Grassley: Dems Responsible for Rising Crime!

U.S.A.-( Senator Chuck Grassley has sent a letter to President Biden over Democrats’ refusal to take responsibility for the rising crime rates and blaming law-abiding gun owners.

You should know Senator Grassley from the Obama-era Operation Fast & Furious scandal. He is a ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and was a key member of Congress that pushed for an investigation into the ATF letting guns flow to the ruthless Mexican drug cartels.

The Senator’s letter targets Biden’s attack on unfinished frames and receivers, or as Biden calls them, “ghost guns”. Grassley calls the Biden attack “rhetoric.” And he is right. Grassley points out that less than 1% of all homicides involve homemade firearms.

Out of 89,000 homicides between 2016 and 2020, only 325 involve so-called “ghost guns.” The Biden administration is claiming that 20,000 suspected ghost guns reported to ATF have been recovered in criminal investigations. Senator Grassley correctly points out that number is misleading. Biden’s number includes firearms that had their serial numbers filed off by criminals. The Biden administration knows that, but he continues to use the misleading number to scare the public.

The Senator also points out that Biden has done nothing that will tackle the 30% spike in murders.

Grassley states: “Democrats have recently attempted to shift the blame for the rise in violence in blue cities to not only lawful gun owners, but also conservative states. However, the data from 2020 shows that it is actually the Democrat-led cities within red states that are causing dramatic per capita murder rates.”

And he is correct, but will anyone listen to him? The mainstream media will not cover it, that is for sure.

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Henry Bowman

To say that Dems’ rhetoric is “misleading” is a gross understatement of fact.

Making a deliberately misleading statement is in fact a LIE, and when politicians make misleading statements, it’s done intentionally the vast majority of the time.

This isn’t about guns, it’s about lawlessness, and that’s entirely on the Dems. They cause crime so they can attack our RKBA and infringe on us!!

Last edited 9 months ago by Henry Bowman
Wild Bill

Yes, and they have more planned for us. This just in:
“Animal feed halt is a Biden Regime attempt to wipe out ALL LIVESTOCK and usher in new era of disgusting test-tube meatSunday, May 01, 2022
by: S.D. Wells 

  • comment image

(Natural News) From the halting of fertilizer and animal feed shipments to the waves of arson that have burnt down food factories in America, the Biden Administration seems to be strategically and nefariously deconstructing America’s agricultural infrastructure, but why? One reason is to convert the entire “meat” industry from real food into Franken-food. This plan, along with pushing blood-clotting vaccines for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), will ensure the population reduction plan goes into full swing sooner rather than later. Expensive and toxic test-tube meat made in a laboratory is coming to every store near you, and it won’t just be a choice, it will be the ONLY choice.

Cell-based, genetically modified meat is disgusting and a dangerous food experiment that will be all but FORCED on Americans, along with clot shots
Most meat-eaters refuse to eat meat grown in a lab, but if given no other choice, will probably convert. Food shortages are being engineered across the board in America, and it’s no coincidence about all the halting of feed and fertilizer trains, burning down of food factories, and boycotting imports from breadbasket countries.”

Henry Bowman

WB, this is wildly off-topic, but IMHO this is in fact a VERY critical subject so I’ll overlook that fact. It’s worse than forcing people to eat frankenfoods! It’s about inducing a deliberate DEMOCIDE to eliminate as many Americans as possible as quickly as possible to the elites can have their new order! (Edit: I rearead this and see your post addresses all of this, sorry!) I’ll start by saying that whil Mike Adams is a real patriot, often he relies on sources I am familiar with who are known disinformation agents. He either doesn’t know or he knows but… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Henry Bowman
Henry Bowman

The DGB is a real unit of the DHS that is supposed to monitor ALL of our comms online and interdict/prevent/punish all transgressors (in other words, all non-communists). I tried to post a meme about them but I guess the file was too big? Gonna try again with a smaller file.


I would like you to know in case you hadn’t heard, there was an attack on freedom of speech yesterday in potland orgone. A person running for office that is republican was having a rally and ANTIFA showed up and threw paint, shot off fireworks and explosives at the republican crowd, there were two people that were hurt. One was cut by something and the other had hearing issues from the explosive that went off close to her. This is a WAR from the left. Intimidation is the name of the game. They think they can scare us into doing… Read more »


Saw it. Portland’s finest Oathbreakers didn’t even bother coming out to assist the victims, and then minimized it: “One group attacked another group.”


Political posturing nothing more I fear the republicans have nothing new to offer only rebuttal to the democrats failures. It would be refreshing to hear from all republicans that the constitution is the law of the land and the right to protect ourselves is self explanatory in the second amendment end of conversation. Republicans need to get aggressive on every issues were the democrats policies have failed.They won’t the fact is republican leaders are all Rhinos working with the crooked democrats and the deep state for their own self preservation and greed. Let’s not kid ourselves if you look at… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by john

you left out attack people who defend themselves


OK, call out time. Chuck, you hail from what might be the socially most conservative state in the union. Iowa rivals my Mohave County AZ in issues like church attendance, gun ownership, traditional family structure and routine big game harvesting. So where have you been for the past 300 years on these issues? And have you ever in your political career used the term “Progressive New Left’ to call out the nemesis plaguing our nation? YOu know, that whole creeping Cultural Marxism thing? No. You and your progressive big government RINO class is noted for its absence on such issues.… Read more »


I agree, Grassley is a big government, establishment Republican.

He squawks when it benefits him and he has done very little to work with the other Republicans to roll back the slide towards socialism in America that started over 100 years ago.

However, church attendance, gun ownership, traditional family structure and routine big game harvesting are not the defining elements of conservatism. They may be somewhat correlated to cconservatives, but those are not defining attributes of conservatism.


Sir, the defining attributes of conservatives are wealth over Liberty, sacrificing Liberty for false security of a self interested government, and using religion to force the dominant culture to assimilate down to the third world. The exact opposite beliefs of us Western Americans, and exactly the opposite of what kept our areas safe from third world violence/culture. Our Native American ancestors eradicated yankee cavalry, who tried to force the third world Indians on us. Unfortunately, the South did not do that, and is why we have articles about African and minority violence being used to lower our rights by both… Read more »

Wild Bill

What does “… to force the dominant culture to assimilate down to the third world.” mean?
When did “Our Native American ancestors eradicate the yankee cavalry?”
Who are the third world Indians?


At least as far back as 1968 that I can Recall and even before that. LBJ stole his first election in Texas.


Yea we get it. It’s the blame game while Rebloodlicans watch & let it all burn. Smupidity = The intentional manipulation of pointing a finger at one side while both parties are part of the same plan. A portmanteau of being Smart + appearing Stupid = Smupid. I wonder how many guns from ATF’s Gunrunner type of operations were used to kill human being’s ? Any meaningful & truthful study of that ? Who’s on first … Guns are imbedded/ingrained/integrated into America’s DNA. Look at NZ/Oz/UK/France & see how unarmed peasants & serfs are treated on a whole different level.… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Tank

As a Christian Missionary once stated…”When the Communists in China came into power, they were very pleasant and helpful. Then, they convinced the people to turn in their arms.
After that, we learned the true terror of the Bolsheviks!
History could repeat itself in this country, unless the people wake up!
unfortunately, I don’t take to much stock in the intelligence of the average American! Present company excluded!


And the Maoists are the model used by the American Progressive New Left to lull the unsuspecting in to the barbed wire. The republican party is complicit in its silent compliance and lack of resistance.


Very true statement
Americans are vastly out of touch with current events. Their heads filled with social media propaganda.


100% & well stated

Bravura !


When the members of Antifa are met with extreme prejudice do to attacking the wrong group it will send a message that won’t soon be forgotten. So far they pick and choose their targets that are week and unable to defend themselves. While coming armed with frozen water bottles bats paint bombs rocks fireworks all deadly weapons & dressed like terrorist. The police are wrong for not responding to taxpayers calls for help if they themselves are ordered to be victims of these hate groups that is on them and their commanders. Serve and Protect When the police fail to… Read more »



Monkey Mouse

Ghost guns are a very small % of the weapons used in crimes – here in NJ, only 120 confiscated from 2019 to 2021 in the entire state, thousands of “normal” guns picked up in the same period. The issue with crime falls on two things – 1) AGs/DAs don’t want to prosecute these folks and they essentially walk free in blue cities and 2) the criminals now know in certain locations that they can get away with just about anything, other than murdering a democrat politician or big $ donor. I would like to see vigilantes on the street… Read more »


How many of the unsterilized guns were pre 1968 commercial produced guns?


Thank you for referring to “confiscated” guns rather than “recovered.” The misdirection is strong in official language. Guns acquired by LEO from the public include “gun buybacks”, citizen turn in’s (widow doesn’t want husbands old collection), guns collected as evidence after self defense incident, as well as those seized from criminals. Think of the hardware guns we see written up on ammoland after gun buybacks. Pieces of pipe clamped to a 2×4 —> “ghost gun”. We laugh at how ridiculous these are, but antis seize upon them to inflate meaningless statistics. Note that technically a gun fired in self defense… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Finnky

in rare occasions, original purchaser will murder someone and dump the gun , and when found allows prosecution to have an air tight case I am only aware of two cases like this