Massive Oops by the Civilian Marksmanship Program

Massive oops by the Civilian Marksmanship Program

U.S.A.-( For a few hours Friday, the leadership of the Civilian Marksmanship Program, or CMP, appeared to have lost their minds. It’s either that or the storied nonprofit – which can trace its lineage back to 1903 when Teddy Roosevelt created the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice – had been taken over by anti-gun Californians.

At around 11 a.m., the CMP sent the following email to its thousands of subscribers and customers:

“Due to a new Bill in California, CMP cannot send out email communications to our subscribers without having your full address and birthday in our email database. Please click on the ‘Update Profile’ link in the footer of this email to update your contact details. CMP will continue to send out emails to only those subscribers that have completed their profile. We will also post updates on our Facebook page and our website,” the email said.

As you can imagine, the mere suggestion that their names, dates of birth, addresses and other personal information could end up in the inboxes of anti-gun bureaucrats in California did not sit well with CMP’s customer base.

The reaction was swift, especially on CMP’s Facebook page.

“Take your government bootlicker spy network and shove it. Gun grabbing California lefturds don’t dictate to me,” one man wrote.

“I would not have been the least bit surprised at such idiocy coming from Kalifornia, but I will say that any competent IT department would only need to know that level of information for subscribers IN Kalifornia,” wrote another.

One subscriber speculated that someone at CMP may have been confused by a bill making its way through the California legislature, AB2273, which would require websites to verify the age of every user before allowing them access. However, the bill has not yet been signed into law.

CMP’s subscribers had a legitimate reason to be concerned about the security of their personal information since just two months earlier, California’s Attorney General accidentally and on purpose leaked the data of thousands of CCW permittees living in the Golden State.

Who’s to say if he got similar information from folks in other states he wouldn’t accidentally and on purpose leak that too?

Never mind

A few hours after the first email was sent, Mark Johnson, CMP’s Director of Civilian Marksmanship, sent another message, which retracts the first:

“CMP made a mistake. We do not need our customer phone numbers, addresses or dates of birth. My sincere apologies, Mark Johnson, DCM,” the email states.

Johnson offered no explanation or statement about the incident, other than acknowledging that CMP had made a mistake.

Johnson did not immediately return calls or emails seeking his comments for this story.


The CMP is a good organization. Through its stores, scholarships, clinics and matches, it accomplishes its mission of teaching riflery – especially to our youth – while promoting safety and target practice.

However, what separates a good organization from a great one is how its leadership comport themselves during a crisis, and for a few hours Friday, the CMP was hip-deep in a crisis of its own making.

Johnson and/or the CMP board need to let us know exactly what happened and what steps they’re taking to make sure it never, ever happens again.

They also need to tell their customers what they plan to do with any personal information they received after the first email was sent.

This is a time for the CMP to become fully transparent. It’s the right thing to do. It’s what Teddy would expect.

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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I think it’s interesting that CMP was demanding their subscriber’s full address and birthday for their email database, and you are asking the same thing when asking for donations to support Ammoland. Even if we donate through Pay Pal. I am forced to not donate because of it.


Not good. Hopefully not revealing, given all the AGENTS lurking, trolling & posting here.


Dekine, it’s critical to protect your personal information, esp.this day and time.


Wow. Really, Officer? Who knew?

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Nice tin foil hat you got there tard…


I’d say blow me, but you’d probly try to take me up on it, genius.

Wild Bill

Russ has no respect for those who have put their lives on the alter of freedom. He just lives to insult those that he disagrees with. It is like slapping the tar baby.


No, but keep lying, Generalíssima. And since you’re the resident grammar nag/spell Nazi, learn how to spell altar.

My relatives & friends actually sacrificed on the “alter” of freedom more than your made-up legend (or “USAFMSGT’s”) ever dreamed.

And I’ve sacrificed plenty in this country, where the threat actually is, where we’re actually losing our liberty, as opposed to some 3rd-world S-hole quagmire where your made-up legend did.

Only thing you do for freedom, you pompous hypocritical chatroom commando, is stroke yourself all day long on Ammoland, and troll, insult & lie about me.

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Wild Bill

Your friends and relatives? Ok. So, you are patriotic by association?

As to myself and the other vets that visit here you don’t know a thing about us. All your insults are just made up.


I don’t believe you’re a vet, scumbag.

Only thing you do for freedom is bloviate and pump up your legend.

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Wild Bill

We do not care what you believe.

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Bill, you’ve got that right. NO ONE on this site gives a damn what limp brain thinks or says.


“We”: You & your sock posse moron Ope-TEX.

You don’t do a thing for rights, in this country, Generalíssima. Just bloviate, hall monitor, grammar nag.


Bill, remember the boy spent 36 years down Mexico way getting that fictitious degree in Spanish too.


Now Opevote yourself some more, TEX.

Wild Bill

Yes. I recall his writing it. Must have been a grammatical error.


Bill, limp brain is really working that downvote button tonight. It’s really hilarious to watch. I’ll tell you this, Frack must really miss Frick. He misses that tag team BS they were knowed for. Lol


Goooolllleeey, Sarge! What a LOSER.

Wild Bill

It is the only hobby that he can afford.
He thought that he had an ally, but he did not.

Wild Bill

Huh, I’ve never been called a “scumbag” before.


USAFMSGT, it’s just best to disregard the garbage that ruski posts. It’s also known as limp brain for obvious reasons.


Keep Opevoting yourself, TEX! Or shall I say, Bruce? Or Will? Or FordWill? Or one of your other troll vote accounts?


I saw the first picture and thought Wow, they sent out M-14’s! Lol!


I would have been looking for ten or so


AND, at least 2 in the picture are selective fire! That will be the day.


cmp de milled and sold parts kits this has to be a clinton era picture. criminal act by government ,what could they have sold for recovering tax money


Me too!!! What a let-down!

Matt in Oklahoma

Not the law of the land


Not quite true. I just learned about a law passed in 2021 tying Virginia to California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations. They’re not alone, there are 13 other states, including mine, that have aligned themselves with the eccentric rules passed by the unelected commies on the CARB Board. The gov of Kalifornia nominate the CARB members and the Kalifornia Senate rubber stamps the nominee. No problems there, right? Some of these 14 states has been tied to the hip with Kalifornia for a long time. A huge mistake by then Gov. Ronald Reagan who signed the bill that created this… Read more »


A pox on all liberals.


has anyone calculated how much more electrical capacity they need to add to the grid?? I bet the answer is no to be ready for 2035 we would have to be adding capacity already ,all those old peaker plants they have decommissioned and tore down ,they will have to refit and repair old nukes as a stopgap. musk says we are not even close to ready, and he would know. as for me diesel or gas turbine


Also, at least here in the Soviet of Washington, every time Bonneville or some other electric energy provider tries to add additional transmission lines, the freakin’ usual subjects appear, many with their dirty diapered little kids in tow, set up protests keeping the construction of new capacity at bay. The same useful idiots show up every time Asplundh tries to keep vegetative growth out of the existing transmission lines.

It must be terrible having to live with near terminal cognitive dissonance!


Big – if you have lived there long enough then you will remember the fiasco that was the Washington Public Power System (aka WPPS).
For those who don’t know, they were going to build five nuclear power plants and would have sold the excess power to kalypornia. The rates they would be charging NOW would be about what they were paying then. But the enviro nuts helped demolish that idea.
Just one of many reasons I have no regrets about returning there post retirement


I remember it well. I owned a logistics company that had a delivery contract with a steel processing company in Seattle that delivered to WPPSS in Satsop. You wouldn’t believe all the fraud & waste me and my delivery team discovered.

I expected them to go under. At least I was honest and did not get investigated by the FBI and the Nuke Regulatory agents like many did and a few vice prez’ of various companies went to jail and was bankrupted.


has anyone calculated how much more electrical capacity they need to add to the grid?? Yes, and the answer is just what the gummitup dweebs refuse to even acknowledge. Ten years ago this calc was run, and the findings were “interesting”: at that time if ten percent of the vehicle fleet switched to full electric, the entire nationwide grid would collapse in a day or so, so overloaded as to be hopeless. Yet they soldier on in their attempts to “green” the entire planet. I wish they would all drown in their green bile. The Gabbling Nuisance’s new rules about… Read more »


Tio – remember as well that TPTB in kaly ‘requested’ the EV owners to not recharge their cars any more than they absolutely had to in order to not overload the system.
I think that if ya wanna own one of them you should have to also own a hand or pedal cranked generator like the GIs used to power their radios in the WWII movies.


I don’t know if it was a diktat from Gov. Nuisance or the CARB, but starting in 2024 no more small gasoline engines are allowed to be sold in the golden (shower) state. This includes generators.


The marksmanship instructors on Parris Island were like magicians. They would take platoons of draftees [many from concrete jungles with no previous weapons experience] and 2 weeks later they were shooting expert. In contrast to the archery age, it commonly took 20 years for the Roman Army to develop expert archers. If ever.


they took good marksmen and made snipers


what happens when a kid does NOT grow up in the Concrete Jungle


Project Appleseed take normal civilians who have never held a rifle before and in two or so weekend events they are qualifying as Marksmen on the AQT targets, including time limits, round placement, mag changes, etc.


OK, folks, read the bill. The bill addresses ‘marketing’ firearms and firearms information directed at those under the age of 18. That is a wide swath. Here is the impact. I occasionally travel to California to teach NRA and Hunter Education classes. California is one of the states where I HELD a certification to do hunter education. When this bill was passed and signed and enacted not on the normal statutory begin date of 1 January 2023 but immediately I sought counsel. I talked with a friend who is a hunting partner, lawyer and member of both CA and US… Read more »


If the rsidents of The Bear State continue to get regularl and sharply poked in the eye and elsewhere, one of two things WILL happen: either the People of the Bear will rise up and BITE the heads off those torturning them, or they will simply wander over the Big Hill to the east of them all and find other pastures and forests. Funny the “leaders” are so stupid/comatose they cannot figure this out. We are mot (yet) a soviet style people where there IS no avenue for pushback when the Bears get poked too often/hard. A day of reckoning… Read more »

John Dow

I never give my actual birth date to any website unless there’s a valid, legal reason to do so. On most sites where a date is need, 1 Jan 1900 works very well. Or I’ll up it a few decades.

I love being 122 years old. The senior discount is phenomenal. 😉


What irritates me with CMP is paying Top F**king Dollar for Used and Abused Surplus Firearms.


they do have target guns that are new, the big money is for antiques….like a lot of us here m1 is 80+years 1903 or kraig when they have them 100+ you want scary I have m14 as issued 1950s (yes registered) I have it apart for magnetic particle inspection to make sure it is not damaged from out of battery slamfire Greek ammo if receiver is cracked atf likely wont allow a repair …yes these guns are antiques and fought wars many with 100s of thousands of rounds fired so mpi is a smart investment if you want to use… Read more »


How is that even remotely relevant to the subject at hand?


Yes. That and also having to jump through all their hoops just to get a gun.


What IRRITATES me is that the CMP FORCES Americans to “join a shooting organization” with required payment of “dues” BEFORE you can purchase a piece of history!


It’s not the CMP doing the forcing, it’s the law that established the CMP. CMP’s predecessor, the DCM required NRA membership, membership in an organization that conducted rifle matches and 300+ rifle shots in those competitions.
Mr. Wonderful, AKA upchuck scummer, objected to the NRA requirement, so the law was rewritten to the current one. This opened up eligibility to all Americans, NRA member or not.


Schumer aberrantly did us a favor.

The other Jim

Yes, very good. The California Left Infiltrator Cowards should be exposed (not like the U.S. Supreme Court Row vs. Wade Leaker) and be removed from CMP. Too many organization hold people hostage like this until they get what they want. PayPal has money of mine but won’t let me into my PayPal Account until I give them a Cell Telephone Number as part of the password sign in. PayPal sprung it on my like CMP and won’t let me in or give me my money. PayPal Management sitting at their Left Wing Democrat Seattle kitchen tables working at home tell… Read more »


I wounded how Califoria. Controls all of the hamm operators, radio waves a every satilite phone that crosses their state lines?????


Did the CMP make a mistake? Clearly.

However, while clearly not needed for mere emails, I’d love to hear how the CMP can ship a gun to a purchaser without obtaining an address, phone number, and date of birth.


the ONLY information NEEDED to ship anything would be

FrontName BackName
Numbers for house/business, and StreetName
City State Zip.

Though I am finding USPS somehow have access to the rest, as I get emails from them regularly on things I don’t care about.


F Cuckifornia

AZ Lefty


Lee Williams – Triggered snowflake


Not likely their first mistake. And I’m sure not their last, unfortunately. Their biggest mistake was exposing who they really are. LMAO


Without explanation or firing of the lamo that made the mistake.

Yah horror!


Let me guess…. you ate too many Tide pods when you were a kid?


news flash: tide pods had not yet been invented back then. Try again?


Yo mama made a mistake too ! Didn’t correct it !