War on Washington Gun Owners, Governor Announces 2023 Agenda

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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has announced a new push for restrictive gun control measures in 2023. IMG iStock-534364755

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Evergreen State gun owners are on high alert as the full impact of legislative proposals announced Monday by Gov. Jay Inslee and fellow Democrat Attorney General Bob Ferguson are sinking in.

They are proposing legislation to require permits to purchase firearms, a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” and lawsuits against firearms manufacturers for crimes committed with guns they made. Perhaps emboldened by the passage of Measure 114 in neighboring Oregon—which included the purchase permit and training requirement—Inslee, Ferguson, and other anti-gun Democrats are forging ahead to make the 2023 legislative session a battle over gun rights, according to critics.

According to the Centralia Chronicle, Republican State Rep. Jim Walsh of the state’s 19th District has come out swinging. He called the proposals “a waste of taxpayers’ time and money,” and he predicted the courts would overturn them all.

In a release from Ferguson’s office, the attorney general noted:

“A July poll, sponsored by The Seattle Times, KING 5, the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public and Washington State University’s Murrow College of Communication, found that more than 60 percent of Washingtonians support a ban on assault weapons in the state. More Washingtonians supported a ban than opposed it on both sides of the Cascades, the poll found.

“A poll released in June performed by Public Policy Polling for the Northwest Progressive Institute similarly found that 56 percent of Washington voters support a ban on the sale of assault weapons.”

The reaction from some in the Second Amendment community has been a simple question: Since when are constitutional rights subject to the whims of public opinion polls?

Inslee opened his remarks by observing, “We lose over 800 Washingtonians a year to gun violence,” without acknowledging the majority of those fatalities are suicides.

He stated, “You need to get a license to drive a car in the state of Washington. You need to get a license to go fishing. It’s time to get a license to make sure you have the safety training to purchase a gun in the state of Washington. And it’s high time we pass a bill to make sure you get a permit before you purchase a firearm.”

One high-profile critic of the proposals was morning talk radio host John Carlson at Seattle’s KVI-AM. He reminded his audience that driving and recreational fishing are privileges while owning a firearm is a right protected by both the Washington State and U.S. constitutions.

As noted by the Spokane Spokesman-Review, Democrat State Sen. Jamie Pedersen of Seattle and Rep. David Hackney (D-Tukwila) will sponsor the legislation aimed at holding gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed with firearms. This legislation could run headlong into the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, passed during the George W. Bush administration. Efforts to repeal that law will be unsuccessful in the next Congress, with Republicans controlling the U.S. House of Representatives.

During his remarks, Ferguson contended, “These policies will save lives and ensure that the gun industry faces real consequences for irresponsible sales and marketing practices.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Patty Kuderer (D-Bellevue) and Rep. Strom Peterson (D-Edmonds) will sponsor the “assault weapons” ban legislation.

The pattern is clear to Washington gun owners: This new offensive is mounted by Democrats, who apparently are buoyed by the non-appearance of a “red wave” in November, thanks in part to lower-than-predicted conservative voter turnout.

As previously reported by Ammoland, tenets of Oregon’s Measure 114 are already being challenged in federal and state court. A Circuit judge in Harney County has blocked the permit-to-purchase process from taking effect until a trial can be held to determine whether it is legal.

The federal lawsuits are challenging both the permit requirement and the ban on magazines capable of holding more than ten cartridges. The result of all these legal actions is that every major gun rights organization in the country have focused their attention on Oregon. The same will likely happen of the Inslee/Ferguson gun control package becomes law north of the Columbia River.

Earlier this year, Washington Democrats pushed through a ban on so-called “large capacity magazines” and that law is already being challenged in federal court.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Bruen ruling in June, about the only certainty is that passage of these measures will bring a flood of legal challenges.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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“Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience.” ~ John Locke (1690)


The Red Wave that didn’t appear?

Washington State has mail in balloting, plus I’ll give you ONE guess as to WHICH company provides tabulation equipment and software for the three most populous counties of Pugetopia.

Look back in history to the Gregoire governor ‘election.’

It took THREE ‘recounts’ to defeat Rossi, but of course, Dimslee and Sideshow Bob say we have a ‘very secure’ election process…

Last edited 1 month ago by Straight-Shootr

1st-I agree 100% mail in voting stinks. It could work properly, it does in my county, we have an honest county auditor and most importantly staff that’s honest too. We also have for the past 2 cycles have had a full regime of conservative ballot watchers. I forgot to sign my primary ballot envelope this year and before I could use the ballot tracking system the auditor called me and asked if I wanted an affidavit mailed to me or would I like to stop by the office to sign it there. I vote early as should everyone, I had… Read more »


The problem is that there’s no unbroken chain of security with mail-in ballots, regardless of what anybody tells you.


in theory there is, when the ballots are put into the drop boxes. Reality is likely another fairy tale. Further, there is NO safeguard against balot harvesting and illegal ballots being put into those boxes. Mail the ballots out, yes, but require the actual voter to show up somewhere, hand the sealed ballot across a counter or something like, provide state issued ID to prove you are whom youclaim to be, voter’s name checked off the list (so cant vote again) submitted ballot then goes into secure cases with guarded chain if custody right through tallying, all ballots retained securely… Read more »


More like “Purgatopia.”

Last edited 1 month ago by TGP389

it took three new batches of “ballots” to GET counted to add up to enough to push the “Kweene” over the top by a young gnat’s eyelash.


Tio – note as well that as soon as they got over that eyelash threshold, they declared the election ‘over’ and that was that.

David in WA

I am convinced that Trump won in 2016 because “they” (the left) were so overconfident in their misinformation campaign and polling predictions of a 99% chance of winning, that they didn’t have their cheats in place to reverse it.
Fast forward to 2020, they have this landslide election WITH JOE BIDEN winning by 8m votes, the most votes ever recorded for a president (with Trump losing with the 2nd most votes ever.)
Go figure.


A lot of voters, correctly or not, turned against Trump for a number of reasons. I could not vote for him or Sleepy Joe. I have voted Libertarian for the last three national elections.


Trump played an oversized roll in the red non-wave. Now he is the Democrats biggest hope for 2024.

Pa John

A DuckDuckGo search for “Why France strictly limits mail in ballots”: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Why+France+strictly+limits+mail+in+ballots&atb=v340-1&ia=web Many nations outright ban or at least strictly limit mail-in ballots – opting for IN PERSON VOTING with ID requirements instead – and for very good reasons. Anyone sufficiently interested can quickly learn the history for how and why this came to be, perhaps even by simply clicking the above search link just to get started. And then U.S. citizens can wonder why the American left is now outright INSISTING that we repeat all the mistakes already made by those European countries. who’ve already learned the hard way… Read more »

Rob J

A 63.82% voter turnout didn’t help either. Going by county records it is easy to see exactly what happened, too many were disillusioned into believing their vote doesn’t count. https://results.vote.wa.gov/results/20221108/turnout.html

It certainly doesn’t if it’s never cast!


The ban on the mags and the guns aren’t going to make any difference because very few if any will turn them in just like what happened in new York. In addition, we don’t let wussys tell us what we can and cannot do like they do on the east coast.


I predict a more active interstate trade in components that are not BATF regulated between residents of the uppr left corner of the map, and other states more central.
there well may also be a surge in production of CNC produced chunks of aluminium, brass, hard plastics, etc.


And CT. I read somewhere that the turn-in rate was between 5% and 15%.


Once the People of the State of Washington wake up to the fact that state law (snce passage being slow-walked through the orrupt ourts here) defines even the Ruger 10/,22 rifle as an “assault weapon” their propose ban on them might not pass as easily as they are thinking it will.


Tio – unfortunately far too many of the urban/suburban dwellers are at heart city slickers whose livelihoods depend on the largesse of their lords and masters, not nearly enough of them will wake up soon enough – if at all. Can you hear the bleating of the sheeple??


First, this —> “More Washingtonians supported a ban than opposed it on both sides of the Cascades, the poll found.” This is flat out bull$h1!, east side of the cascades, no way would this be supported. It’s Seattle plan and simple that will decide for us. Just like Portland passed measure 114. Now to Tionico – Clearly you aren’t from a state where the liberals from the big cities control the rest of the state. I get so sick of comments like this saying that the people of the state need to wake up, these urban dwellers will NEVER wake… Read more »

Rob J

Thanks for the info Dave! I’ll be spending a lot of time, once again, writing and calling the state legislature on these issues. I urge every citizen of WA (and any other state facing upcoming unconstitutional legislation) to do the same. Sign up to speak out on the legislative floor if you can, it is quite easy to do and your presence in the gallery is always helpful! Here in WA you can easily contact your legislators in response to specific bills, by clicking the “Comment” button, or by emailing ll the legislature individually. I will try to get a… Read more »


Dave informative as usual. While inns lee can and does talk a ‘good’ game and is very glib, his true colors always come out. Remember how many terms he served in south central WA before we tossed him out. The dems pulled the same stunt with him over in north king county and eventually foisted him on the whole state. I guess the city slickers are a lot easier to fool than us country rubes were. As noted by Tionico, him and fergie convinced enough urbanites/suburbanites to declare the 10/22 as an evil ‘assault weapon’ a while back. Something that… Read more »


Inslee needs some Constitutional learning. Driver’s license is considered a privilege, owning a firearm is a “God given right”! Remove him and send him on a boat to a “gun free country”, like china!

Last edited 1 month ago by 2AGunster
Rob J

Newly introduced HB1066 (prefiled 12/22/2022) seeks to “clarify” and “condense” amendments currently passed as well as expand the duties of law enforcement actions during a “domestic violence” response. Bear in mind that WA has a mandatory arrest law when responding to DV calls and the below applies even if no firearm was involved in any way. Simply having a firearm present at the location in a secured locking storage container (as required by law) applies. HB1066 Part 1 “(3)(a) A peace officer who responds to a domestic violence call and has probable cause to believe that a crime has been… Read more »


The democrat party is out of control full totalitarian.
Our Constitutional Rights are meaningless.
Democrats offer nothing more than abortion, and LGBTQ lifestyle allowances.
They tried bans, but had no registry.
Now their strategy is to build a registry through “permits to purchase” and state background checks for firearm and ammunition purchases.
If the courts can not reign them in in short order, this will not end well.
These registry building schemes can not be allowed to build a registry over the course of 10 years as this is settled in the court system.


“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its own natural manure.” Thomas Jefferson