Pro-gun Anne Weston Challenges Cutler in Pennsylvania House Primary

Pro-gun Ann Weston Challenges Cutler in Pennsylvania House Primary
Pro-gun Ann Weston Challenges Cutler in Pennsylvania House Primary

HARRISBURG, PA -( Bryan Cutler is running for reelection in Pennsylvania House District 100, but the Speaker of The House is facing stiff competition from up and comer Anne Weston.

Recently NBC News produced a news story with the help of Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s Office. NBC reporter Vaughn Hillyard had the AG’s office complete two Polymer80 kits in the story. A coalition of gun rights organizations demanded that Cutler open an investigation into any possible crimes. The Speaker refused and took offense that gun rights organizations might not back him.

Some gun owners felt that Cutler let them down and needed a stronger candidate on Second Amendment issues. Anne Weston hopes to be that Candidate. Ms. Weston is challenging Cutler in the Republican primary. She is strong on the Second Amendment and conservative issues. Gun Owners of America (GOA) have worked closely with Weston and have her endorsed her candidacy.

I had a chance to speak with Ms. Weston about her campaign against Cutler and her plan for the Commonwealth if she wins.

Anne Weston

John Crump: I always start with the same question. Why are you running for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives?

Anne Weston: I decided to run, at the very beginning of March 2022, based on frustration with the continual helplessness of our elected representatives in the face of obvious violations of election integrity, violations of the right to work and exert control over our own bodies, and violations of the preciousness of life from conception to death, including the right to self-defense of ourselves, our loved ones, and even of strangers who cross our paths.

John Crump: You are trying to primary Bryan Cutler. Do you think he has let down gun owners?

Anne Weston: I have always thought it made zero sense that someone defending oneself or others against attack becomes so vulnerable to criminal or civil suits. I reject the assumption of the media and, by virtue of inaction and inattention, the legislature that lawful gun owners have an obligation to prove themselves decent, peaceable people, any more than vehicle drivers or chefs or loggers or physicians need to prove the same. Owning and operating a lethal instrument does not make a person a criminal-to-be. Our elected officials have sidelined gun owners and pushed them into a defensive corner with no justification for doing so. Why should the law-abiding pay for the sins of criminals? So yes, Mr. Cutler has let us down by failing to fight for us and tacitly approving our defensive position when in fact we have nothing for which to apologize.

John Crump: You are relatively new to guns. What made you choose to become a gun owner?

Anne Weston: My whole life, I was fascinated by guns. But I also knew they were not toys. And, being a woman, I was keenly aware of my physical vulnerability. Not having joined the military like my siblings did, I didn’t have firearms training, but one night in recent years, I decided to take ownership of my desire and get started. First, I joined a gun club. Then I took the basic NRA firearms class and then gradually explored many firearms options before finally buying my pistol, which is like a spouse to me. My heart and soul are entwined with it. Learning to use a firearm is a total-person experience; it hones your self-discipline on every level, and it gives incredible confidence. And it opens your world to fabulous, positive people you never knew before!

John Crump: Gun Owner of America has endorsed you. They told me about your passion for the Second Amendment. What does the Second Amendment mean to you?

Anne Weston: Self-defense is a basic human right. The Left can chip away at this however they want, but they belie their hypocrisy when they cancel and delete people for presenting alternative data or opinions. If the Left is so threatened by information and needs to crush it, how much more does one have a right to defense against an assault upon the sovereignty of one’s body! Criminals seeking unwarranted control of others can cross our paths at any moment, especially since some judges are so careless about ensuring they remain locked up. Until crime is 100% ended for eternity, every human being has a right to self-defense and to choose the means with which they feel most comfortable. The entire burden for avoiding violent encounters is on criminals not to violate others’ boundaries!

John Crump: Will you promise to work for Constitutional carry?

Anne Weston: Absolutely!

John Crump: Pennsylvania is ground zero for the battle over homemade firearms that Josh Shapiro calls “ghost guns.” Will you stand with the hobbyists that build their own firearms against overreaching regulations?

Anne Weston: Absolutely! If Attorney General Shapiro is so concerned about crime and violence, let him first insist that violent crimes be attached to serious sentences, that violent criminals serve their entire sentences, and that judges who fail to protect society be stripped of their positions. Let him vigorously speak on these topics and accomplish concrete solutions. Then he can consider hobbyists.

John Crump: You are also an advocate for free speech. Do you think free speech is under attack?

Anne Weston: Without question. The Left specializes in this. Clearly, they are threatened by anything which undercuts their positions, which indicates exactly how weak their positions are. A strong person never tries to shut down reasonable conversation. It is ironic that the Left cancels at will those with alternative views and yet has no problem with students attempting to drown out speakers at campus events. The fact that the Left willingly follows such contradictory paths is a reason not to take their positions seriously and a reason why they are hemorrhaging any respect they may once have enjoyed.

John Crump: What is the biggest threat to freedom in PA?

Anne Weston: Elected and unelected officials who willfully and self-righteously exert control over how we live the details of our lives. Paired with this is the fear and submission some people daily offer in worship at the altars of these officials. People would never do this if they were not so disconnected from their own power as individuals and as communities. To the degree our officials have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to the weakening of the People, they are guilty of degrading society rather than strengthening it. That means they have betrayed us.

John Crump: How can people help you win?

Anne Weston: Several ways, according to their abilities. Constantly pray for safety and wisdom for the entire campaign and our workers. Share my website with everyone. Contribute money to pay for name recognition (ads, flyers, etc.). Request a yard sign via the website. Represent me at a polling place. And if anyone has time and physical ability, contact us for door-knocking; this is an inspirational way to meet beautiful strangers who think like you do!

To find out more about Anne Weston’s campaign, visit her campaign website at:

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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Any laws that Vaughn Hillyard and the Attorney General’s office are alleged to have broken are unconstitutional. The real questions are: How did they get to be above the law? And why are these unconstitutional laws on the books?

They did not do anything illegal under the Second Amendment, and what they allegedly did should be legal for anyone.


John/Ammoland: Kathy Barnette‘s way up since last wk’s debate & GOA endorsement, barely under gun grabber Oz & ahead of Bush globalist McCormick. She’s only at one 50th of their spending. You can help put her over the top with an article & link to her website for quick donations. 8 days left.


John, please do one of these for Kathy Barnette. GOA just endorsed her over Oz & McCormick.


Downvoters love Turkish gun grabbers.


you mean in turkish baths? … could not resist this ones for fighting this ones for fun