President of Taurus-Brazil Proposes Gun Control In Home Country

Totally Unsurprisingly, Brazil Begins Gun Bans Ahead of Lula Inauguration, iStock-1438967019
Totally Unsurprisingly, Brazil Begins Gun Bans Ahead of Lula Inauguration, iStock-1438967019

BRASILIA, Brazil -( The President of Associação Nacional da Indústria de Armas e Munições (ANIAM), which is a joint venture between Taurus and Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC), Salesio Nuhs, issued a letter pushing gun control in Brazil. The letter was sent and signed by Nuhs as the President of ANIAM. Nuhs also holds the title of President of Taurus Brazil. Taurus in Brazil is separate from the U.S. entity of Taurus Holdings Inc., but the Brazilian branch produces most Taurus firearms.

Brazil is going through a period of turmoil that saw right-leaning President Jair Bolsonaro replaced by far-leftist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Much like the latest US Presidential elections, many Brazilians felt the election was stolen from Bolsonaro. These protestors took to the street to protest the election results. They ended up occupying some government buildings leading many to call it an attempted coup and some left-leaning politicians in America to compare it to the January 6 protest.

During President Bolsonaro’s administration, he relaxed gun regulations, letting the average Brazilian own firearms instead of just the country’s elite. President Lula da Silva pushed an anti-gun narrative and blamed some of the election unrest on the Brazilian gun community. Brazilian gun owners call this claim false.

“A lot of fake news is being produced accusing shooters of riots and violence,” one Brazilian competitive shooter told AmmoLand News. “It is not true that we are mobilizing through entities like Pro Armas, CEARME, to try to reverse this process, but within the democratic process and the laws that govern us.”

President Lula da Silva has introduced measures to limit firearms ownership in the South American country. He seems to have found an unlikely ally in his war against guns. A letter (embedded below) was sent to President Lula da Silva’s office from the Associação Nacional da Indústria de Armas e Munições (ANIAM), which is a joint venture between Taurus and Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC), asked the new government to enact gun control laws while giving Taurus a near monopoly on domestic firearm sales. The letter was signed by ANIAM President Salesio Nuhs.

Mr. Nuhs stated that the previous administration made it too easy for the average Brazilian to get guns through Collectors, Shooters, and Hunters (CAC) registration.

CAC registration opened firearms ownership for specific purposes, such as subsistence hunting. Self-defense isn’t an acceptable reason for the Brazilian government. The Taurus president asked the new government to crack down on people they saw as exploiting the law.

“However, what we saw was a flood of ordinary citizens claiming CAC registration to gain access to weapons, including those for restricted use, and be able to carry them under the argument of carrying transit for displacements,” the letter read.

ANIAM also asked the government to crack down on firearms and ammunition imports. The crackdown would cut down on the competition that Taurus faces in Brazil. Some Brazilians think that Taurus is trying to carve out Brazilian markets all to themselves.

“There was also a widespread release of imported weapons and ammunition, without due control and with tax incentives. Ammunition is being imported without proper markings, and weapons and ammunition are imported without being released through computerized control systems, such as SICOVEM and SICOFA,” Nuhs writes.

The president of Taurus Brazil gave the government his recommendations for firearms laws. The most shocking proposal is that Brazil forms its own version of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

This agency, in Nuhs eyes, will have the ability to establish controls for firearms and have the power of inspection to ensure compliance with firearms laws. The agency will also have the power to seize guns from the people.

“Among the agency’s attributions will be the stratification of the categories of gun purchasers, putting an end to the trivialization carried out with the CAC category. It will also be responsible for establishing the quantities of weapons and ammunition authorized for each category, creating computerized and online controls, carrying out the integration between SIGMA and SINARM, establishing the means of inspection, penalties, defining the procedure and the allocation of weapons seized or in non-compliance with the legislation, in addition to establishing the deadlines for the entry into force of the new regulations,” the letter reads.

The Nuhs letter also proposed limiting the calibers of ammunition civilians could acquire and use. The only calibers that average citizens under Nuhs proposal could own would be .38, .357, .380, and 9mm. All rifle calibers are only allowed for restricted use, such as subsistence hunting.

The proposal would see almost all imports cease. Imports would only be allowed in “exceptional” cases. If there Is a domestic alternative, then that firearm would be strictly prohibited from being imported, ending all competition. This rule was previously in effect before President Bolsonaro opened up the market, making firearms cheaper for Brazilians.

“Return to the previous rule, importation only in exceptional cases and as long as there is no national similar. Revocation of tax incentives. Ensuring equality between the national and imported product, which today enjoys tax and regulatory benefits and facilities, to the detriment of the national industry, which, in addition to being unconstitutional, violates the END, approved by the Government under President Lula. Re-establish inspection of imported products, making marking mandatory on products and their packaging and carrying out control through electronic systems (SICOVEM, SICOFA, SIREM, SIP…),” the letter reads.

The amount of ammunition and firearms a citizen could own would be reduced. The number of firearms a Brazilian could own would be reduced from six to four. If Nuhs has his way, only one gun would be allowed per residence.

“Restore the previous procedure, excluding the presumption of effective necessity, which, again, now has to be declared. Acquisition of weapons only for permitted use and with reduced quantity, going from 6 weapons to up to 4, with the possibility of having only one weapon in each residence, up to a total limit of 4 weapons. Possession of a weapon, one in each household, aims to prevent the transport and circulation of weapons in national territory,” writes Nuhs.

The Nuhs letter also would like to see an updated registry to track all firearms and ammunition. The guns would be tracked in a single database consisting of all transfers, including those made by the manufacturers, dealers, and end users. He claims this system would mean an easier time carrying out inspections at shops and residences.

The Nuhs letter also suggests that the country separate the country’s shooters into categories. These categories would determine the type of firearms a gun owner could own.

Stratify the CAC category according to need, as follows:

  • Beginner Sport Shooter (ADI): only permitted weapons.
  • Full sport shooter (ADP): for weapons for restricted use, proof is required that the weapon claimed is provided for in the rules of practice, national or international, of the shooting modality practiced by the acquirer.
  • High-performance sports shooter (ADA): equal to the advanced, with the amount of weapons and ammunition adequate to the training needs.
  • Subsistence hunter (CS): maintains the current rule that was established by the Government of the elected president.
  • Hunter Control (CC): Restricted use of weapons only if suitable for slaughtering animals authorized and as long as it is registered with IBAMA.
  • Collector (CO): The circulation of arms and ammunition is prohibited, except for exhibition duly authorized by the regulatory agency.

Finally, the gun owners would not be allowed to transport their firearms with ammunition, except for subsistence hunters, but they would be limited to one registered firearm.

Taurus Brasil, for their part, claims that the company was trying to head off more gun control through “compromise.” The Brazilian people do not have the protection of the Second Amendment. Taurus might be trying to keep the Brazilian market open for gun owners. The Brazilian Confederation of Shooting Sports (CBTE), which is funded by Taurus and CBC, has put out statements in support of Mr. Salesio Nuhs proposals.  LRCA Defense Consulting, which reports on the Brazilian defense industry, has also released a letter from “shooters and shopkeepers” supporting the position of the Taurus CEO.

Some have compared the tactic that Taurus is using to how the NRA has agreed to back certain gun control actions to prevent more extreme measures from being passed. There are two different states of thought. One is to give in a little to prevent more damage to gun rights, and the other is more of a GOA stance of “no compromise.” The Brazilian people will have to decide which path is best for them.

AmmoLand News reached out to Taurus USA about the actions of the President of Taurus in Brazil. Bret Vorhees, President and CEO of Taurus Holdings Inc. (USA), issued the following statement.

In light of the recent and ongoing developments in Brazil, I feel it’s important to emphasize this fact first and foremost: Taurus USA, headquartered in Bainbridge, GA in the United States, is absolutely committed to protecting and defending not only the Second Amendment, but the inherent right to self-defense held by all human beings. We have never, and will never waver from this obligation.

As President of the US operations of Taurus, I am not intimately involved in Brazilian politics, nor will I pretend to understand the intricacies of what is happening in Brazil today. What I will say is Taurus is driven by pro-gun individuals worldwide, and any claim that our company wants to strip the rights of gun owners not only goes against who we are as individuals, but also is counterintuitive to our efforts as a successful company in our industry.

Brazilian gun owners do not enjoy the constitutional protection offered to Americans by the Second Amendment. The election of President Lula would have been disastrous for legal gun owners in Brazil, and quite likely would have resulted in the end of legal gun ownership in Brazil. It’s only through the actions and intercession of our parent company and Salesio himself that this was averted. In fact, through months of work, Salesio was able to secure an expansion of firearms access for Brazilian gun allowing them to now legally access 9mm caliber firearms, which were previously restricted to military and law enforcement prior to Balsonaro becoming President.

Again, Taurus USA is fully committed to preserving gun rights and the Second Amendment. While I do not feel we need to comment on a policy issue in a foreign country, we do stand in solidarity with gun owners in Brazil.

Documents: President of Taurus Brazil Proposal of Gun Control In Home Country

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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And just like that, Taurus sales in the USA dried up.


…or at least should!


If Taurus USA employees / Officers are smart they will break fully with Taurus Brazil as I predict a justified major reduction in US sales.


There’s ALWAYS work at the other USA Arms and AMMO plants.


Beretta is building a big factory in Georgia, the next State up.


Elections have consequences. It’s a shame that the Brazilian government does not recognize the natural right of their citizens to keep and bear arms.

This becomes yet another reason to avoid Taurus.

Green Mtn. Boy

You mean besides their poor product quality control.


The TX 22 is a solid product for the price. I believe they have a few others as well. But this move will destroy any advancement they had made in the past. There are just to many options out there these days. But there will be some people that will not care or know of this move also. IMO this move will hurt more than it helps.


Which has improved greatly.


I think what you mean, at least in this case, and in a recent election here, is that stolen elections have consequences.


Especially STOLEN elections.


The newly elected Brazilian President and his lackeys are full blown Communists. The entire court system and a good number of the military, police etc. have been infiltrated by Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan Intelligence agents. Those countries are also sending their highly trained urban guerilla fighters up here, setting up inside cities like Chicago, St Louis, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta etc..If ya’ll thought BLM/Antifa riots were bad in 2020, just wait until 2024 – if they see someone like President Trump or Ron DeSantis making a solid move and will get elected – boom. All at once, chaos, riots, martial law… Read more »


“…trying to head off more gun control through “compromise””
The problem with so-called “compromise” is that is a One-Way Street.


Salesio Nuhs sounds like Brazil’s/Taurus’ Bill Ruger.


I don’t think Bill Ruger ever lived that down.


Probably not.


No, he didn’t. Lucky for us he’s long gone and Ruger is a whole new company now.


I have been eyeing up a few of their products lately. But for over 20 years I bought nothing from them.


I feel you. I don’t hold anything against Ruger considering Bill is long dead and they have a history of not only continuing to make standard capacity magazines but also many of the firearms anti-2A people would love to ban. Ruger is a whole different company now than when Bill ran it.

Springfield and Rock River, on the other hand, are still ran by the same sellouts and they’ll never get another dime from me as long as that’s the case. Or until they come clean and beg forgiveness.


Current Ruger CEO Chris Killoy kissed the government’s arse at US Rep Mahoney’s (D-NY) Congressional Hearings in 2022. He told Mahoney he fully supports the NFA, GCA and ATF.
Feck Ruger!


Imagine that! Crappy quality control and anti-gun hierarchy seem to go hand-in-hand at some gun companies.


Rugers current CEO is following the Bill Ruger model of kissing the government’s arse in case you weren’t aware.
His obeisance at the feet of US Rep Mahoney’s (D-NY) Congressional Hearings in 2022 were Bill Ruger’s all over again, when he told Mahoney he fully supports the NFA, GCA and the ATF.
Feck Ruger!


Do you have a link?


I own one Tauras and it will be the only one I ever buy . Thier future looks bleak if ya ask me after this move . Tyrants doing what tyrants do best is what it sounds like .




Mr. Vorhees’ statement rings hollow. Until he condemns the statement of the Taurus Brazil President, nothing else he says means anything. Saying he doesn’t understand the politics there is a side-step of the issue. It wasn’t a politician that said it, but a company official!


Won’t buy their crappy guns anyway, just re-enforces my decision.


Looks like Taurus shot itself in the proverbial foot. 2A supporters of the “free world” market will not take this action lightly; and we never forget. Taurus USA had better publicly dissolve any/all relationship with Taurus Brazil – and fast.

Roland T. Gunner

I agree with the sentiment, but if Taurus USA totslly divorces from Taurus Brazil (the manufactuer), what products will Taurus USA have to sell?


There’s always more design engineers for new ideas.


I will never foul my hands on any Taurus product. Sadly, most prospective firearm owners will know nothing of what Taurus stands for. They will only look at pricepoint…I say buy Hi-Point!

Watch um

So you have clean hands, and yes HI Point guns are made in the USA. They shoot and also be used as a club because they are so heavy. I wish they could reduce the weight of their guns. I own their 9mm carbine and love it so I know they use material other than steel and other metals on the rifles. Maybe HI point could buy Taurus holding in Georgia.


Kel Tec.


Seems taurus is fighting for a monopoly on domestic consumption within Brazil. Imports banned if there is any competing product made in Brazil. Taurus figures they can make more selling limited number of products at highly inflated prices. Their attitude seems to be scr** citizens and our customers. Guess I won’t be getting that Rossi R92-357 I’ve been looking for a good price on. No more taurus products for me.

Roland T. Gunner

“While I do not feel we need to comment…”? Why not? Do you think this will not affect the U S. branch of Taurus? Stand up for your prinvipkes, unass thst fence, and speak out. I have half a dozen Taurus handguns, and I like them, a lot; but I guess I have bought my last one.




It’s the same standard. The more degenerate and predatory liberal populations become, the more determined their leaders are to make self defense impossible.
Formulated around the traditional leftist assumption that whatever the good guy can use, the bad guy can use too. Creating an irreversible stalemate on the issue of guns.

Last edited 2 days ago by Ledesma

I wonder if that statement was made of his own free will. Maybe somebody influenced those words.


This won’t affect their sales in the US much. Most Taurus buyers are new to guns and won’t even be familiar with this issue. Others are budget buyers looking for the cheapest thing they can get and couldn’t care less about politics in Brazil. A few others (yes, they exist), are actually Taurus fanboys and will buy them no matter what.


All of those who think the bad old Bill Ruger days are over, needs to go back and read US Rep Mahoney’s (D-NY) Congressional Hearings on Gun Violence Discussion with Manufacturers. Current Ruger CEO Chris Killoy, bent in obeisance and kissed Mahoney’s, and the government’s arse with his comment that he fully supports the NFA, GCA and All Toddlers Flammable (ATF). Only one major manufacturer stood up to Mahoney’s Drama Club, and that was current Smith & Wesson CEO, Mark Smith, who told her he believes the NFA, GCA and ATF infringe upon the 2nd Amendment and he supports their… Read more »


Don’t own any Taurus products, now I never will. Maybe they should merge with Prick’s Sporting Goods…


Rich people are afraid of poor people having guns.

Monkey Mouse

I don’t see Brazil’s current government being around very long – making too many enemies and that is the kiss of death when the people have had enough – that is going to boil over very soon.


I think that is exactly what they want. And I hate to see a war. But they sure are pushing to control every aspect of a persons life. And this should not be. People are growing tired of their nonsense. Eating bugs is not going to go over well. lol


Did I step on somebody’s tail?
Has Ammoland hired Twitter immigrants for content control?


Would like my comment reinstated please.
And also explain the “scam” portion of your warning stamp.


A comment delayed is a comment denied.


Damn, now I will be passing on the GX4XL I was getting ready to order. And unfortunately, I was also interested the new line of revolvers introduced at SHOT.



In the “Song of Ice and Fire” series, AKA “Game of Thrones”, Arya Stark has her little list.

I also have a list.

Smith & Wesson
Levi Straus

And the newest addition



Why Smith & Wesson?


Ever hear of the ‘Hillary Hole’? It’s a deal S&W signed with the Clinton Admin and started with the keyed safety on their revolvers. I wouldn’t buy a new S&W because of that safety even if it had nothing to do with collaboration with the enemy.

Roland T. Gunner

They still make beautiful revolvers, works of guncrafter’s art; in my opinion the finest production revolvers in the world, and while the little key hole is silly, it does not stop me from buying them.


I would never buy a gun from smith and traitors. I would buy their products on the secondary market but I would never deliver profit to the company.

Screw me once shame on you…….support you after being screwed, shame on me and all consumers who support them after going full clinton in 2000.

Taurus pistols are crap…always been crap…..never rose to the level of quality of smith and traitors, never had one, never will and I will do what I can to be certain nobody I know ever does business with them.

F’ em!


What key hole? Have a gen1 M&P and have never noticed such a thing.

Was this something they did for a while and stopped, is it something newer or is it restricted to certain models?




Boycott Taurus. Note one missing element on their list of authorized gun owners. Free citizen defending a free republic. That is the problem.


I wonder if the Taurus owner or new “President” is related to LaPiere? In any manner, U.S. Border Patrol, here comes a REAL wave of asylum seekers!

Last edited 1 day ago by USMC0351Grunt

Their silence is acceptance!


Reads to me like Brazil is heading for a civil war. Sort of like where we in the US are heading. It was obvious to anyone with a modicum of reason, logic and common sense that Chairman XIDEN stole the election from the Donald Trump. We are living in a make believe world based on lie after lie.

Pa John

“The definition of fascism is the marriage of corporation and state.” – Benito Mussolini In this case, the “marriage of corporation and state” appears to be between the president of Taurus Brazil and the newly “elected” far left president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s Brazilian government. As per usual, the enticement for corporations to marry into government is being able to create and maintain a total monopoly in whatever they are selling to a captive population, basically outlawing all free market competition while criminalizing and outlawing all political opposition as well. Iron fisted tyrant wannabes tend to be total… Read more »


It will have the same effect as here, none.

Watch um

Any of you who want to get rid of your old commie made Taurus let me know. I will give you $50.00 for one in working order. I will provide my FFL dealer’s information and address so you can do the transfer.

I happen to like my Taurus g2c


Yeah why not ? They are a throw away. I’ll also be curious to see how long the little quality they have last now. With no competition they won’t need to worry about quality. Not that it’s that great anyhow. But then maybe the USA branch will make their own decision on that ? lol


As if their trash guns weren’t reason enough to never give them money. I guess we can add them to the list of traitors along with SA, Rock River, and X Products.

Wild Bill

Please tell me more about how SA, Rock River and X are traitors.


The owners of Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms started their own lobbying group in Illinois. It consisted of the president and vp of SA and the president of RRA as well as a paid lobbyist. A bill was introduced in the state legislature to enact a rationing system where you were only able to buy a certain number of guns a month and also enact a licensing/taxing scheme for all arms dealers/manufacturers in Illinois. This lobbying group was initially opposed to the bill as you would expect. However, after big box dealers/manufacturers like Springfield and Rock River were offered… Read more »


Yep, and good job putting their Skullduggery in a brief and concise post. By far the best short description I’ve ever read. Some have commented that Ruger’s changed since the Bad Old Bill days, but they haven’t changed at all. Current CEO of Ruger, Chris Killoy openly stated in US Rep Mahoney’s (D-NY) Congressional Hearings in 2022, that he fully supports the NFA, GCA and the ATF in his arse kissing to Mahoney. From those Hearings, only one major manufacturer really came through for the 2nd. That was the CEO of Smith & Wesson, Mark Smith, who had the guts… Read more »


Do you have a link to Killoy’s statements?

Last edited 1 day ago by Stag

Stag, Marty Daniels CEO at Daniels Defense, and Chris Killoy CEO at Sturm Ruger, both refused to apologize to Mahoney or take any responsibility for their companies involvement in recent mass shootings. Chuck must be thinking about something different.


I just read and posted Killoy’s statement in this comment thread. I’m not seeing where he said he fully supports the NFA, GCA, or ATF. He talks about supporting FixNICS, which is unconstitutional trash, but that’s all I found.


I just read Killoy’s statement and, other than supporting FixNICS, I don’t see where he says anything about fully supporting the NFA, GCA, or ATF.

Last edited 1 day ago by Stag

I know X Products suck with customer service and a so called “lifetime warranty” but what else should I know?


It’s in my comment right above yours.


We have in the past been witness to manufacturers who espoused ideals that were seemingly opposite that of their customer base. Bill Clinton seduced Smith and Wesson management with promised endless government contracts. A sudden drop in customer support before the arrival of the promised Clinton money stream, changed key management positions and reaffirmed a S&W / customer compact, I eventually accepted the S&W apology with the purchase of a 329PD and a Scandia 1911. Good friends will find a way to move through disagreements, and be better for it on the other side. Bill Ruger had a moment that… Read more »

Last edited 2 days ago by Ram

Please remember, folks, Taurus in Brazil and Taurus here are two different companies. I recently tried to order a part for a Brazilian made pistol FROM Brazil, and was told they can’t sell anything here. Don’t burn our gun companies to punish a company president who is most likely under tremendous pressure in Brazil. That letter might have been the price of keeping the company open.

Taurus TX22s, G2Cs, G3s, and most of the revolver line, all donestic products, are great firearms. The only thing I’ve heard bad about Taurus USA is their repair time is glacial.

Last edited 2 days ago by TGP389