Survey Says: Crime, Inflation Top Voter Concerns Heading into Midterms

People are still buying guns, and a majority of likely voters think violent crime is one of the top two issues heading into the 2022 midterm elections. (Dave Workman)

U.S.A.-( One major national survey has revealed the top two voter concerns heading into the midterms are inflation and violent crime, while another poll shows guns are one of the top two concerns of single-issue voters, and that—by a slight margin (47-45%)—more people think Republicans, rather than Democrats should control Congress.

Rasmussen Reports revealed a whopping 85 percent of likely voters “are at least somewhat concerned” about inflation, while 86 percent are at least “somewhat concerned” about violent crime, with “majorities of all political categories – 73% of Republicans, 50% of Democrats and 62% of unaffiliated voters” being “very concerned.”

According to the website, which tracks justifiable homicides, in 2020—the most recent year for which data is available—law enforcement officers were responsible for 303 justifiable homicides. Private citizens reportedly committed 405 justifiable homicides. It was the second year in a row more people were killed by armed private citizens than police, according to available data.

Interestingly, the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2019 showed law enforcement officers killed 340 suspects in 2019, of which 334 were fatally shot. The same report said armed private citizens killed 386 criminal suspects, of which 334 were killed with firearms.

Americans continue to buy guns and ammunition, and municipal governments are trying to reverse course, at least somewhat, from their disastrous moves beginning two years ago to reduce funding for law enforcement.

Meanwhile, a new survey done for NBC News asked two critical questions:

  • What is your preference for the outcome of this November’s congressional elections — a Congress controlled by Republicans or a Congress controlled by Democrats?

The response was 47 percent prefer a Republican victory while 45 percent want Democrats to retain control.

  • Some people feel so strongly about an issue that they will vote for or against a candidate on that basis regardless of the candidate’s stand on most other issues. I’m going to read you a list of issues and ask whether you consider any one issue so important that you would vote for or against a candidate solely on that basis. If you do not feel strongly enough about any of the issues to determine your vote, please just say so.

Guns came in right behind abortion on that front, with only 4 percentage points separating the two issues in terms of importance. Back in May, ten points separated the two issues, probably because at that time, the draft Supreme Court Dobbs decision had already been leaked, while nobody leaked a draft in the case of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, which was an important gun rights decision affirming the rights to bear arms under the Second Amendment extends outside of the home. People can carry in public places.

Rasmussen’s survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted Aug. 17-18 with +/- 2 percentage point margin of error and a 95 percent level of confidence.

When Rasmussen narrowed things down to party preference, the polling firm discovered that Democrats’ priorities are abortion rights and climate change, “but these are the issues that both Republicans and unaffiliated voters are least concerned about.”

Interestingly, Rasmussen also found that “More women voters are concerned about violent crime (90%) than abortion rights (75%),” suggesting the vote for Democrats may not be as strong as they anticipate.

Perhaps the most important revelation of all came in the NBC survey, which found, “Nearly three-quarters of Americans think the United States is heading in the wrong direction under President Joe Biden.”

“Biden’s popularity experienced a deep downturn in recent months amid growing pessimism over the economy,” the NBC survey revealed. “Now, a whopping 74 percent of Americans say the country is on the wrong track, while just 21 percent feel the nation is headed in the right direction.”

The poll found 58 percent of respondents are “more worried that America’s best years may already be behind us.” Only 35 percent think the best years are still on the horizon.

With the midterm elections still more than two months away, grassroots gun rights activists still have plenty of work to do if they intend to organize a strong gun vote in November. Polling bounces up and down regarding a perceived lead Republicans have over Democrats, and this can change before the election.

Underscoring this, Fox News is reporting that the anticipated Republican “sweep” in November could be less than that, with the GOP still eking out a majority in the neighborhood of 220 to 248 House seats. It would still cost Democrats the Speaker’s position and put Republicans in charge of determining who sits on key committees and what legislation those committees will consider.

Once again, this demonstrates how Republicans have gained a reputation for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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I have one factor that comes first when voting and that is my gun. If you are against guns you are against freedom. Look at the past to find if what I say is true or not. Born of German heritage and a mother that lived as a little girl in WW2, grandfathers that fought on both sides, I know what happens when dictators control the masses because the masses have been disarmed. Look at Australia and New Zeeland as examples of the recent past. Look at the Jewish people of Nazi Germany and see what they have to say.

Desert Rat

I don’t know if you should look at the Jewish people as having learned anything from their time under Nazi rule. They have been an almost monolithic voting block for the Democrats since WWII. Shumer is a current example of a Jew who is the worst of what Democrats are.


Being a “Jew” in this arena is not a specialty. There are NUMEROUS other “beliefs” that FIT your comment! “nadler’s”, “schumer’s”, “shift’s” and “Peloci’s” voters are examples.


ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! This is One of the FIRST ITEMS I look at for a future prospectus “representative’s” actions!


You can be sure the communist mainstream “news” will hold hands and pull out all the stops in a desperate attempt to flatten what would almost certainly otherwise be a Red Tsunami


Dave always on the edge Thumbs Up!!!! I do not believe in poles most survey questions are slanted to those people that will agree with the content of the question. The democrats said yesterday now that they have accomplished most of their agenda they think that November is theirs for the taking. I agree if election fraud continues to plague the process and the media continues to support their agenda. Just thought ,Margaret Thatcher who wanted Great Britain and the conservative party to take the country back from the socialist left . In the end the conservative parliament caved failing… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by john

And the two most populated countries, that polute the most, are exempt.
RED China, and India.

Last edited 1 month ago by PMinFl

The last sentenence is telling.


Dave, you hit another grand slam with this article. Thanks.


Republicans would have easily swept congress if the would have left Row vs Wade as the law of the land. Now I am not so sure. Women are real upset about it and can unfortunately save the democrat majority. All other issues favor republicans.


INFLATION at a 40% to 50% living expense increase is my biggest concern! CRIME being committed by the SORROS “lawyers” turning murderers and thugs loose out of prison IS a LARGE concern. The Government STEALING my CHILDREN’S and GRANDCHILDREN’S future wages IS A LARGE CONCERN! These DemoKKKrats MUST STOP THIS THIEFT UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW!

Wild Bill

Brother, I just don’t think that the DemoKKKrats are going to stop this theft, so what is plan B?


Yeah, well, you would think that with the price of gas, heating fuel, and electricity skyrocketing, an open border, crime at historic dangerous levels, a war being waged to disarm legal gun owners, and INFLATION!!!, all due to democrat socialist policies being forced, you would think it would be a no-brainer to NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER DEMOCRAT! . . . but, NO. A special election was held for an open Congressional Seat in UPSTATE NY yesterday. UPSTATE . . . NOT NYC! The republican ran on the economy and crime . . . the democrat on abortion. They elected the… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by KK