Lisa Ludwig on Long Island, RSWC #157

U.S.A. -( Lisa Ludwig reached out to me and inquired about being on the show. We’ve been Facebook friends for a while.  She’s got a lot of stuff going on with She Trains You. I told her I was going to Tony Simon’s (RSWC #041) Diversity Shoot with John Petrolino (#093) and maybe could help out and we’ll meet there. She’s one of those people that are #MyPeople!  We hit it off right from the start.  She’s a hot ticket and a great instructor. That evening we helped at The Gun For Hire Range and had a great time.  I knew that the show with her was going to be fun. 

I had to drive from central New Jersey up to Long Island (say Lawn Guyland) to meet Lisa. We drove to Wantagh State Park and drove near Jones Beach. I’ve got to say, it was pretty scenic there. We had some talk about her life and what got her into firearms. Much like me, September 11 changed things for her. She wanted to start doing some prepping and went to a friend in the military. He suggested getting a Remington 870 Tactical shotgun. But after shooting it and missing five shots, she put the gun away and didn’t fire it for two years. 

When there was an attempted break-in in her neighborhood, she asked the neighborhood watch team “If that door would have opened, what would you have done?”.  That got everyone thinking and motivated Lisa to get back into firearms. From there, she took more and more training. Eventually becoming an NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor, CRSO, GLOCK Armorer, NYS Armed Guard, and President of Long Island Women’s Firearm Club. She even has a tattoo of the LIWFC logo on her arm!

Like anyone else starting a training business, she went to several gun stores trying to make connections. She now got 3 chapters of LIWFC and nearly 100 women in the groups! Eventually, men wanted training from her too!  So she started She Trains You, but her focus is getting women trained, educated, and comfortable with shooting.  She’s also the leader of the A Girl & A Gun Long Island Chapter. What’s really fantastic is that she’s been into martial arts since she was young. She offers one on one training, martial arts, as well as firearms training. 

Lisa is a great storyteller!  She gives us lots of stories about what’s going on in New York state and what the process is to get a carry permit and even some of the nonsense they have to go through. We talk about how people in general need to pay attention to their surroundings and get out of their phones when they’re out and about.  We talk about the Diversity Shoot from the night before the interview. She covers the growing need for people on Long Island wanting to protect themselves. And how her own network of 2A friends is growing. We like to call it #MyPeople when we meet new folks and have a common love and enjoyment of all things Second Amendment. 

And she’s even got a quick Waffle House story! I know you’ll enjoy all that Lisa shares with us. 

Favorite quotes:
“If that door would have opened, what would you have done?”
“We need to be our own hero in our own story.”
“It was pretty scary here for a moment. I don’t want to feel that way again.”
“The new strong is mobility and flexibility.’
“I like my crew and I like my crowd. Not everybody needs to like everybody, but we all need to get along”

She Trains You

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A Girl & A Gun Long Island

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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

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