Learning Lessons From The Bass “Burglary”

Learning Lessons From The Bass Burglary
Learning Lessons From The Bass Burglary

Los Angeles – -(AmmoLand.com)- As was the case with Kamala Harris in 2020, Second Amendment supporters learned that Karen Bass, an anti-Second Amendment extremist (at least when it comes to us), chose to exercise her Second Amendment rights when news broke that two firearms in a lockbox were stolen in a burglary.

First of all, if Karen Bass chooses to exercise her Second Amendment rights, it is a decision we should support. Yes, she voted to deny us our ability to exercise those rights in the House of Representatives, but as in Kamala Harris’s case, we defend the Second Amendment for her because it defends the Second Amendment for us.

Quite frankly, Bass deserves the sympathy of Second Amendment supporters. One of the worst nightmares for anyone who exercises their Second Amendment right has to be having their firearms stolen.

The theft of a firearm is a big deal, as I’ve discussed earlier, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate things. It doesn’t matter who the firearm is stolen from, either. An FFL who has a firearm stolen is in the same position as a store that has been hit by shoplifters. They have suffered a financial loss that could potentially endanger their survival as a business, and anti-Second Amendment extremists then proceed to blame the victims and then victimize them some more by seeking new layers of red tape and mandates.

The theft of a firearm from a person is even worse on some fronts. Not only is the person out the considerable financial investment from a quality firearm (check the Blue Book of Gun Values to see for yourself), but when a firearm is stolen, it costs a person their means of personal protection from all sorts of threats. And a good replacement is expensive, and depending on the state, it will take time.

Now, Congresswoman Bass did make one mistake Second Amendment supporters should keep in mind: While her firearms were locked, the lockbox she used was apparently easily taken from the closet she had “stashed” it in. It was better than nothing, but a gun cabinet could provide an extra layer of security. Amazon.com has some for under $200. They may not be top-of-the-line, but every layer of security can count, especially when you are on vacation.

Second Amendment supporters should also insist that the provisions of 18 USC 922(i) and (j) be prosecuted. This is not one of those gun laws that is infringing on our rights – to the contrary, prosecuting those who have stolen firearms or have guns they know are stolen protects our Second Amendment rights.

Don’t think of this as being a “Fudd,” think of this as part of a comprehensive defense of our Second Amendment rights. The firearms that aren’t stolen are far less likely to wind up in the hands of a bad guy. When we can deter the misuse or theft of firearms, it becomes much easier for Second Amendment supporters to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

Harold Hutchison

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uncle dudley

Do you really think someone broke into her home and only stole firearms; a thief wouldn’t leave other easy to carry items in her house, especially cash.
She is covering up something.


Agreed. There’s more to this story.


My thoughts exactly. Something fishy going on here. She may have been embarrassed to own guns and thought a fake robbery was a good way to get rid of them without the risk of being photographed in a gun store. It may be a political stunt to show why no one should own guns or that gun owners should be required to have a bank quality vault (or two so ammo can be stored separately) to keep all their arms secure. We may never know. And if one of her ‘stolen’ guns is used in a homicide we’ll never know… Read more »


There is plenty about your thought that she may have been embarrassed to own guns. She openly said on camera that she owned guns, that they were registered and the guns were secured in her home. She said she has always believed that persons wanting a gun should be able to own a gun. It may be that it’s a political stunt but I do not believe that it would have come from the Right. I think that the answer to that thought may well be found in the interview at the 3.20 minute mark here and forward. ( https://www.foxla.com/news/the-issue-is-exclusive-rep-karen-bass-talks-home-break-in-stolen-guns.… Read more »

Last edited 15 days ago by Choogie

Whatever. The whole episode stinks of dishonesty.


As others have said, more to the story. Does she have a teen age son, who may have mis-used the gun, lost it, expect it to be found at a crime scene or taken from a gang banger on the street. Maybe son stole the guns, sold them for cash/drugs, etc. Those guns got out into the world some other way. Maybe she is setting up the position that citizens need to comply with future mandated gun storage laws, which she may intend to bring out, if elected.

Last edited 15 days ago by StLPro2A

sorry, not sorry. Bass supports more control and more infringements.


Yeah, at the end of the current political realignment, one thing is for sure. As we on the new right kick the tired old republican party to the curb, we must also kick this notion of standing up for people who stand against us. This lady deserves no support from us or any 2A supporters. On the contrary, this needs to be used to destroy her and her ilk.


Where do you all have your meetings?


At your wife’s house


you are in luck! national meeting this wednesday night, be ready for two hours stating 1930, 1060 west addison, chicago IL




Jeff H.

Someone probably used the leaked AG Bonta firearm owner list to locate her and know exactly what arms she kept.

Story is a bit fishy being the arms were the only thing stolen. Should have had at least a small floor safe, heavy enough that somebody would not just carry it away easily to lock them in when she was not home. Not a responsible firearm owner.


Lol, Thanks for the laugh tying the word responsible to a democrap.

Have a great day, you made mine.


m44 – hmm it seems as if Jeff inadvertently stumbled onto the ultimate oxymoron – ‘responsible democRAT’ 😉


No mention of calling her out as a hypocrite? Sounds more important than the rest of this article.

And again with the Fudd thing.


Ms. Bass has yet to publish the make, model and serial number of her “stolen” guns.


I am wondering if they were on the California Department of Justice roster of guns authorized for sale in the People’s Republic of California.


You ever notice, how you can tell whom is a neo-marxist, ahem; I mean dimocrat –just by looking at them ….even just with a picture.


Zero sympathy. Sorry Harold, you fail to call out hypocrisy of Progressive New Left types who believe the only folks who should have rights are the Vanguard of the Proletariat like Bass. She is an enemy of liberty, a communist and needs to be dealt with as such. Never give a wanna-be tyrant or totalitarian a break. Never. Ever.


If those guns show up in a crime scene and someone is murdered with one of them, then she needs prosecuted and sued until she declares bankruptcy just like they did to Remington


Spare us Harold


I think she changed her last name and added the letter B. She probably likes that music that they misspelled when they called it Wrap music too.


As always, anything for a vote. She’s looking for votes from ” fellow responsible gun owners” and from the antis for her political stance. I’ll bet she promotes safe firearm storage laws too.


So….Harold…”firearms that are not stolen are far less likely to end up in the hands of a badguy “…. So wouldn’t VOLUNTARY Gun ‘turn-in’s’ also help accomplish this? Getting guns away from badguys? As only those who don’t want them would do THAT, rather than have them laying around the house, available for child-misuse or theft?and no, it’s not a buy-back because some of you on here want to argue that the govt never owned them so they buy the back. Silly semantics in order for those to argue against getting UNWANTED guns away from people who don’t want them….


Just one look tells you all you need to know.


she is another avowed follower of Fidel Castro

and while she has the right to be that

she cant use that against those of us who are pro freedom


Differece is

defending her rights allows her to take away our rights

b/c she could use her weapons + her agenda to deny us our rights


HEY HAYROLLED … Do you know Tom and Patsy Coco ? Well when you see them , express my deepest gratitude for them remembering me with the nra joke of the month ! Complete with their fake photo copied personal signatures ! They urged me to remember the nra in my will like they had done. The return envelope (lacking postage) the envelope it was mailed in and the page + brochure were not quite large enough to cover the bird cage floor however . They didn’t even include a photo of Patsy !


HEY WE made GOOGLE . google ” nra’s patsy cocco ” The whole Bass Burgle story comes up with ALL. of our comments .

Last edited 11 days ago by Oldvet

WHO was it that said this page wasn’t monitored ??


I’ve seen other stories regarding this ‘burglary’ and it simply does not pass the smell test. Too many other easily portable valuables were left undisturbed for one thing. It is ‘almost’ as if the burglars knew exactly what to look for and where. Inside job, highly likely. At this point she may still be a ‘victim’ of sorts. What further actions she takes as a result will tell a lot about the crime and her character.