Biden Administration, State Governments Carried Out Elaborate Hoax On Gun Owners


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The “why” of the attack on the armed citizenry is as pressing as the “how”—the strategies employed. IMG iStock/chuntise

New York – -( The “why” of the attack on the armed citizenry is as pressing as the “how”—the strategies employed. It all goes back to Government’s lust for “power” and “control” over the common people. The Globalists and their puppets in Government treat people like random bits of energy that require a firm hand lest common people get “out of hand.” The fear of the Tyrant is always that the common people will revolt against his Tyranny.

Our Federal Government, though, was constructed to serve the people. Everything in our Constitution points to that fact. The people are sovereign, not Government. But, like all Governments, our Federal Government has succumbed to tyranny. That tyranny is mirrored and multiplied in the Governments of many States. New York is one of those States.

The “sticky wicket” for the Globalists is the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

It serves, one, as evidence of the sovereignty of the American people over their Government, Federal, State, or local, and serves, two, as a mechanism to thwart the rise of tyranny. The Second Amendment, unlike the First or any other Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Has a tenacity that, when unleashed, a ferocity that scares the dickens of the proponents of a world empire and world domination, as well it should.

In this second half of the Biden Administration regime, we are seeing more and more emphasis placed on reining in the armed citizenry. And State Governments under Democrat Party leadership, like that of New York, are fully on board with this. Expect to see more of this, much more, in the weeks and months ahead.

The argument NY Governor Kathy Hochul makes in support of the Concealed Carry Improvement Act (CCIA) boils down to these two propositions:

  • People are afraid of guns and of average law-abiding, rational, responsible gun owners who keep and bear them.
  • Average law-abiding, rational, responsible gun owners pose an imminent threat to public safety and order.

Concerning the first, if some Americans happen to fear guns and those who exercise their fundamental, unalienable right to armed self-defense—indeed, if any American should happen to register such fears—those fears aren’t the product of something innate in a person, but, rather, are the product of an elaborate, concerted well-coordinated, and executed plan.

The question of why such psychologically damaging programs would be initiated by and ceaselessly and vigorously propagated by the Federal Government and many State Governments against the civilian population has nothing to do with a desire on the part of the Government to secure the life, health, safety, and well-being of Americans.

Rather, it has everything to do with carrying out a plot focused on the demise of a free Constitutional Republic, the only one like it in existence, the dissolution of our Constitution, and the subjugation of our people to the dictates of a new order of reality: the rise of a neo-feudalistic global empire.

The Hochul Government’s attack on the U.S. Supreme Court Bruen case is really a component part of a much larger mosaic, as evidenced by a concerted effort to undermine the Second Amendment. And so confident is she that she does this brazenly and contemptuously, attacking not just the Second Amendment but also the Justices of the Highest Court in the Land, whose sin, in her mind, is that they give a fundamental natural law right the respect it is due.

Thus, it isn’t that New Yorkers or any American has an innate fear of firearms or those who keep and bear them. It is, rather, that the Government in New York and the Governments of several other States, along with the Federal Government under the Biden Administration, have attempted to induce fear where none before existed, all in support of aims that are antithetical to our most sacred precepts and values, and antithetical to the common good.

Meanwhile, the law-abiding New York taxpayer daily faces rampant violent crime because of the abject failure of the New York Justice system to deal effectively with criminals and with raving, drug-addled lunatics that constantly prey on the public.

The police are prevented from engaging in effective policing activities that protect the community. In addition, the police are retiring or leaving New York in droves. Who will replace them?

Even if the Hochul Government provided the public with a modicum of community policing and a justice system that didn’t kowtow to lunatics and criminals, the fact remains that the New York police departments have no obligation to guarantee the life and safety of individual members of the public.

The police never had that obligation. And the New York public is under a misconception to think otherwise. Yet, the Government continues to keep the public in the dark about this, never troubling itself to inform the public that self-defense against threats of violence rests on each member of the public, not on the State

A well-trained, responsible, rational, law-abiding adult need not rely on the police and cannot legally place that burden on the police. The responsibility for preserving one’s life and well-being rests solely on the individual.

This was the salient point of Heller, McDonald, and Bruen.

Armed self-defense is ultimately the responsibility and prerogative of the individual.

The Hochul Government simply erroneously assumes that well-armed citizen threatens the community. This is a central theme pervasive in the New York Government, and it is a thread woven into the very fabric of New York’s draconian gun measures that go back over one hundred years from when the licensing of handguns was first enacted. Yet the Government takes this bald assumption as a self-evident truth.

It isn’t. But it serves the narrative, and the Government’s end goal is to disarm the public.

In their response to the Government’s Motion for a stay of the Preliminary Injunction, pending appeal, the Plaintiffs said this apropos of public safety:

“Even if Appellants had demonstrated some actual public safety benefit, it would come at the cost of disarmament of law-abiding gun owners, an unacceptably high cost, as “[t]he right to keep and bear arms . . . is not the only constitutional right that has controversial public safety implications.” McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U. S. 742, 783 (2010). Such enumerated rights cannot be balanced away by legislators, or judges, because “the Second Amendment is . . . the very product of an interest balancing by the people . . . it [] elevates above all other interests the right of law-abiding, responsible citizens to use arms in defense. . . .” D.C. v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570, 635 (2008).

Plus, Appellants can not plausibly claim irreparable harm from temporarily halting enforcement of an unconstitutional law: ‘the public consequences in employing the extraordinary remedy of [injunctive relief]’ are not just the vindication of constitutional rights but also the prevention of their egregious curtailment. Indeed, it is always in the public interest to enjoin an unconstitutional law. The government has no ‘interest in the enforcement of an unconstitutional law.’”

The New York Government places itself above the sovereign authority of the American people.

This notion, unfortunately, is reflected in several other jurisdictions across the Country, and it is also present in the thinking of the Biden Administration and in the thinking of Democrats in Congress and by more than a few Republicans.

Unfortunately, the recent December 7, 2022, Second Circuit order doesn’t give New York gun owners much reason for hope, much less jubilation.

If such is the case, Antonyuk vs. Nigrelli is destined for resolution by the High Court.

Justices Thomas and Alito would see that the case is heard, as the CCIA is a direct affront to the Second Amendment and to the rulings of Heller, McDonald, and Bruen.

In the immortal words of that late, great comic, Arte Johnson (a.k.a. the “German Soldier” routine), the Antonyuk case, and a slew of other post-Bruen cases wending their way through the Courts in New York and elsewhere in the Country are becoming “Very Interesting.”

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Deplorable Bill

I have saved the lives of many more people with a firearm than I have been forced to shoot (in civilian life). None of the people whom I have “helped” ever mentioned anything to the cops, to friends or to me that they were scared of my firearms or me. In fact, all of them were righteously grateful that I was present and present with a firearm. Everyone in my family, my in laws, friends, neighbors, co workers absolutely knows that I carry and that when I am with them that they are protected from whatever urban or rural varmint… Read more »


and I will gladly give them eight 230 grain hollow points and reload for seconds


I’ll give them 8 50 GI 300 grain Leigh Defense rounds between the eyes.


Just FYI it’s Luke 22:36.
The Jew had to make that correction. Lol

Deplorable Bill

Thank you, You are right Sir, it is Luke 22:36. I hit the wrong key by accident and then didn’t notice it. I should take more time to proof read.

Arm up and carry on


It’s great to see that many on here know their bible. That is a good sign. Hope all had a Merry Christmas. I am recovering from Covid right now. No shot, natural immunity for me but the doctors are still trying to push their trash on me with their fake news. Nobody really knows anything at this point. To many arguments regarding what it does and doesn’t do. I am just grateful I didn’t catch it in the beginning or that it was mandatory I had to have the shot.


Read this and tell me you’re recovering from Covid…


My experience is the people that fear you having a gun are the ones that don’t trust themselves with a gun. Those that are on drugs for mental depression problems and those that complain and shat themselves when they see a gun are also part of the crowd that need the drugs they are not taking.

Guns are not dangerous, people are.


I had a brother in law that wouldn’t carry a gun or own one because he didn’t trust himself if he got pissed. Good thing I’d say in his case. HAD is because he got divorced due to his violent abusive behavior towards my sister in law and three kids.


But, but, but…you’re so deplorable! LOL!


The hallmark of a totalitarian government is propaganda. Governments engaging in propaganda campaigns do so because they must rule by fear and not by reason. Our public monopoly, mandatory pubic education system is the foundation of that propaganda machine and has been for nearly fifty years. Once the New Left Progressives took over that taxpayer funded leviathan the thought control began. End result: armed patriots protecting their families and neighbors are. a threat to national security but so-called medical professionals who exterminate God’s most precious, Babies in the womb are heroes. Propaganda will have its effect on those who prefer… Read more »


Hochul’s full of cancer.


She is “Cancer”


Must be brain cancer.


And the interesting thing is we have been propagandized to the point that almost know one realizes the USA has been communist for quite some time now. Tell me where this is wrong. The 10th plank is that school system you mention. COMMUNISM…American Style!


Biden , Hochul , Murphy are all tyrants that fear a free and armed society as it stands in the way of thier dictatorship. They can all go to hell I will never comply thier bullshit . Not getting in thier boxcar for the trainride . F☆CK THEM ALL !


NO…HANG them all! My d*** would rot off if it got NEAR Hochul.


I couldn’t listen to more than a minute and a half of Hochul’s crap. And I’m usually not inclined to use such earthy language. Where is a mention of the no bail, cut’m loose court system or the low sentencing for felonies or the early release of felons, including murderers? Nothing! You know the rest. New Yorkers elected her–they deserve her.


Crap Hole Politicians for a Crap Hole Town


but then again…maybe they DIDN’T elect her with all the election fraud going on!


That is why we have so called constitutional carry in more then half the states.

And shall issue in most of the rest.

A few states doing nasty things do not mean a trend for the rest of the country.


Yes, that is good, but what is a person to do in those states when the legislature toggles to the other side and rescinds the constitutional carry? What when they decide they maybe will not shall issue a government permit to exercise your true Constitutionally recognized rights? Do you hand in your weapons? Or, we could just start exercising our real Constitutional rights.


Last edited 1 month ago by HLB

You are correct Sir ! All of our victories in concealed/ Constitutional carry can vanish in the next set of stolen elections. The Uniparty is getting more powerful every day as evidenced by the number of RINOS that crawled out of the woodwork on this latest Budget bill passing with the help of 18 so called Republicans.


So I have a Trump theory. I think he will end up running in what will be a true 3rd party. The MAGA Party. We will not win the presidency. 🙁 We will however win many House and Senate seats. 50 million at least voters is enough to stall all portions of the 2 party government. I think the republicans will lose more than 1/2 of their hold on the People. The Democrats may lose some. I can only hope that in my lifetime I get to see the MAGA party truly thrive and prevent all this craziness. God bless… Read more »


Do what I did even in a permit state. CARRY ANYHOW in the face of prosecution. Florida still has a felony waiting for you if you carry without PERMISSION. I carried there for 10 years without their permission. If I would have had to deal with it, I would have. And who knows? I just might have shot an ENFORCER of that edict in the head.


And people are leaving those crap hole states by the droves and heading to red states.

Protect defend serve

I agree 100% with Deplorable Bill. God given rights by a just and righteous, yet merciful God. Our Constitution guarantees our government shall protect our God given rights , not take them away. There are a multitude of places in Scripture that tells of God ( Old and New Testament) defending weak, helpless people, as well as Him being a warrior. Our government should ENCOURAGE not discourage safe firearms handling, education about firearms, and training. But that would go against the power seeking individuals and good intentioned ignorant people who are afraid because they follow the mantra without knowledge. They… Read more »


Uh, I believe that was Samson, not Jesus.
Samson was a FFL ( Faithful Follower of the Lord )
Merry Christmas , Patriots !


That was Samson from the Old Testament that slayed 1,000 Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. Buck toothed Hochul would call it an illegal Assault Jawbone.


That would have been Samson.
Even the non-religious could benefit from some light
introduction to biblical study. Just to advance conversation.


NO, that was Samson, not Jesus.


“The Second Amendment, unlike the First or any other Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Has a tenacity that, when unleashed, a ferocity that scares the dickens of the proponents of a world empire and world domination, as well it should.” this poorly written sentence is nevertheless true. the left/progressives use words and/or change the meanings of words to push propaganda, i.e., marriage, men and women, choice, vaccine. they use ambiguous words meant to scare uninformed people into believing what they have to say is true. and they outright lie much of the time. they claim these laws are for “public… Read more »

Dubi Loo

Replace Hockeypuck with PRICKster and New York with Illinois and you’d be in my world.


The sheep will learn to love their wolves. Such is the case in any progressive or socialist utopia.


They already love them. Look at what happened in the midterms. Of course that’s *if* you still believe in an honest voting system.


The “Stockholm Syndrome” on steroids.


Isn’t PRICKster that spoiled Jewish boy, born with a silver spoon in his fat mouth? I hear between two elections; he spent 360 million dollars of his own money so he could play Tyrant King of Illinoistan.

Dubi Loo

Correct on all counts.


“The fear of the Tyrant is always that the common people will revolt against his Tyranny.” As Thomas Jefferson has been claimed to say…”When the government fears the people there is freedom, when the people fear the government there is tyranny.” Well FREEDOM comes from those first 13 words being in force and effect of the 2nd amendment. They are NECESSARY for the SECURITY of a free state of existence. But unfortunately… “A regrettably large share of our legal experiences operate not in the shadow of the Constitution and its constraints, but rather in the shadow of explicitly unconstitutional rules,… Read more »


I watched the video. How arrogant of her to say states have rights. People have rights, not states. She is ignorant of this basic civic fact. This Marxist practitioner then has the temerity to state that “restrictions” are necessary for an explicitly worded basic, fundamental Constitutional right that states in part; “The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. This overeducated narcissistic, hysteric, fear mongering wench is as smart as a box of hammers. When is a right supposed to be restricted?


I hopefully touched a nerve. (chuckle)!


She and her cohorts may not overrule the Constitution. See Marbury v Madison, 1803. An illegal law in effect for over a hundred years is not a precedent. States have a right to self-defense, as do individuals. Also, a right to repel invasion.


And exactly how do “states” accomplish those tasks?


First, you need the political will and the force necessary to do it.


You’re not being fair to hammers. “When is a right supposed to be restricted?” NEVER. PERIOD. Or it isn’t a RIGHT.

Last edited 1 month ago by CourageousLion