwellers, this month.

Henry Bowman

Dammitdammitdammit…. I’ve lived in an aprtment most of my life, and I JUST MOVED INTO A HOUSE LAST YEAR. I guess I gotta wait till June!

Henry Bowman

You forgot recreational plutonium & next gen aircraft. Spongebrain Poopypants, Resident of the United States, said we’d “need” that. No, I’m being serious. A 15 megaton device would easily wipe out alll of DC all the way to the Beltway, every tyrant, every deep state bureaucrat, and a good number of Jack Booted Thugs. Barring that, if Putin drops one there, he’d be doing us a solid!


Good one…


Putin WON’T drop the Big One on Washing done for the fact that he doesnt want to see his beautiful, beloved Ma’s cow disappear in a flash-bang… We may not prefer him, but he’s no fool. Probably more than can be said for the tyrant Caca-trews.
Oh dear, better get coffee before posting anymore..


I have everyone of those things in your list! Including the ones in WIld Bill’s list too! Just a few blocks away in the NG armory. If the SHTF…me and a few of the boys are going to borrow that stuff permanently.


Dream on. That right there is REAL Insurrection…



Henry Bowman

Takes a lot of balls to get nominated to SCROTUS, LOL!!


Thank you Harold. Reading your piece here reminds me of feeling very, very grateful to the NRA back during the 60s, and the NRA, GOA, and other in-the-thick-of-it gun rights orgs and individuals who fought during The AWB Years. Neal Knox and “The Gun Rights War” helps me realize just how close America was to being effectively disarmed as unorganized militias. I’m glad to be a part of the show now. Up the action, mates! It ain’t over till Shannon Watts fades, “what a world! what a world”, and Emma Gonzalez takes the lead (and then it’s back from R&R… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by JR

You are so right…. the fight for liberty is never “over”… as one generation’s tyrants pass on, the next generation’s tyrants come to life…


I vote. Yeah! But, I do more than vote: I write emails and letters. I make phone calls. I make the effort to speak with individuals running for office. I’m not afraid that my name will end up on a “list”. Hell, I’ll add my name myself! I put more effort into changing the enemies of Freedom than thanking the friends, but I do both. One local Representative talks about the “Gunshow Loophole”. I have invited her repeatedly asking her to go to a gunshow and show me the loophole because I don’t want certain people to acquire firearms, either.


Want to stop crime? Disarm those running the government.

Henry Bowman

…And the JBT minions with guns who enforce tyrants’ edicts.


HAROLD! HAROLD! HAROLD…NO ONE has CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS or 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! PERIOD! OUR rights are based on natural law. They are the rights to life, liberty and property. The rules on the paper (Constitution) explain to those who we are allowing to be agents for us WHAT THEY CANNOT DO. These prohibitions are AGAINST those agents. They are NOT TO infringe on our right to defend ourselves. (Right to bear arms) They are NOT to search us without a proper warrant, they are TO ALLOW us to assemble and petition for grievance. THEY ARE NOT to infringe on our right to… Read more »


The US Constitution and BOR was written to enshrine those natural rights possessed by dint of being born into this world. It doesnt “grant” any rights, it lists SOME (but not all) of those rights which are to be protected by government…

Henry Bowman

“The best defense against seeing this policy objective of Sarah Brady’s becoming law is for Second Amendment supporters to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremist via the ballot box…” ROFL!!

We’ve seen two consecutive federal elections stolen and immediately thereafter, a fraudulent outcome certified by Commiecrats and RINOs alike! Little Harold, this is why no one here can take you seriously. Your FAIL is so epic, soldiers have to stop & report to higher.

I bet you never heard of Stalin saying; “It’s not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes!”


Ballot box ? lol


Connect the dots yet ?


As the visibility of the “glitches” found in Dominion Voting Systems continues to spread across multiple states, and the longstanding issues surrounding Election Systems & Software start to re-surface, one critical question has yet to be asked, “How did they manage to corner the U.S. election voter market in the first place?” The filing also cited numerous sources demonstrating the anti-competitive behaviors both companies had engaged in throughout the years. To gain perspective of the hyper consolidation, before the “merge” of ES&S with Diebold’s Premier Election entities, ES&S had a substantial market share in the U.S. This, of course, gave… Read more »


Who do you think your kidding with voting ?


you left out Venezuelan government ,maduro, connection as hugo chavez was major share holder that would go to next crook


When there are more ballots cast than there are registered voters, there MIGHT just be a problem….


P A P E R B A L L O T S!


The trouble with paper ballots is that they are usually machine counted. The machines are made by Dominion, or their ilk.


They can be re-counted by hand, though!


remember hanging chads of bush election?


yep, but there are other workable methods besides punching out holes.


Do ya think that paper cannot be forged?