Democrat Unveils Bill That Will Require Gun Shows Keep Copies of Patrons IDs

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Democrat Unveils Bill That Will Require Gun Shows Keep Copies of Patrons IDs IMG iStock-1182677191

HARRISBURG, PA -( On Monday, Pennsylvania State Representative Amen Brown circulated a memo to all House members announcing his plan to introduce a bill that would require gun shows to make and store a copy of the identifications of all show attendees.

Brown said he is introducing the bill to fight against the proliferation of privately made firearms (PMF). He claims that what he calls “ghost guns” “are favorite of criminals and, in turn, driving Pennsylvania’s gun violence epidemic.” He also points out that 571 guns seized in Philadelphia were un-serialized firearms. Over 30,000 firearms that were found at crime scenes were not PMFs. Brown doesn’t address those firearms at all in his memo.

Brown, who somehow has a B+ rating from Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC), wants gun show owners to keep these records for five years. His bill will also require the gun show owner to share these records with the Pennsylvania Attorney General whenever the AG request them, even without a warrant. This requirement would essentially turn the AG’s office into “Big Brother.”

Brown worked with FOAC President Kim Stolfer and State Attorney General Josh Shapiro to pressure the former owners of the largest gun show promoter in Pennsylvania, Eagle Shows, to ban JSD Supply from all its gun shows. Pennsylvania’s own JSD Supply is one of the country’s largest suppliers of Polymer80s and the JSD Supply MUP-1 kit, which is based on the Sig P320. Brown claimed that he and members of the AG’s “Ghost Gun Task Force” witnessed a person buying dozens of P80s from a gun show. A claim that task force members and JSD Supply would later dispute.

AG Shapiro would hold a press conference celebrating the victory alongside Brown. The two anti-gun politician’s celebrations would be short-lived. Jordan Vinroe, the President and owner of JSD Supply, purchased the gun show a few months later, and soon the 80% kits would return to the gun show floor. This business deal hampered Brown’s and the AG’s attempt to block the sale of unfinished frames and receivers at Eagle Shows events.

Shapiro would then work with NBC News to target JSD Supply and Eagle Shows in the hit piece on the national nightly news. NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard purchased two 80% kits at a gun show outside Philadelphia in the suburb of Oaks before executing an ambush interview with Vinroe in the show’s parking lot. Hillyard would then have the AG’s office build the two kits for the network.

When those actions didn’t shut down JSD Supply, the Philadelphia field office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) issued JSD Supply a cease-and-desist order served by the Pittsburgh field office. The order was trying to shut down the company. With the help of Gun Owners of America (GOA), Vinroe and the pro-gun company fought back through a federal lawsuit. The ATF eventually would rescind its cease-and-desist order. JSD Supply is now fully operational and is selling all parts through its website.

The bill is a “Hail Mary” attempt by Brown to restrict the sale of 80% kits in the Keystone State. With all else failing, this move seems like another attempt to hurt JSD Supply and gun shows in the Commonwealth in general. The bill might be pointless with the new ATF regulations surrounding PFMs around the corner.

Gun owners in Pennsylvania should contact their elected representatives and insist they oppose the future bill.

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John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

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If and when our streets look like the streets in Venezuela the difference is we are still armed and that is the issue for the democratic elite today. That is the only way a civil revolution would begin in this country. And then all hell would break loose .GUN BUYBACKS what a joke disarm those that have fell victim to the propaganda without firing a shot.
Like climate change tell the lie long enough and those will follow like rats to the cheese.


What you should all become aware of is Metaverse not just a new name for Facebook but virtual world that is in the making. That has captured the minds of the youth and the weak in our country. This is more than just socialism it is danger on every level supported by our elected to progress their agenda. If your think facebook was a socialist tool then you haven’t seen nothing yet social media now live in color with their messaging. Zuckerberg is just another tool of the democratic elite. METAVERSE Metaverse Weekly: From Meta to Siemens, Virtual Worlds Are… Read more »


After reading all the comments here I wonder , Who will step up to lead the veterans the youth of America the old and the brave mothers and fathers. Congress will never call for Americans to form a military force to fight against themselves. Who has the resources to pool those here in our country to bring forth a new government that abides by the constitution. The real issue is not when it is how, as those who are taken our country in a direction that is global now are removing our rights as Americans. What’s an example of a… Read more »


Texas has a “state guard” that includes many veterans. They haven’t done anything to protect the U.S. border.


Too many Texans buy into Cuck Abbott’s border-security kabuki. He’s all about talking tough in pressers & cutting unenforced show-deals while the invasion continues.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

Veterans didn’t stop the millions of people coming across the border.

A significant percentage of the people enforcing never-ending gun control are veterans.

Veterans didn’t stop the U.S. government from intimidating these Texans:

You never know though, maybe USMC0351Grunt is correct and Pete Buttigieg will organize and lead millions of veterans to protect our freedom.


It is a lot easier to stop those throwing rocks and bottles who oppose their government than armed group of citizens . That is the plan man get down get some !!! Unlike other third world countries those who want to change the country today still face a well armed public. I wonder why most folks do not understand that are tax dollars are now going to help remove our freedoms. Those satellites and drones flying overhead controlled by the eilet deepstate are not up there to protect us from a invading army crossing our borders Yeah that kinda is… Read more »


Risk that is the issue Metaverse the new way to progress the agenda of the global elite. People will get lost in this virtual world spending hours living in the land of make believe. Facebook is like candy to those who can not communicate in person texting another way to hide behind a smartphone why not just call instead of send a text message. Communication breakdown has taken hold. And those folks live in that world never putting down their phones., They do not even order a big mac without the smartphone let alone know the working of a most… Read more »


This proposed law is no different than requiring the ACLU or NAACP to provide membership lists the government. SCOTUS has repeatedly ruled that it is a violation of the 1st Amendment; because, it chills free speech & freedom of assembly.


MAYBE, and ONLY until the BATFE and the current administration where (VP Dumbass) was in the mix, can LOCATE, IDENTIFY and RECLAIM ALL of those SERIALIZED firearms, those WEAPONS OF WAR that THEY sold to straw purchasers and known felons during the FAST and FURIOUS debacle KNOWING they would be walked south of our border into Mexico, ASSUMING they would ALL end up in the hands of cartel members, and SHOW ALL OF THESE SERIALIZED “WEAPONS OF WAR” to the American people, will WE, The People EVER entertain the idea of bowing down to the tyrants!



Last edited 1 month ago by USMC0351Grunt

Keep it in Philly. No where else in PA is there such a problem, Imagine that. Kensington Ave is a good place to visit, if you happen to be in the area. Talk about bigger issues. lol

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The Crimson Pirate

Brown can Ef himself silly. It will not get passed, and if it does we will just stop going to gun shows. But we will be contacting our state reps and senators about it to make sure they know we know. “Brown, who somehow has a B+ rating from Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC)” I can clear that up. In the last few years Kim Stolfer has lost his damn mind. FOAC, which has long been his own private cult, is following him into oblivion. Members of PAFOA and Open Carry PA have been doing far more good work than… Read more »


If everyone stops going to gun shows, the gun shows shut down, which IS THEIR ENTIRE GOAL!

Keep going, bring friends, make their list worthless because it is so big it is meaningless.

Or go as a democrat congressperson and get their name on the list.


The ruling party n PA has gone down hill since Wolfe took control, the AG is his patsy and is now running for Governor because Wolfe can’t!!!!! Pa residents better get out and vote to take these fools out on election day or you will be doomed to the LEFTS AGGENDA!!!!!!!!!!! This is going to be an up hill battle as the BIG CITIES are in control, Philly, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Scranton/Wilksbarra all basicly control the elections!!!!!!


stop having shows have 2a rallys ,sales or trades occur


Well, DAMN! I guess a grand jury indictment or two against Brown and company will have to suffice?

42 U.S. Code § 1985 – Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute (


Sir, US code 18 242makes it a felony for a public servant to deprive a Citizen of their rights under color of law. Yet, conservatives have made it to where that socialist enforcer can murder us armed Citizens, and the conservatives would blame the victim for not acting like a slave to the socialist cop.

A socialist cop even asking a Citizen about our guns is a felony, yet conservatives elevated those just following socialist above us Citizens and turned our rights into privileges, exactly like we were warned not to do.


same as new york ag and 80% bs problem lies in that title 18 is never enforced it is the reason government is out of control an ag of another state or a us attorney or a REAL leo would have to arrest said person to start the process and they wont do it , it will take someone killing one of these criminals and jury nullification of government retribution to start to fix this, or a president that truly believes in constitution using justice department like a club to bring trash in line

Henry Bowman

Exactly right! But I believe we’re headed for a combination 2nd American Revolution / Civil War 2. I believe that millions of Americans see this too and are preparing for it as best as we can. The problem is the time factor. Most people can scarcely afford to pay for everyday necessities, let alone the war-fighting gear, ammunition and arms, and rations that insurgents need to sustain themselves… Less time to prepare means fewer paychecks to scrimp some money to pay for your necessary gear. Article 1, Sec. 8, Clause 15 states the militia has the task of enforcing the… Read more »


Calm down! With anywhere from 17-22 Million Veterans in this country where most are very well aware of what’s going on and either have the necessities or access to them. I can assure you we got this covered. If you don’t have the training, discipline, gear, etc., I’m sure we can find you something to do.

Henry Bowman

Calm down, huh? Ok boomer. I’m part of that demographic too. No need to condescendingly talk down to me like I’m 18. And YES, I have the gear AND the training!

Wild Bill

I’m thinking that all of us prior service boomer types would do better training young people because young people have the physical fitness (potential) but not the know how. We are better suited to be force multipliers. If we train a hundred, there are a hundred troops. If we go, when the ballon goes up, we are one. The curriculum would include: gun safety, and how to shoot; patrolling and movement to contact; convoy ambush; infantry ambush; attacking a fixed position; operations in an urban environment; check point operations; hasty defense; defense against air; defense against armor; breaking contact and… Read more »


Morning I understand your frustration with the future of our country. There are so many objects that stand in the way. The second that any group is formed that does not support the democratic socialist narrative then every alphabet agency will descend like flies on a pile of manure. The media who should be trusted to report the truth while supporting justice has long since vanished. The elite have the switch to the power grid and control a vast array of military black opp groups that we all know exist. I am sorry today you can not get a group… Read more »


“how would this group communikate without the NSA or the FBI knowledge of all events in the making.”

Yep. The FedGov has huge advantages: Already organized, extreme surveillance capability, so much manpower that it organizes terrorist plots to entrap, to justify growing & stomping on liberty. Some of these plots are allowed to succeed: E.g. Las Vegas, the Draw Muhammed festival. 9/11?

At some point deep state stops organizing entrapment terror and starts directly committing terror and using its enormous power to prevent the people from organizing.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

What a load of condescending delusional bullshit. As if veterans are a patriotic hive mind and the military didn’t do THIS:


Esequiel Hernández Jr 2.png


ATFBI collage.png
Wild Bill

You realize, of course, that the military and veterans are two different groups. We can not logically prove what veterans will do by what the has done. Just sayin’.


Understood. Trying to keep the post short, avoiding the obvious. Guess I failed to express the point in perspective: Being in or having been in the military doesn’t automatically make one 1) A patriot (see Al Gore, John Kerry, George W Bush, others) 2) Willing to put country over life, family, home etc, organize to disobey unconscionable laws, orders & decrees, stand up to tyrannical gvt 3) Part of a hive mind that will magically organize itself in the face of massive gvt surveillance, persecution, opposition & subversion by FBI Glow Jobs, active military following orders etc that will make… Read more »


“Calm down! With anywhere from 17-22 Million Veterans in this country where most are very well aware of what’s going on and either have the necessities or access to them. I can assure you we got this covered. If you don’t have the training, discipline, gear, etc., I’m sure we can find you something to do.”

Most of the veterans in the U.S. legislature support more gun control and socialist principles.

How have you been doing repelling the massive number of people illegally crossing the border?

Wild Bill

I like everything that you wrote except the part about the militia’s tasks. Article 1, Section 8, clause 15 actually is Congress’s power to call forth the militia. I wonder what would happen once the militia were called forth.


Good point. They will be given orders to OBEY. If it’s anything remotely like today’s fed gov, those orders will be treasonous & unconscionable. How many will stand up & risk everything to disobey?

citizens obeying orders.png

Wake Up Call! IT’S OUR DUTY to serve a Notice and Demand… This is just a scant sample of the process. But the N&D is a tool at THE CITIZEN’S disposal and WE, The People have NOT been doing OUR JOB!

Chapter 33. Conducting a Direct Action Campaign | Section 1. Writing Letters to Elected Officials | Main Section | Community Tool Box (


But requiring IDs is racist!


Anything and everything firearm related will be considered racist by the socialist scum. We all know why.


this could be struck down just the same as requiring id to vote has been, ,and using that as the argument


Imagine that this argument actually ends up in court and the defense tries to argue “well, if he didn’t have ID to get in, he wouldn’t have ID to buy a gun anyway!” and then that kicks off a whole battle about ID being required to exercise a right in the first place. The anti-gunners heads would explode right as they shoot themselves in the foot, so to speak.


would be nice if they shot under chin , I will even clean up the mess

Henry Bowman

Requiring ID to vote has not been struck down, at least as my home state of Indiana is concerned. Given the number of illegal alien invaders in the USA and how the Commiecrat Party is trying to undermine the law so that these invaders will be permitted to vote, it is necessary and proper to require proper ID so the illegal aliens can’t subvert our nation’s electoral system. ID should not be required for ANY transaction, and buying ammo is a good example. Entering into a gun show shouldn’t either; it too is a non-firearm transaction. The problem is these… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Henry Bowman

Only when it applies to voting. (sarcasm)