Gun Control Group Repeats Biden’s War Threats Against Gun Owners

By Larry Keane

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President Biden loves to tell gun owners that they are no match for the US military’s might. IMG iStock-1197980687

U.S.A. -( The problem with outlandish threats against law-abiding gun owners is they get repeated. That’s especially true when gun control groups seize upon careless remarks by President Joe Biden that the U.S. government would consider using actual weapons of war against those who dare to believe the Second Amendment protects the nation against a tyrannical government.

Newtown Action Alliance’s Po Murray tweeted, “A gun-rights activist from Newtown told me he needs an AR15 to defend himself from a tyrannical government. I told him the CIA has drones with missiles. Hellfire R9X/“knife bomb”/“flying Ginsu” was used to kill al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri.”

The irony here is rich. An antigun activist that wants to disarm law-abiding citizens for exercising their right to keep and bear arms is repeating a threat of lethal force – and – comparing those gun owners to international radical terrorists.

She attempted to clarify her tweet another three days later, tweeting, “Let me be clear. The government is not coming for you with a drone.”

Ramping Rhetoric

Newtown Action Alliance’s Murray isn’t a stranger to inflammatory and hyperbolic language. She labeled Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis “a racist homophobic misogynistic power hungry fascist,” and tweeted that NSSF is a “Trumpian right-wing gun lobby.”

For the record, NSSF works with elected officials on both sides of the aisle. That’s harder these days, as most Democrats adopted a radical anti-gun agenda that would violate the U.S. Constitution and deny law-abiding gun owners their rights.

Murray, though, thinks it is perfectly fine to threaten those gun owners with lethal force from Hellfire-equipped drones. In her estimation, those gun owners exercising their God-given rights that won’t consider surrendering to her radical gun control agenda are no better than terrorists.

If the line about using U.S. government-owned actual “weapons of war” sounds familiar, it’s because that was a line repeated again and again by the Commander-in-Chief himself. President Biden said in 2021, “If you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

War Drums

President Biden made the off-the-cuff remark just months after he ordered the hasty withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, leaving behind more than $7 billion in military equipment – weapons of war -that was transferred to Afghan forces, only to be seized by the Taliban.

CNN reported, “More than 300,000 of the total 427,300 weapons the US gave to Afghan forces remained in Afghanistan at the time of the US military withdrawal, according to the [Defense Department] report. Less than 1,537,000 of the ‘specialty munitions’ and ‘common small arms ammunition,’ valued at a total of $48 million, are still in the country, the report states.”

President Biden wasn’t the first to suggest open war against U.S. citizens. Failed presidential candidate U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) flippantly tweeted those gun owners that would dare consider opposing a tyrannical government attempting to seize their lawfully-owned firearms would face a “short war” because “the government has nukes too.”

This is far from responsible speech. President Biden and Congressman Swalwell were irresponsible for threatening U.S. citizens then, and it was irresponsible for Newtown Action Alliance’s Murray to repeat it again.

This isn’t searching for common ground to arrive at real solutions. This rhetoric is dangerous and reveals the hostility these gun control groups and the politicians they support have for the Constitution and those who exercise the rights protected by it.

About The National Shooting Sports Foundation

NSSF is the trade association for the firearm industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of thousands of manufacturers, distributors, firearm retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations, and publishers nationwide. For more information, visit

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If they want to use WMD’s so be it Guerilla warfare worked in Vietnam and Ukraine so it can work here……MOLON LABE




Not saying it’s impossible, but THEY didn’t have near the weapons & surveillance tech they have now. In Vietnam life was cheap, commie soldiers were off grid – might as well have been cave men with AKs – untrackable – considered themselves & each other expendable by the millions. Our troops had one hand tied behind their back.

None of that will be the case here.


Maybe if “they” understood “they” would be completely ostracized from their communities if “they” followed unconscionable orders, “they” would decide not to follow unconscionable orders.


Not sure it’d work, ostracizing chimps. They have their own chimp troupes that only care about chimps. See Uvalde

Roland T. Gunner

Make it so they fear for their families and nobody will tqke their job.


After all, that’s the Tactic they’ve used and continue to use, far too many times to count.


A valid point. It’s a weakness that needs exploiting when the metal meets the meat.


Ostracized or Targeted? If it comes to the point of Rebellion, Targeted will be the operative word.


I respectfully disagree. Not with your historical example, but with the premise that “they” have all of the advantage.
The troops here, will be hampered. Those that aren’t hampered and that will promote and assist in this government’s Tyranny, deserve their deaths.



Any government that even threatens to use such against its citizens, has forfeited the right to govern.


MOLON LABE , I am going to need a battery of Tomahawk missiles to defeat Biden’s tyrany . We all need some to defeat the communist movement on American soil . Let’s water the tree with them and put a end to the bullshit . A government that fears its citizens is a governing body we could trust again . They are using fear and threats to control the masses . Time to shut them down !


I don’t know about Tomahawks, but I’ve found a relatively inexpensive, effective and readily available ignition system for IE’s. American Ingenuity at its finest.


John, this relates directly to the other thread where you ask why anyone would want military weapons. It reminded me that I forgot to mention the threat made of nuclear weapons being used against Citizens of the United States by our own government. The socialists,communists/democrats are so close to destroying this once great country that they seem desperate.They just can’t wait. I would ask why anyone does not want some real weapons of war? If I could have just a tiny fraction of the weaponry given to our enemies by our president, I would feel much safer It appears to… Read more »


mrap to go to walmart ,think about how they berate black conservatives they use jim crow terms for the people that want freedom they truly are the Nazi party and fbi is fast becoming the stazi

Rob J

And they call us law abiding firearm owners “domestic terrorists”?


If believing in the sanctity of the Oath we took to Protect and Defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic is the definition of domestic terrorist, I’ll proudly wear that label.

Knute Knute

The government will prove to us that they aren’t tyrants…. by acting tyrannical? That’s quite the switcheroo. 🙂
But yet how is it any different today, than from these ancient words?
“11 And now whereas my father did lade you with a heavy yoke, I will add to your yoke: my father hath chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions.” First Kings 11
Note also what happened to that King that was so pleased to brag about his tyranny. That’s in the Second Book of Kings. Two more good reads for the list.


In order to strip peaceful individuals of their civil liberties, they (politicians and activists) are willing to employ WMD against the people of this nation. Does this not make them terrorists for using threats of violence to intimidate people for political purposes. Couldn’t these individuals be seized and detained without due process under the “patriot” act? Isn’t it time we use the laws we have rather than writing more, which will be ignored just as much? Wouldn’t it make a significant statement if Swalwell, Murray, O’Rourke, Bloomberg and yes Harris and Biden were “disappeared” to Guantanamo? Laws apply to everyone… Read more »


that would be funny, think of allatf and fbi agents that would be there with them


Any government, that even threatens to use such against its citizens, has forfeited all right and legitimacy to govern.


Finn – they really don’t even have to be “willing to employ WMD” – the FACT that it would even enter their little pea brains is more than sufficient evidence that they are illegitimate.
As I have said on many occasions – exactly why is poor little old me (and countless others) such a threat to them that they would even consider sending SWAT or SEALs or armored cavalry etc after me, especially since I have never done anything to or against them.


“The problem with outlandish threats against law-abiding gun owners is they get repeated.”

Similarly, the problem with political jokes is that sometimes they get elected.

The funny part about the jokers this time is they have never fleshed out how, exactly, they envision using nukes against America’s gun owners that wouldn’t make any hypothetical situation worse.

Last edited 1 month ago by DDS

time to trade in that Prius for a tank m1 Abrams will do


And are they serious about using nukes on American soil? They’re just cutting of their noses despite their faces. They’d be killing themselves if they ever actually carried out that threat. But hey. They are idiots, so who knows…


Not sure what makes NSSF “Trumpian”. Just more hate-association like calling someone a nazi.


sounds like a term fo bridge card game


Name calling and labeling, gaslighting the general public, and division. Sounds like a communist state..


Ess the DemoKKKrat way Senõr. They don’t even realize they’re doing it, because they’ve been doing it for so long.


This will continue till we vote those in power out of office and that might prove more difficult in 2022. Election fraud is real it is a proven 17000 votes in Arizona now that have been found all democratic.


Once tyranny passes a certain point, the only way to “vote” tyrants” out of office is with Iead.


we may be at that point we will know in 22. and 24 elections if there is not a big shift guns will be only vote that counts


2022 election will make a difference, but it is impossible for republicans to achieve a veto proof majority. They will only be able to prevent further destructive acts but unable to reverse previously passed laws – which will continue to erode our nation for years to come. 2024 – if republicans end up with majorities in congress plus the white house, will they actually do anything? They’ve always talked a big talk and introduced great bills when out of power, but have done little when in control.


it may come down to guns they have usurped almost every avenue to peaceful resolution. they need to pass minimalist budgets that dont fund everything two years should get a lot of people out and keep foot on the brakes


how many were from that list of repeating names that all had fake addresses?


For 40+ years I’ve questioned our Elections as suspect. 2020 proved our Elections are suspect. Nothing more than candy for the masses to give the impression that we’re the ones to decide.
What’s the point when one side is “allowed” to create ballots as needed out of Unicorn farts.


Let’s get one thing straight here. The second ammendment is not just a gun owners right, it’s EVERYONES right to keep and bear arms. Including the idiots who want to disarm us. Pose this question to those who want to take our guns; Can you say without any doubt whatsoever that you will never want or need to own a gun, especially when a criminal breaks into your home and starts killing your family? The police aren’t going to help you. Are you just going to allow yourself to be a (dead) victim? If the answer is yes, then it’s… Read more »


While we’re getting things straight, the 2A doesn’t convey any right ‘to keep and bear” to citizens. It, as do the other initial 10 amendments, puts constraints on government, as in the 2A, that it shall not infringe on that right… inalienable pre-existing right conveyed at creation by the Almighty. Erase the 2A and all one has done is erase the “Don’t” that government ignores already.

StLPro2A offers a T stating, “I refuse to be lectured by a government that armed the Taliban.”


One positive thing to come put of Phony Maloney’s Congressional Inquiry is we now know where certain manufacturers stand when it comes to the NFA and ATF.

Ruger, lost all my future business

Daniel Defense is close to joining Ruger as a No Buy From.

Kudos to Smith & Wesson, and others that regard the NFA and ATF as Unconstitutional. You’ve all gained a new customer.


Nuke your own country. That’s smart. Which way is the wind blowing? Also, who thinks our entire military would load up and go shoot grandpa, uncle Jim, or their own mom/dad to illegally disarm them? Some would because our increasingly liberal education system doesn’t teach the young ones real civics or history.


I’m going to state my personal belief on this subject. A belief I’ve held for at least 50 of my 63 years on this earth. That belief is as follows: “Any Government That Would Threaten To Use, Or Woul Use Weapons of Mass Destruction Against Its Citizens, Has Forfeited The Right To Govern.” “That Which Is Repugnant To The Constitution Is Void.” Chief Justice John Marshall 1801, Marberry v Madison Joe Biden threatened such. Other members of his administration has threatened such. Indeed, the entire Fucking Democrat Party has threatened such. Therefore, Biden and the Democrats have forfeited any right… Read more »

Country Boy

Joe means just like in Afganistan doesn’t he?

Arizona Don

Alexander Hamilton stated shortly after the revolutionary war was won the first time; If it be asked what is the most sacred duty and the greatest source of our security in a Republic? The answer would be an “inviolable RESPECT FOR THE CONSTITUTION AND LAWS.” That remains true to this day. Can we not all see and understand both are right now, as this is written, being done away with by these socialist so called democrats. It is time the American citizen wakes up and sees that is happening to our once wonderful nation.    It is obvious to those of us who have… Read more »


NSSF… almost as bad as the NRA…. Almost….


“ATF…our federal partners.” -NSSF