Look at CZ-USA Field Sports Next Gen Semi-Auto Shotguns!

CZ-USA Field Sports Next Gen Semi-Auto Shotguns
CZ-USA Field Sports Next Gen Semi-Auto Shotguns

Kansas City, Kansas –-(AmmoLand.com)- Built on an enhanced soft-recoiling CZ 712 shotgun, the 712 G3 shotgun smokes clay targets and tumbles game birds like autoloaders which cost twice as much! With a classic look and performance-driven features, shooters will be able to handle both light and heavy loads making the CZ 712 G3 a great choice no matter the situation.

The new CZ 712 G3 is at home on the clay target course or in the field. Its gas-operated mechanism softens recoil and cycles 2 ¾- and 3-inch shotshells. The shotgun comes with two pistons, for light and heavy loads. Either piston accepts a wide range of shotshells within its designation. With the light piston installed, soft recoiling shotshells for target shooting can be cycled easily. While with the heavy piston installed, the CZ 712 G3 can take on even the hottest loads waterfowl hunters use.

The 712 G3’s chrome-lined barrels hold up under extended firing and ensure consistent patterns through five furnished extra-long Active-Choke tubes. The CZ 712 G3’s receiver and barrel wear a handsome, durable matte black finish that minimizes glare and can be paired with either black synthetic, camo, or walnut stocks.

Prudent shooters are sure to appreciate the shotgun’s ergonomics. The stock features a new thicker recoil pad that tames the kick from stiff magnum loads. With 1 3/8 inches drop at nose comb and 2 1/4 inches at the heel, the 712 G3 comes to cheek fast. Its 7mm ventilated rib instantly aligns the eye to target.

A stock-to-receiver shim system allows left-handed shooters to change cast to allow their left eye to align perfectly with the rib.

Laser-cut checkering on walnut stocks keeps hands from slipping and makes this one of the best-looking semi-automatic shotguns on the market. It has an oversize safety located in front of the trigger for instant access. The 712 G3 also features an oversize bolt release and a larger charging handle to speed operation with gloved hands. The 712 G3 weighs approximately 6 ½ to 7 ¼ pounds, depending on stock material and barrel length.

CZ-USA Field Sports Next Gen Semi-Auto Shotguns Specs and Models

CZ-USA Field Sports Next Gen Semi-Auto Shotguns Specs and Models
CZ-USA Field Sports Next Gen Semi-Auto Shotguns Specs and Models


Since 1997, CZ-USA has offered American shooters and hunters the best firearms the Czech Republic has to offer. CZ-USA will continue to improve, innovate, and add to the CZ-USA line-up of high-quality, affordable handguns, rifles, shotguns, plus custom-quality handguns from Dan Wesson.

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