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Surplus Tokarev TT-33 Pistol Deal Sale

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Surplus collectors, Guns.com has imported surplus Tokarev TT-33 pistols that you can pick it up for $376.99. What? You don’t like Guns.com? Then checkout this similar deal found elsewhere online for this iconic cold-war handgun.

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An Original Soviet Tokarev Pistol for Your Mil-Surp Collection.

From the 1930s, through WWII and into the height of the Cold War in the 1950s and 1960s, one of the iconic handguns seen in the hands of Soviet troops was the Tokarev TT-33.

This semi-automatic pistol was such a huge part of the Soviet war machine that Com-Bloc countries like Romania were churning them out by the hundreds of thousands. Now, you can own one of these reconditioned Tokarevs yourself.

    • Action Type: Single Action
    • Barrel Length: 4.6″
    • Capacity: 8+1-Round
    • Cartridge: 7.62 x 25 mm Tokarev
    • Finish: Blue
    • Front Sight: Fixed
    • Length: 7.2″
    • Magazine Included: 1 x 8-Round
    • Magazine Type: Removable
    • Muzzle: Plain
    • Rear Sight: Fixed
    • Stock Material: Polymer
    • Weight: 1 lb
      Ships with one 8-round magazine

This Tokarev TT-33C has been imported by M+M Industries and was made at the Cugir arms factory sometime in the early 1950s. The Tokarev borrowed heavily from the Browning system, featuring a single-action, hammer-fired operating system. The guns have had manual safeties installed and have been reconditioned.

Daily Gun Deals: Surplus Tokarev TT-33 Pistol just $376.99

The Tokarev TT-33 Pistol has interesting reviews:

Typical Tokarev Pistol Parts Diagram Schematic

Typical Tokarev Pistol Parts Diagram Schematic
Typical Tokarev Pistol Parts Diagram Schematic
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FYI – This firearm, the Tokarev TT-33 Pistol, can be purchased with your C&R license. You will need to call Brownells though and upload your license to them. Contact Customer Service at 800-741-0015 Monday-Friday 7:30 am – 8:00 pm (U.S. CST) and Saturday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (U.S. CST). Total cost will be $209.99 w/ free shipping when using code “M8Y”.

Alan in NH

I have bought several of these by various manufacturers on my C&R license. is this one not a C&R gun? By the way I get an 86 grain bullet going 1440 feet per second using old surplus Bulgarian [corrosive] ammo.


The following is strictly FYI: an 86 grain bullet (whereas the standard 22 LR comes in at 40 grains) traveling at 1440 FPS equates to 396 FPE. Not bad, considering that it only take 12 FPE of a properly placed round to kill your average human being. Your typical 22 LR round traveling at 1070 FPS average only delivers about 100 FPE. I use 147 grain +P+ hollow point rounds traveling at 1175 FPS equating to 450 FPE, which; and by the design that is their very nature; does a helluva lot more damage. I also have 15+1 at my… Read more »


The following is strictly FYI:
You’re a tool.

Alan in NH

One of the nefarious attractions of the 7.62 X 25 tokarev pistol is that it will defeat some soft body armor vests. superior penetration through many common barriers like walls or auto bodies. Ask me how I know.


@AinNH – Per @StWayne modern is in all ways superior. I suspect any modern 9mm will shoot through a modern car at least as easily as a Tok would shoot through a car from the 50’s. OTOH most parts of a modern car are only slightly more bullet resistant than a box of tissue paper. B-pillar and brake rotors will stop 223, and windshield safety glass deflects 9mm, otherwise pretty much pretend the car isn’t there. Next time I get to shoot through a car (class – not defensively!), I’ll be sure to take a turn with my Tok and… Read more »


I’m not going to bash on owners of this weapon who use it for target practice, but still, this pistol is a classic example of getting what you pay for: cheap engineering, even cheaper materials, and nonexistent support. While watching the video I picked up on several things worth mentioning. 1) The mag jams in the receiver. 2) The safety cannot be relied upon. 3) This pistol is not safe to conceal carry at any time because having one in the chamber is just too dangerous [see 2.] 4) Not safe for use with the more modern +P and especially… Read more »


You’re an idiot.
I can buy a S&W M&P Shield right now for $199. Do you think that is not a viable CCW or self defense weapon?
Wannabe gun snob.
That’s not why people buy these.


Hey KCsmith– No one said anything about the cost of a S&W M&P being just as cheap other than you. But at least that’s a real gun. You seem to be put off by the fact that I’m educated on the subject, therefore a “wannabe snob.” Why don’t you enlighten me, therefore the world, since you profess to know how so many people think, why it is that they would want to put down their hard-earned bucks on such a useless 1950’s era service weapon that’s long been defrocked? Since you’re in their head, and profess to know how they… Read more »


You started a discussion about “getting what you pay for.”
My point was simply that an M&P Shield is less money, a viable and reliable choice (one of many), and an excellent example to prove your ignorant assumption incorrect.
The tokarev is a nostalgic and historical firearm. A C&R staple. That’s why.
Don’t get it? Ok. Find a different article to make an ass out of yourself then.
Educated? Nobody but yourself has ever called you that.

Dr. Strangelove

There is no such thing as +P 7.62 X 25. I have an old one (1938) without the safety and it works perfectly. The heavy trigger makes it fairly safe to carry with one in the chamber. You obviously have no real world experience with the pistol.


No such thing as a “hot” 7.62 x 25? Then you have never reloaded one of these rounds yourself. And that was exactly my point! You cannot shoot modern rounds through this pistol! For all you name-calling babies out there that got their feelings hurt because this gun is all you can afford, you have my sympathies. If you watched the video, every fault I listed, 1 – 5, is documented by the shooter himself. If you had actually watched it from start to finish you would know this. And “nostalgic?” Bullshit. That means you had to have been there… Read more »


Nobody said you can’t load this or any other round to be a “hot” round, but you specifically said +p and, even more foolishly, +p+ ammunition. Stunningly ignorant, considering the age of the round.
You clearly, obviously, overwhelmingly, have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

You aren’t getting it, but everyone knows you’re an idiot already, so you can stop trying to prove it.

You are indeed a wannabe gun snob, but just not smart enough to pull it off.


I hope you aren’t basing your entire argument on watching a single video. How many rounds have you personally fired through one of these weapons? As far as hot loads I can hot load anything I reload, question is, why would I? You check for signs of over pressure with all reloads when you are working up and with each batch, a sampling thereafter. That plus a number of rounds over the chronograph and sixty years of shooting and reloading tells me all I need to see. As far as money, which you are continually alluding to, that has very… Read more »


@StWayne – My FFL tells me he has customers who wouldn’t carry anything else. Not I as I sweat so much the old steel would likely be destroyed in short order. My shield conceals nicely and functions fairly reliably. I have never heard of anyone making +P or +P+ in 7.62×25. There are some Yugoslavian “Tokarev”s made in 9×19 (Lugar) and I see your statements possibly applying to those. There is no need for +P in a Tok, surplus ammo has energy quite close to full house 357, putting +P 9mm to shame. PPU makes hollow point, but I suspect… Read more »


One of the best arguments for the Tokarev is 1722 fps with an 85 gr hp. We’re talking serious hydra-shock, or temporary wound cavity if you prefer. That will destroy a tremendous amount of any internal organ it hits or hits near. The penetration is far superior to any 9mm round out there as well. The pistol itself is extremely reliable, super strong and if properly maintained will not jam even with hollow points as long as the jacket material wraps around into the cavity as with any other JHP bullet for use in a semi auto pistol. I also… Read more »


StWayne, this pistol was made 1930. I don’t want to rain in your party but do you have an idea when the cold war started? At the video hickok45 could not stop himself of shooting the gun, but you the couch expert figure it all out.