The Break Down of The First Known ATF FRT Confiscation


PSA AR15 Midlength Jim Grant
The man that was the first known target of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) crackdown on forced reset triggers has spoken to Paul Glasco of Legally Armed America, and Paul has graciously shared his notes with AmmoLand News. IMG Jim Grant

GREENVILLE, S.C. -( The man that was the first known target of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) crackdown on forced reset triggers has spoken to Paul Glasco of Legally Armed America, and Paul has graciously shared his notes with AmmoLand News. This article breaks down the encounter between the gun owner and the ATF Special Agents. This encounter was the first visit of an ATF agent to a person’s home to confiscate a Rare Breed Trigger. We have been notified of other visits in different parts of the country that followed the same pattern of intimidation and pressure.

The gun owner has requested that AmmoLand News only use his first name. Paul and his wife live in South Carolina. The couple purchased two Rare Breed FRT-15 triggers. One trigger was purchased from Gun Broker. The other trigger was purchased directly from Rare Breed Triggers. Paul and his wife purchased the triggers before he knew the ATF considered them to be machine guns. The couple is law-abiding American citizens and never expected a visit from a government law enforcement agency.

Paul was napping inside his house while his wife was outside. ATF Special Agent Chuck Donahoe and three other agents rolled up onto the couple’s home. The agents approached Paul’s wife and demanded to know about the Rare Breed FRT-15 the couple purchased on Gun Broker. The ATF agents started threatening Paul’s wife about what could happen if the couple didn’t cooperate and forced the ATF to get a search warrant. The ATF was applying intimation tactics to get the trigger. Paul’s wife finally admitted to having the trigger and told the agents that the trigger was locked up and she would have to get her husband to retrieve the Rare Breed FRT-15.

Paul’s wife woke him up. She was visibly shaken by the ATF’s agents’ “visit.” Paul, confused, walked out to see what the agents wanted. The agents were in no mood for talking. They told Paul they knew he bought a trigger from Gun Broker. They knew the name of the person that sold him the trigger and demanded he hands the FRT-15 over. If he didn’t hand it over, the agents would get a search warrant to take the trigger from the house forcibly. Paul could either turn over the trigger or have his home ripped apart by the ATF and face possible other charges. Paul felt he had no other choice but to give them what they wanted.

Special Agent Donahue wanted to know if Paul and his wife had purchased any other force reset triggers. Paul admitted to buying an FRT-15 directly from Rare Breed Triggers but told the agents that he sold it to someone else from a 2A chat. The agents wanted to know the identity of the person who bought the triggers. Paul only knew the buyer as Joe Rare Breed. The agents accepted the answer and left with his trigger.

AmmoLand News reached out to ATF Special Agent Chuck Donahoe with a series of questions about the visit, but SA Donahoe chose not to respond to our phone calls or texts.

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John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

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The Gestapo is alive and well but now it has moved to the United States.

Dubi Loo

I wonder if “Joe Rare Breed” is an AFT agent?


do not admit anything or even talk to leo’s unless you have first consulted with a 2A knowledgeable attorney. kindly tell them you will first consult your attorney before any action. if they have probable cause that you have broken any federal laws they would already have the search and seizure warrant in their hands and demand entry, or kick down the door, throw you on the floor and handcuff you until the raid is over.
this is illegal, batfe cannot write law or change law, that is the job of congress.


Uh uh.

Ced Truz

There are a lot of “back the blue” types that also claim to support gun rights. Apparently the fact that it’s the blue attacking their guns rights is lost on them. Who do you think is coming for your guns when the democrats pass their AWB? These cops literally will shoot anyone they even suspect of exercising their 2A out in the open


Sadly, your post contains much truth!


But you don’t think their LOCAL cop “pards” should be accountable, right OFFICER?


Phuck the Gestapo.


Video EVERYTHING people. It’s the only chance to get the truth out. I know this will shock you but: the government will lie!


is prone to lie, even when the truth is is a power and control thing…and ever notice when caught they blame someone else for giving them the bad information


the Russia hoax drag it out as long as possible until they look real stupid never saying where info came from then make up some stupid story to justify the bs


Something I am curious about. Over the last decade or so, a lot of people sported clothing, decals, and other paraphernalia with the words “Molon Labe” (sp?) or “Come And Take It”. Did these people mean it in the sense that it was originally spoken by Spartan leaders, or was it just something kewel and trendy that seemed “fashionable” at the time?

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Ced Truz

Someone downvoted you but I’ve been wondering the same thing. Or what about all the “the second amendment is for fighting tyranny!” people? Well, this is tyranny. Where are they??

Roland T. Gunner

Wasn’t it Franklin who made the point about “hanging separately”?

When you answer the knock on your door, you are on your own; you are the one they play whack-a-mole on.

Wild Bill

Police, of all kinds, hate having a crowd around filming, photographing, and recording them. Perhaps mutual support agreements with like minded neighbors to come over when the feds come knocking might be one defensive response.


Thank You, Ced! I see that likewise, someone downvoted your comment, canceling the upvote I gave you. I guess we have a few intellectual pu – – ies lurking about on here. Well, I know we do, given the downvotes some of our fellow commenters routinely receive. Anyway, your input is appreciated. Have a great day!

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I do not believe you should denigrating those you know nothing about. Your comment gives the appearance that you expected this couple to have an armed conflict over a trigger. That’s disgusting and you are being highly disingenuous.

That was not a situation where violence is appropriate. The bad thing is, as alluded to in the story, if a warrant is issued, they legally are “allowed” to destroy your home and everything in it in their “search”. Most people would not want their home destroyed over a trigger. Would you?

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They are just customers (of rare breed) NOT ACTIVISTS.


The tone of your post vs your screen name is truly ironic. I am not saying they should or shouldn’t have done anything, merely asking a question. 🙂 So, where does one draw the line at how much tyranny they will accept? When they come for your trigger? Your magazines? Your ammo? Your guns? Or, when all of those things have been taken and removed from your domicile, do you do as millions of Europeans did in the 1940’s and your family compliantly board the trucks, buses, and trains, bound for your new “home”? In the latter half of the… Read more »

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Thank You, Ope!


Our country and way if life is up for grabs this November, how this election turns out if the democrats sweep the field many question will need to be asked “Quickly”
Danger to the Southern borders Danger to the Northern borders while the danger from within is greatest. Canada & her prime minister can not be trusted he is a communist socialist dictator. Biden is a Puppet and a old Fool


Looks like illegal search and seizure to me.


ATF = thugs, bullies, cowards.


The couple should have kept their heads about them while recording a video of the ATF agents during the encounter. Today with home cameras Ring ect all get sound, If you do not have a camera system use your cell phone be discreet. Never let any law enforcement into you home without a warrant step outside while speaking and close the door behind you. If these triggers are now illegal send them back by certified mail for a refund or a exchange to a different trigger system. The ATF will have to deal directly with the company. Never admit to… Read more »


Triggers have not been made illegal. #FATF has simply redefined them to be illegal in contravention of clear letter law. Of course said law is also in violation of 2A which is crystal clear. Not having any forced reset triggers, I have not followed this as closely as I might have. Have any courts ruled in support of AFT on this topic? If not, can person being questioned simply state as much? “Not saying I have one of these, but legality is still being contested in court.” If you are overwhelmed by their threats, do not sign consent for destruction… Read more »


I watched this and a few more, about the FRT15 it is not my thing but I also do not like bananas or fruit cake which does not mean others should feel the same as I do .

The company should stand by the customers and it sales.


Especially considering what these triggers cost. I really wanted one but just couldn’t see spending that kind of money on one. Wish I would have now. I wonder if anyone will be wanting to sell one ? lol


atf agents need to be lined up against a wall and shot stasi does not belong here way past time to put government in check


Seems a few do not like polls showing that the FBI is properly not trusted. It’s odd that people are supporting government sanctioned thuggery.

I wonder when it’s their turn will they then understand and change their mind, although it would be too late by then. People like that remind me of Winston’s neighbor, Parsons, in George Orwell’s 1984. He gets turned in by his daughter and believes it is just and is happy to be punished and brainwashed as it is the right thing to do.


Magic Words in response to all federal law enforcement: “Get a Warrant.’

Since the cocaine and crack wars of the 1980’s I have known all three letter agencies of federal law enforcement are corrupt beyond redemption. You never talk to them unless it is in a courtroom. Magic words: Get a Warrant.


I saw it from inside and think it is worse now than in the 70s and 80s


I do not have one of these legal devices, but if I did, I would assume BATF will come round knocking up my door to steal it. I would thus remove the “item” from my property prior to their arrival, placing it “somewhere” else, OFF my residence property. When they did come round I’d simply inform tham “there is no such item on this property”. When they play the bully, simply inform them “go and get your warrant and come back. You can spend a week tearing this place apart and never find one because there ARE none here. Suit… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Tionico

The United States is turning more and more into a tyrannical communist country since January 2021 then I have seen in my meager 50 years of breathing, and let me tell you I have seen allot of political BS in the last fifty years. I have seen our constitutional rights just get slowly stripped away 1 gun law at a time. You know what my biggest question is out of all of this infringing going on, is Where is this so called “WE THE PEOPLE” I hear allot of people screaming it, and the famous phrase of WE THE PEOPLE… Read more »


If they show up at my door, they will be told to leave, if they refuse, they will be shot.


they show at my door they have jumped a fence and traversed past at least ten no trespassing signs the last of which state will be shot…..sign by front door just says pray