Tetra Gun Care Releases New Action Blaster II and Spray II

Tetra’s new gun-cleaning products. IMG Tetra

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- FTI, Inc. recently introduced Tetra Gun Action Blaster II and Spray II aerosol sprays, replacing the original namesake formulas. Both synthetic-safe sprays effectively clean gunmetal surfaces. Action Blaster II is a non-residue cleaner degreaser that blasts away fouling, while Spray II adds Tetra  Gun lubricant technology to its cleaning functionality, providing an all-in-one aerosol product that cleans, lubricates, and protects (CLP). With both products, the propellant and solvent evaporate after use, while Spray II leaves a light, non-oily coating of Tetra fluoropolymer lubricant on the gunmetal. Additionally, Spray II has proven to provide protection from corrosion.

“These new polymer-safe sprays will go a long way in cleaning and preparing gunmetal surfaces for proper lubrication before use,” explains Greg Cohen, General Manager, FTI, Inc. “Action Blaster™ II and Spray II offer excellent performance in all firearm types and environments to keep firearms in fire-ready condition.”

Tetra Gun Action Blaster II and Spray II are available now in 10 oz. cans, with an MSRP of $11.99 each.

About FTI Inc.

FTI, Inc. pioneered synthetic lubricants over 30 years ago with its invention of the original Tetra Gun Grease, a fluoropolymer lubricant engineered to withstand the elements under a diversity of climates and conditions. Since then, many other products have come to market with promises of performance, but Tetra Gun care remains the reliable standard for many shooters worldwide.

For more information on the full line of Tetra Gun Care products, or to find the nearest dealer, visit www.tetraguncare.com.

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Careful with using the Action Blaster on painted or cerakote finishes.
I LOVE the Break Free POWDER BLAST cleaner BUT…. It DOES remove paint and quite possibly Cerakote finishes. This Tetra cleaner may be basically the same formula, check it on your finish before dousing or allowing it to drip/run out to the finished areas.
Just a headsup.