Lawsuit to Protect Marginalized Peoples’ Right to Own Firearms

Amicus Curiae

USA – -( The Historically Discriminated Coalition has filed an amicus brief in the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon opposing the implementation of Measure 114. The coalition is comprised of four groups: National African American Gun Association, Inc. (NAAGA), Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association (APAGOA), DC Project Foundation, Inc. (DCPF), and Operation Blazing Sword, Inc. (operating as Operation Blazing Sword – Pink Pistols) (OBSPP).

The brief was filed by attorneys and former state representatives Michael McLane and Matthew Wand on January 13, 2023.

The brief contends that Oregon Measure 114 delays and arbitrarily denies marginalized groups the Second Amendment right to own firearms as a means of self-defense.

It seeks the protection of the federal court because of the historical precedence of discrimination in Oregon against African Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, women, and LGBTQ people.

“Much like North Carolina’s Pistol Purchase Permit, a Jim Crow-era law which uses subjective criteria to deny black people the ability to own a handgun for protection, Measure 114 fails to clearly define what does and does not disqualify applicants,” said Erin Palette, founder of Operation Blazing Sword and National Coordinator of Pink Pistols. “Moreover, Measure 114 applies to all firearms, not just handguns, and so in this manner it drinks deeper from the tainted well of discrimination and gives local police the unprecedented ability to deny the right to keep and bear arms to anyone they choose for any reason.”

“Measure 114 does not make me or any other woman safer. It makes us less safe,” said Candy Yow, Oregon coordinator for DC Project Foundation. “When you make it more difficult for women to protect themselves, criminals are emboldened. Women have the constitutional right to protect themselves.”

“Measure 114 degrades the rights of gun owners and prevents people who are attempting to protect themselves from harm by placing financial obstacles to purchase a gun and exercise the most precious right they have, the Second Amendment,” said Philip Smith, President of NAAGA. “The requirement of having to buy a gun permit is in effect a tax on the Second Amendment. This is wrong and will be damaging to those folks, especially in poorer communities where budgets are already stretched. It now costs more to get the gun that you want and need because of Measure 114.”

“Measure 114 is detrimental for not only Asian Pacific Americans, but for all Americans who want to exercise their right to self-defense,” said Patrick Lopez, President of APAGOA. “The rise of racist attacks against Asian Pacific Americans over the past few years was eye-opening for the Asian Pacific American community. We will defend ourselves and we will not be easy targets or victims.”

Amicus Brief in Lawsuit to Protect Marginalized Peoples’ Right to Own Firearms

NAAGA was founded in 2015 to defend the Second Amendment rights of members of the African American community. With more than 50,000 members who reside in every state and the District of Columbia, NAAGA’s mission is to establish a fellowship by educating about the rich legacy of gun ownership by African Americans, offering training that supports safe gun use for self-defense and sportsmanship, and advocating for the inalienable right to self-defense for African Americans.

APAGOA was founded in 2021 to create a community of gun owners with an Asian Pacific American Heritage. APAGOA advocates for strong firearms safety, education, and community building initiatives by providing educational materials and other supportive resources to its members and other interested parties.

The DC Project Foundation was founded in 2016 by retired police officer and professional shooting competitor, Dianna Muller. The nationwide, non-partisan organization of women believe the gun rights are women’s rights, and that education, not legislation, is the key to firearms safety and violence prevention. There are over 3000 members.

Operation Blazing Sword, Inc. was established in 2016, the day after the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shootings, to advocate on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) firearm owners, with specific emphasis on self-defense. It has over 1,500 volunteer firearm instructors in nearly 1,000 locations across all 50 states. Pink Pistols, founded in 2000 and incorporated into Operation Blazing Sword in 2018, is a shooting society that honors gender and sexual diversity and advocates the responsible use of firearms for self-defense.

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Matt in Oklahoma

I know it’s a tactic to battle the legal stuff but I’m sure tired of hearing this marginalized bs


Oh, I love this so much. Now it looks like America is waking up and the government is finally hearing from WE the PEOPLE. People of all creeds and beliefs are coming together in multiple groups as one and the ones that are doing so actually have opposing views on other subjects. I love it. It’s just like I told the wife when uncle joe backed getting rid of gas stoves. I looked at her and said, this might be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Now he will piss off everyone no matter what color no matter what… Read more »

Patriot Solutions

Since when, can a 100% corrupted legal system, be counted on to render fair judgments in any case that is tried there? Just look at the reversal of Roe v. Wade last year for a prime example of what I am talking about here! The USSC/SCOTUS made a decision in 1973, which was allowed to stand for 49 years, even though it was a mistake! Both Kagan and Alito were said to have called it an EGREGIOUS error! If that decision was not an error in the first place, then there wouldn’t be ANY kind of a justification/grounds for reversing… Read more »


“A regrettably large share of our legal experiences operate not in the shadow of the Constitution and its constraints, but rather in the shadow of explicitly unconstitutional rules, actions, and orders. In the time it takes for improper Executive Orders to be reined in, for illicit administrative decisions to be corrected, and for misinterpretations of constitutional power to be overturned, so much of society’s activity is framed by what we might call the not-Constitution — all those acts of government that are deemed illegal only after they have caused enduring harm. A most troubling aspect of government power is its… Read more »


what does gay rights have to do with anything. why is this always being brought up. rhetorical question only.

AZ Lefty

In this case nothing since the law is the same for all sexual persuasions and races; it is a attempt at self victimhood by these groups.

While the law is crap does not discriminate against a specific group or class


They are dealing with a rather leftist government in leftist courts. Since it is practically illegal to speak ill of members of the protected classes – it makes great sense to attack on this basis. This is strategy and tactics in legal action. Has no basis in fact or logic and does not have to for current purpose. One could however argue that gays and POC face higher risk to violence and are thus in even more need of self-protection tools. I for one would never argue that LGBTQ should be only ones with means to protect themselves – but… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, you have it.


If we are going to be all in for “diversity”, then I should be able to voice my opposition to special rights for gay, trans, etc, without be called out as a hater, racist. But we all know CRT, equity, and wokeness objectives are all strategies to move us toward Marxism.


I would say it is a strategy to install statism.

concentration of economic controls and planning in the hands of a highly centralized government often extending to government ownership of industry.

Translation: “We the elites, will dictate how you live.”

The ideology of the elites is irrelevant. They fully intend to control all.

Wild Bill

I never thought that these kinds of groups would ever be good for anything worthwhile. Pursuant to the political correctness of our times, however, they can not be denied any demand that they make. Therefore their demands for Second Amendment Rights can not be contested, and that will benefit … us.




Nothing. But in this case, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Country Boy

Does “One Nation ,Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice For All” ring a bell?


Hey 3 percenter if you are out there. I just received about 12 emails from you from about 3 months ago. Did you have the same happen to you with mine?

Did anyone else have that happen to them? Something is going on. That’s a strange glitch.


I did, I thought it odd, also. Think we might be getting tracked by the BAFTE?


Well, if you ever find yourself being railroaded into the legal system, just demand to see it in writing, where you are guaranteed to actually GET a fair trial in it! No such guarantee can ever be made, because the legal system is owned and operated by fallible men and women! If the USSC/SCOTUS can make such a huge error in Roe v. Wade, and then let it stand for 49 years, would you trust them to rule on even your car parking ticket? I sure wouldn’t!! Expose the fraud, and you will win, because the legal system is supposed… Read more »


Right on brother !


On Ammoland? Are you suggesting that this could possibly be a site where they try and get people to say things against the government and they are looking for people that are making threats or calling for war against our government? Not Ammoland, ya think? I am almost positive that could be a possibility. Now the question is, is our receiving them an accident or is it a warning letting us know? This would not have happened without some kind of a query on the system. Either way it doesn’t matter. I haven’t said or done anything that they can… Read more »


Oldman. Who were the emails that they sent you from? I know someone is watching because I had a response on hold and it was approved in about 10 minutes. Record speed.


Mine were from 3%er


Thank you. I hope he read that.


My reply to you is awaiting approval. All it said was that the emails were sent from 3%er


There we go, it finally went through.


awaiting approval on 2 replys to you mm


Unfortunately I have to go to another town to get my truck so I won’t be able to send emails while driving. I will see what I can do while I wait for it at another location. Valve adjustment, at one place then brake switch and oil change at another.


Yep. It’s too bad two or three blue spots dictated to the best parts of oregone how it’s going to be.


Did the replies ever clear? Just got back. 1,035.00 for the truck. The dodge dealer said my oil needed to be changed. I had the oil changed and drove.3 miles to their shop. So glad I am not a woman. They really do screw you if you don’t know what is going on.


Good grief! Last time I had the oil changed on one of my vehicles, I checked my air filter before I took it in. While there, the tech came out and showed me a REALLY dirty air filter that came out of ‘a vehicle’ , he said, ‘ mine’ . NOT! I was so pissed I wanted to strangle him. Instead of that I thanked him and said just put it back in and I will buy one on my way home and do it myself. He was going to charge me 49.99 to put a new one in. Of… Read more »


Did you check to see that he didn’t put the old dirty one back in? I have heard that before. If I send my wife I prepare her and she is mechanically inclined. They tried to take her on a ride that she was low a quart of oil. She said gee, I need to talk to my husband who changed the oil a week ago about how he is slipping. She said the guy looked at her turned and walked away.


Sorry I forgot to open the file. I have friends telling me to sue. LOL for what. All the other guys? They didn’t get me except a extra 10 bucks on the light switch and I can live with that like I told them, they have to eat too.


BTW, I never got anymore 3 month old reminders in my inbox.


Yes, I just had that one stack of 10 or 15 myself. I know something is going on. I know computer programming and I am not stupid.


Time for a glass of wine.


Well, I hope you have kids that are deserving. Myself, it would go to the niece and nephew and they are permanently on the shit list until the apologize and they said that will never happen. What they don’t know is that our house was in their names, our life insurance for 175,000 needs to be pulled and then there are the vehicles and all the contents inside the house that are all paid for including the motorhome if there are any payments left when we die. They have no idea what they have lost. We think we are going… Read more »


Did you see where Oldman got emails like me too?
Something is funny in paradise.


they were from you about 3 months ago. I just set up a new computer and logged into ammoland on it….strange


Yes I saw them also .