Burris Introduces Signature LRF 2000 Rangefinder

Burris Signature LRF 2000
Burris Signature LRF 2000 Rangefinder. IMG Burris

Greeley, CO – Burris bridges the gap between the company’s advanced rangefinding riflescopes and rangefinding archery sights with the introduction of the new Signature LRF 2000 handheld rangefinder delivering blazing-fast results out to 2400 yards. Designed for both firearm and archery applications, the Signature LRF 2000 brings proven Burris quality and innovation to the compact handheld rangefinding platform.

Built into the Burris Signature LRF 2000’s rugged armored rubber exterior is a sophisticated program and laser rangefinding system that allows the user to customize the operation and data feedback for spot-on ranging accuracy in any environmental setting. With its 2,400-yard/2,194-meter ranging capability, the Signature LRF 2000 is accurate to within 1 yard at under 1,000 yards and ±2 yards at ranges over 1,000 yards.
The Signature LRF 2000 presents three operation modes to best meet your shooting environment and targeting needs for fast-range acquisition. For example, the Auto mode displays the range of the target with the strongest return signal. The Sport mode does the same for the closest target in a group. Finally, the Hunt mode displays the farthest range of a group of targets—an especially welcome feature when ranging through branches or tall grass.

Since hunters may encounter games at any angle—especially when hunting in mountainous regions—the Signature LRF 2000 lets you choose a readout to suit your preferred shooting scenario. Five different display options cover line-of-sight (LOS) only, horizontal distance (HOR) only, LOS and HOR, LOS and angle (ANG) above and below horizontal, and HOR and ANG. With this data, shooters can be confident in the range and in their trajectory compensation. To maintain real-time ranging, the Signature 2000 LRF’s scan mode offers virtually instantaneous readings by simply holding down the power/ranging button.

In addition to the rubber armored exterior for optimal protection and exceptional grip, the Signature LRF 2000 boasts a sealed nitrogen-filled chassis for waterproof and fog proof performance. The adjustable eyepiece ensures crisp focus of the display for any shooter with its +/-6 diopter adjustment range. And with a 7x magnification, ranging those “way out there” targets has never been more precise.

Burris Signature LRF 2000 Specifications

  • Magnification: 7x
  • Objective Diameter: 25mm
  • Field of View @ 100 yds: 31.5 ft.
  • Eye Relief: 14mm
  • Angle Range: ±70°
  • Diopter Adjustment: +/-6
  • Dimensions: 6×5.5×2.7 in.
  • Weight: 6 oz.
  • Battery: (1) CR2
  • Battery Life: 2,000 ranges
  • Measure Range: effective 5-2400 yds.; reflective 2,400 yds.; non-reflective 1,600 yds.; deer/game 1,100 yds.; minimum 5 yds.
  • MSRP: $360

For more information on the Burris Signature LRF 2000, visit BurrisOptics.com.

About Burris

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Greely, CO, Burris Company offers a complete line of premium optics, including riflescopes and sights for hunting, competition, and law enforcement, plus handgun scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, mounts, and accessories. For more information on the complete line of Burris Products, visit BurrisOptics.com or Facebook.com/BurrisOptics.

Burris Optics

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Made by the subjects of communist chena?


I don’t know how good the product is but 360 is not a bad price for the range you can get out of it. I bought a Bushnell 1,200yrd range finder years ago and I love it and it takes a licking and keeps ticking. I can’t tell you how many times it has been dropped. Pay attention to the Measure Range section at the end of the list. It is only good for deer etc to 1,100 yards. The reflective 2,400. What they mean by that is! Think about when you drive down the road and you see those… Read more »


Thanks, musicman. I’ve always found Burris products to be a good value. Bass Pro Shops sells these for $299.99.