Israel’s Bold Move: Empowering Civilians with 10,000 Rifles!

In a move that resonates with the fundamental rights cherished by many Americans, Israel’s National Security Minister, Itamar Ben Gvir, has taken a commendable step forward. By announcing the procurement of 10,000 rifles for civilian security teams, Israel is bolstering its security and echoing the timeless principle of the right to self-defense and the right to bear arms.

“We will turn the world upside down so that towns are protected. I have given instructions for massively arming the civilian security teams,” Ben Gvir passionately stated.

The rifles, as reported, are earmarked for distribution in towns situated close to borders, mixed Jewish-Arab cities, and West Bank settlements. This initiative is seen as a response to escalating security threats, particularly in light of events such as the recent Hamas invasion. However, it’s worth noting that 4,000 of these assault rifles have already been secured from an Israeli manufacturer and are poised for immediate distribution. In addition to the rifles, helmets, and bulletproof vests have also been acquired, further emphasizing the government’s commitment to civilian safety. Much like the American Second Amendment, which enshrines the right of the people to keep and bear arms, Israel recognizes the inherent value of empowering its civilians.

This isn’t the first instance of Israel adopting such a strategy. Historically, the nation has armed its civilian population, especially those residing in areas prone to conflict.

This approach is grounded in the belief that a well-equipped civilian populace can serve as an effective initial line of defense against looming threats. However, while the intent behind this strategy is clear, its execution and potential ramifications remain subjects of contention.

The Middle East Conflict

One of the primary objectives behind this massive procurement of small arms is to enhance the security deterrent in vulnerable areas.

Civilian security teams, which are linked to the Israel Police’s Border Police force, have historically provided security to smaller towns and communities, especially in Israel’s periphery and the West Bank settlements. Some of these teams played a crucial role in defending residents from threats, as evidenced by their response to the Hamas invasion on Saturday.

Historically, the concept of an armed citizenry has been seen as a cornerstone of a free society. The belief that a well-armed and trained civilian population can serve as an effective deterrent against threats is not new. Israel’s recent initiative is grounded in this very belief. Israel is ensuring that its first line of defense is robust and resilient by arming civilian security teams, which have already proven their mettle in defending residents from threats like the recent Hamas invasion.

The American ethos, which values individual freedoms and rights, can find parallels in Israel’s recent move. Just as many Americans view the right to bear arms as a God-given, inalienable right essential for self-preservation and liberty, Israel’s decision reflects a similar trust in its citizens and their ability to defend their homes and communities.

Israel’s decision to arm its civilian security teams is a powerful affirmation of the rights and responsibilities of its citizens. It’s a move that enhances the nation’s security and resonates with the universal principle of self-defense. As Israel takes this bold step, it stands as a testament to the enduring belief in the power and responsibility of the individual. This belief has been cherished and upheld by many, including Americans, for centuries.

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Forgive me if I do not find this act of closing the barn door after the horses have gotten out to be particularly praiseworthy. This resonates closely with a similar act by the Ukranian government after Russian forces were already pressing their case in that country. Governments of both countries on a general basis, denied their average citizens the right to keep, carry, and bear, firearms until they felt that trusting the peasants was necessary to save their own skins. Possessing and carrying firearms was the exclusive domain of the police, the military, and selected special people, as many in… Read more »

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Yep! Then later, likely within a year, when things have settled down, they will call for the surrender of said arms. The population need not be burdened with that responsibility. They can go back to “Raves for Peace” since they worked so well.

The Crimson Pirate

Israelis who can should collect weapons and ammo from dead terrorists. And not tell anyone they have done so.


I told the wife when I heard about this that it should galvanize the leftists against the jihadist savages in a sane world. After all 99.9%, IMHO, of the Festival For Peace event goers were raging, raving leftards that were sympathetic to the palestinian propaganda. Why attack us, we’re not MAGA.

But no, the brainwashing runs too deep.


What you are saying is like what the DemoKKKrats want to do in America. HOWEVER, Once People have a TASTE OF FREEDOM, they will not want to surrender!


Your last paragraph nailed it in a nutshell. Thank God our forefathers had sense enough to realize a armed citizenry is a safer country and it’s unfortunate that today’s leftists don’t see what could happen to us if they get their wish to disarm us.


what will happen to them if they try, they will get mine business end first and NO body armor stops 50 bmg api


Or 50 BMG ball for that matter. Barrett, anyone?

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Most of these CONTROLLER DemoKKKrats reside in their UTOPIAN La La Land; even though it does not exist!
WE, on the other hand, DESIRE a UTOPIAN land of freedom, HERE, in the REAL WORLD. Thus, WE ARE PREPARED for the worst but strive for the best!

Dubi Loo

Had the citizens possessed those arms, they would have had opportunities to practice and train making them more effective. “Behind every blade of grass” is effective. Waiting for a government stooge to hand you an unfamiliar weapon is not.


Oft repeated, for sure. Lack of firearms and especially training, to the frustration of the Marquis de Lafayette, was the largest issue that put the Continental Army behind the 8-ball from the get-go. The draw-down of the military after WWI caught the US playing catch-up after Japan attacked. We don’t have a manned rifle behind every blade of grass, we have a cowardly liberal cringing behind every blade of grass.


Your last two sentences are INCORRECT! WE, of the old guard, are STILL HERE and teaching our offspring the art of CONTROL! I hope and pray my children and grandchildren do not have to go through HELL in order to remain alive!


One in hand is better than a thousand locked away in a government building. Ask the People of Ukraine and Israel.


Imagine if a dozen people at the rave event were carrying concealed handguns. Shoot those fundamentalist Muslim terrorists in the face. At least they would have had a fighting chance instead of running away like sheep from wolves.


Too little WAY TOO LATE. And they still treat it as a privilege. Must pass interview, wait a week, must be in certain categories like veteran, security guard, etc. And you get 100 rounds of ammo. That’s 3 1/3 mags. It’s a fraction of one firefight. This article is way too charitable towards Israel’s gun control.


Heck… that’s not a good day of practice. Practice which is necessary to be safe and effective instead of neither. Add a zero and you’ve got a good start.


Here’sa valid question , why were they not armed in the first place ? When Hamas has been a threat a along .


Because govts pay lip service to freedom and protection of its citizens but don’t really mean it. Israel is one of the biggest liars so no surprise here.


That’s the head shaker part, especially since military service is mandatory in Israel, and they all have weapons training.


if they are not orthodox, the religious exemption


Ukraine and Israel are an immediate and tangible argument for support of the Second. One would have to be intentionally stupid or a democRat to not see this. It must also be noted that both these democracies were a little late in appreciating the value of an armed citizenry.


“Israel’s Bold Move” – what a load of malarkey! Contrary to popular opinion in the USA, Israel has had what to Americans would be considered highly restrictive gun laws for a long time. You’d think a people who survived the Holocaust, multiple invasions, daily terrorism, and who are surrounded by crazies who want them all dead dead dead would see the benefits and virtues of an armed populace – but they’ve been as mulishly stubborn about imposing civilian disarmament as the most leftist anti-American politicians in the USA. I won’t say they’re getting what they deserved – NO SANE PERSON… Read more »


Heard about one couple who were armed. They died successfully protecting their children, taking seven hamas shooters with them. I find that impressive given how badly outnumbered they were. Being two together helped, but had they had several neighbors providing cross fire hamas would have suffered exponentially more – with committal improvement on Israelis side. Have already had liberals claiming Israel drove Palestinians to this. In my mind, when a government sends its military to slaughter children and they amuse themselves hacking heads off babies and infants — that entire society is deserving of death. Being the peace loving and… Read more »


It’s a shame the majority of the Jewish people weren’t heavily armed and well trained in their use. It would had saved many lives.

Papa J

Screw ’em. Bomb Gaza flat. Then bomb Iran back to the stone age. If the want to act, and support “people” that behave like stone age savages, let live that way too.

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Arming the citizenry after the fact is not a deterrent. Any training they have had is seriously degrades, as well. In WWII, the Japanese decided not to invade the US because the civilians already had guns and had experience using them, not because they were afraid the civilians would be given guns after an invasion. It seems that Israel is repeating it’s past mistakes.


10,000 is a start make it a million now we are talking.

Then add a couple million handguns.


rounds of ammo and couple million guns and handguns


You guys have covered this well. The only time they let their citizens defend themselves is when officialdom’s fat is also in the fire. Any other time and the average guy is simply found not qualified.


Good solution, but too late. It would have be great to have these firearms available a week ago, or a month ago, or a year ago. Thanks for arming the population after it is too late. Folks, keep moving on – Nothing to look at here – just your government at work doing too little too late.


Don’t think that this could not happen here. If you’ve been reading, they found an extremist camp this last week in Arizona littered with invaders coming over the former southern border. I believe they have apprehended 300-400 people that are on the FBI Terrorist Watchlist so far this year, those are most likely the most illiterate of the terrorist animals. In 2016 the recently deceased Communist Sympathizing Senator from California reported there were 1,000,000 names on that list, not to mention the No-Fly List that they don’t report much about, how many are on there almost 8 years later? I… Read more »


over 400, and at least four mags loaded, a friend asked what the funny looking first round is a lehigh penetrator


What about the new “extra-extended” background check?

Last edited 4 months ago by Ledesma

What the hell does this have to do with the subject at hand? Focus, focus….

Matt in Oklahoma

Bout time and shoulda had an armed population to start with.
Watched a video yesterday of the civilians running for cover in flip flops. So many still haven’t gotten tot through their heads what’s going on

Watch um

I don’t like the words civilian security force. Give everyone a gun to defend themselves. This BS even in Israel is a shame.
Just like the police moto “Serve and protect” police never protect anyone except themselves. I am an old police officer and never said that to anyone.

An old Sheepdog


Hopefully they aren’t California compliant.


the American people should learn a lesson from this deplorable action by the moslims. after all with our open borders there must be hundreds of thousands of moslim terrorists within our borders. any minute now these terrorists will rise up and slaughter everyone with in reach. will you be ready to defend yourself and family? not if you give the government your guns, you won’t. wake up, the current mind set of our government is not on your side. i think congress has been bought and paid for by Americas’ enemies.


Gun control 101, Israel’s find out the hard way why gun control sucks. An unarmed populous was easy Pickens for the butchers of Gaza.


Just imagine if OUR government ever figured out THIS as a solution to shuttering out borders and protecting OUR citizens? http://facebook,com/F.O.B.Harmony


This is so disturbing. I remember the days Israelis went shopping with M-16s or Uzis.


Time after time, the need for personal self defense is illustrated in this world over and over again, most recently in Ukraine and now Israel. I think the left in this country is every bit as entrenched in that blindness, deafness and denial as anywhere in the world, which is really distressing, considering our founding. If terrorist attacks start here which is an ongoing concern, from infiltrators across the southern border, the left will still not be convinced.


we just add the outspoken ones to the collateral damage list


Would have been a good thing if the older woman who was abducted pulled her concealed handgun and put the three abductors DRT.


Too little, too late. The IDF has been collecting rifles since 2018, as the Israel government started being paranoid about their own people. This is the result of an unarmed or under-armed population.


MSM reported yesterday that the currently ONE firearm/50 round permissible allotment – subject to demonstrated need – would be increased to 100 rounds and an expedited by-phone interview and one week turn-around. Hardly as optimistic as this piece portrayal of the Israeli gov’t’s commitment to civilian self-defense.
With foreign militants coming from all corners of the compass by land, sea and air, how much more evidence does one provide to demonstrate said ‘need’?
It gives me the feeling that the IG is more interested in a buffer for themselves.

Last edited 4 months ago by jukk0u

It’s long past time that Israelis rise up and take back their rights by force. It’s clear their government cares more about control than the survival of its citizens. Much like every other government.


Hamas is about to cease to exist!


One can hope. My hope is that this time, Israel tells all the countries that try to stop hostilities before the mission is complete, to go Eff themselves, and most especially the UN. How many times does history have to repeat itself? Anything less than total annihilation of Hamas, Hezbollah, and then the Iranian Mullahs and their nuclear program, will see Israel having to visit this again.


Why not 100-thousand or One-Million???


Note that these arms are to be issued to security teams (militia?). The account of one such team repulsing an attack indicated that their arms were stored in a locked armory! Also, my sympathy for Israel is greatly mitigated by their having tried their damnedest to sink the Liberty!!! Some friend!


I thought only the Left used misleading headlines. The Israeli government is NOT arming civilians, they are arming civilian security teams. I’m sure not just anyone can be on a team, unlike in the US where anyone can buy a gun as long as they are not restricted.


Here is a BRILLIANT IDEA; All of the BARBARIAN TERRORISTS that have been “put-down”, GIVE the LEGAL Citizens the arms, ammo and gear of the deceased! This way there is no expense to the government!


Itasalie is an apartheid state and has disarmed its citizens. Unless you are in their military!


Rifles, helmets, and bulletproof vests. Now after the next invasion, they will issue them ammunition. And THEN – MAGAZINES! But only 4 rounds – because why would anyone need a 30 round magazine? The deer aren’t wearing bulletproof vests! The above narrative brought to you courtesy of a senile imbecile infesting the Oval Office and mental defectives everywhere. The Israelis are IN NO WAY in a different situation from every man, woman, and child in the United States of America – when confronted by a violent criminal. You don’t wait to install an emergency brake on your car until it… Read more »


I wonder if the issued “rifles” are actually selective-fire machine guns. M16s, Galils, old FALs, old Uzis. I bet if someone asked the Israeli government that question, they would say, what does it matter? Here in the USA many waffling gun owners draw a line at machine guns and state why would anyone need one? Well folks, here is a good example of why. It helps during the possible ambushes.


“Israel’s Bold Move: Empowering Civilians with 10,000 Rifles!”
Sadly, and truly, a bit late. It’s very sad that Israel doesn’t have a Second Amendment like we do. May be it will change NOW!


Had they the good sense to not suppress the right of self defense for decades, the country could have been full of experienced firearms users who could teach, at least, safety to the thousands now being issued firearms.


While I applaud the distribution of modern weapons to the Israeli citizenry, the expression A Day Late and a Dollar Short comes to mind.


pinnies would need to be exchanged for 100s


There’s a lot of bootlicking in this article, forgetting as it does the fact that socialist Israel generally keeps its population disarmed and that Ben-Gvir’s a religious nutjob who otherwise is an authoritarian despot…but no one said 2A activists had to be well-read (actually, a lot of folks have sad that but sadly a lot of 2Aers are ignorant).



Desert Guy

When I think of Israel in trouble, I think of:

The IDF air and sea attack on the U.S.S.Liberty, while in international waters. 34 American servicemen lost their lives.

Jonathan J. Pollard, a Pentagon employee who was convicted of spying for Israel. Donald Trump pardoned him.


“A Jew is a Jew;is a Rat faced F*cking Jew!
Do you know why US Silver and Gold coins always had ridges on their edges? To keep the Jews from shaving them! But hey! It’s their nature!

Last edited 4 months ago by hippybiker