ProGun Organization Files Petition in U.S. Supreme Court to Review ATF Bump Stock Ban

Slidefire Solutions Bump Fire Stock Assembled
Stay on Bump Stock Ban Enforcement against Plaintiffs Requested from Supreme Court

WASHINGTON, D.C. – -( Gun Owners of America (GOA) filed a petition for Writ of Certiorari in the United States Supreme Court challenging the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ (ATF) 2008 reclassification of bump stocks as “machineguns.”

GOA has been in litigation with ATF since the day the ban was published and was able to win a victory in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, which was later overturned when the 16 judges on that circuit split evenly between GOA’s position and ATF’s position.

Erich Pratt, GOA’s Senior Vice President, commented, “If the ATF is allowed to twist federal law to unilaterally decree that a bump stock is a machine gun, then they can use this same logic to ban almost any semi-automatic firearm and undermine the constitutionally protected rights of Americans.” Pratt continued, “Given ATF’s notorious anti-gun agenda, the outcome of this case will determine if anti-gun bureaucrats can continue using executive fiat to turn law-abiding citizens into felons.”

GOA’s case challenged a 2018 Final Rule from the ATF, which reversed numerous longstanding ATF technical rulings and reinterpreted 26 U.S.C. §5845(b)’s definition of “machinegun” to criminalize the ownership of popular firearm accessories known as “bump stocks.”

GOA’s petition argues that the ATF circumvented Congress in its attempt to create new federal law.

GOA has argued in lower courts that the ATF’s overly broad definition of “machinegun” could be used to ban other legal firearms. The case comes as the ATF has two additional gun bans in the works – one banning homemade firearms, and the other banning pistol-braced firearms.

Joining GOA in its challenge is the Virginia Citizens Defense League, as well as three individuals, including Tim Harmsen of The Military Arms Channel.

The full text of the Petition can be found here.

GOA spokesmen are available for interviews. Gun Owners of America, and its sister organization Gun Owners Foundation, are nonprofits dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. For more information, visit GOA’s Press Center.

Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America has previously supported the right of members and staff to carry firearms on Capitol Hill for self-defense, as GOA supports the rights of all law-abiding citizens to carry firearms in their workplace. Gun Owners of America is a grassroots organization representing more than two million gun owners nationwide and is dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise.

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bumpstocks… Now form 1 kits. And coming this summer, 80% receivers, AR pistols, and all semiautomatic firearms. The dementia Biden aft is illegally changing laws, which were already unconstitutional infringements.

Pick a side and support it with all you’ve got.


I didn’t know that ATF had the power to change or wright laws in the first place. Did Obiden sign a new decree or something that I missed? President Trump should have never given in on this one to calm the storm against the government or terrorist opp that took place in Nevada. Maybe his attorneys thought throwing the antigun dogs this bone would be ok because it would lose in court. Right now, people that are still holding on to them are supposedly criminals even though our government is not supposed to be able to change laws making things… Read more »

Wild Bill

You are correct, sir. They don’t.


could have fooled them, they have firearm in their name chevron difference they control it all

Wild Bill

And they have the Biden controllers flying high cover for them, too!


Actually they can to some extent.
Sadly most are not aware that federal agencies can do that for what falls under there purview.,specific%20areas%20of%20delegated%20power.

Roland T. Gunner

Thank God GOA has kept up the Good Fight, unlike NRA.

Wild Bill

Yep, I sent them a donation just last week.


Our so called government is organized crime at its finest time to take our country back

Wild Bill

If we try now, we will be fighting our own military. I’m thinking wait till be get back in power, trick the marxist democrat woke units into rebelling and let them fight our military. And then we can … help!


We haven’t been “back in power” since maybe Reagan, and sometimes I am not so sure about that.

For the many woolblind, Trump-worshipping sheep on here who downvoted me because I dared question the loyalties of their lord and savior DJT, please allow me to remind you of the disaster that was his top advisor(s) during his term in office, JaVanka. You know, his daughter and her PeeWee Herman looking husband. His version of Chelsea, who in fact is very good friends with Chelsea.

Take a look at what Baby Dumpling is up to, today.

Last edited 10 months ago by Grigori

“Congress should enact Red Flag laws/ Extreme Risk Protection Orders in EVERY state . . .” ~ Ivanka Trump

“close background check loopholes . . .” ~ Ivanka Trump


Thank You, JSNMGC!


Have a great day.


You too, Sir!


Wow there’s a lesson to be learned from how the democrats are prosecuting those who protested during the Biden inauguration. They will continue to attack while hiding behind walls and wire. Weather you agree with who what and how that day if you were present in Washington in the Trump camp democrats are coming for you. Make no mistake democrats only respect their own freedoms not our constitution.


Bumpstocks ??????
Guess the Hughes add on to the 86 law that was passed illegally in committee and added to the bill at the last second does not warrant anything ??

It’s absolutely amusing how many pile on the nra for not having any action on this subject but completely ignore that GOA and SAF or any other organization have been quite and done nothing on this.

Henry Bowman

GOA and FPC are the 800lb gorillas in this fight to preserve liberty. Are you helping them? If not, why? And if not now, when?

They deserve all of our support.


Life is give and take the democrats and Rhinos only take never forget what their party did for 4 years while Trump was president. Now never forgive the democrats for this past year Biden must go. Those who voted for Biden follow me to the next gas station and fill up my tank. How stupid you were promised more free and the only thing you got for your votes was less freedom. Liberals and democrats mask up and move to Canada there is a dictator there that is calling your names.


Just be sure to pay your taxes for NO SERVICES RENDERED. Unless corruption & death are services you support. Without your funds I would be willing to guess they would find a new job soon enough. Or expose the deficit charade that exist.


Thank you, Trump! You preached Nationwide Reciprocity and you left us with a bumpstock ban.
Thank you so much Mr Trump.


Let’s not forget that even though I will most likely vote for him, he supports RED FLAG LAWS which I am totally against. It’s already a proven fact that scorned lovers have used this as a tactic to get revenge against their X lover.


True on the red flag laws, all the way around. I voted for him in 2016. In 2020, I felt that he had not earned my vote for a second time and I left the Presidential part of my ballot blank. I hope I am wrong, but I feel that Trump, when all is said and done and the truth comes out, will be found to have been an even bigger hoax on the American people than Obama was. That is a pretty BIG hoax.


Mathematically, not voting for Trump had the same effect as a vote for Biden.


Not really. I am in SC. It was going for Trump no matter what.

At this point, Trump/Biden are six of one and a half dozen of the other. Both are wings (one left, one right) of the same disgusting Deep State buzzard that is bringing our country down.


Roger that. I stand corrected. I’ll amend to “in a swing state”. In some states, the “Libertarian” vote was far more than enough to overcome the fraud.


Got me. Wish I knew.

Knute Knute

Mathematically, when any vote is contaminated by MILLIONS of fake ballots… voting is irrelevant, no matter who the few real votes are for. The real ones are overwhelmed by the false ones.
“Votes don’t matter, It’s who counts the votes that matter” -Stalin


Theoretically, yes. Practically, they don’t have it locked down yet. See Virginia.


Hi Oldvet! That was but one more convenient excuse in a term chock full of excuses. This man did not achieve billionaire status by making poor choices regarding his advisors. I always believed and still do believe that he 100% knew what he was doing all the way through. He chose mostly Swamp creatures for his most important and influential positions that needed filling, rather than “draining The Swamp” as he promised. If a dummy like me could see through some of the bad decisions he made, it is hard to believe he did not.


No! I most certainly do not! But guess what? I never expected anything good from him, he never promised me anything good, and i sure as hell never voted for him! There is a reason that traitors are looked down upon with more disdain than uniform-wearing, card-carrying, enemy combatants. They are more treacherous and do more damage as they pretend to be on your side. Trump is a traitor!
He says lovely things we all want to hear, but when it comes to delivering on those things, it just never seems to get off the ground.


As I see it Oldvet, we haven’t really had “a choice” in over thirty years, maybe longer. We get a “choice” between two Deep State/NWO picks. Third parties, even if they might not be DS/NWO, will never have a chance. The “winner” will necessarily always be a Republican or a Democrat, either of which will be bought, paid for, and loyal, to and by the Deep State/New World Order. I think that Ron Paul may have been our last opportunity to right this mess, but with all the deception and subterfuge that has been inflicted on us, I am not… Read more »