Legislation Introduced to Allocate ATF Tax Monies to Support Wildlife Conservation

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WASHINGTON – Congressman Blake Moore (R-UT) and Congressman Jared Golden (D-ME) introduced the Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act to reallocate the funding generated from tax stamp processing for the purpose of enhancing wildlife and habitat conservation and recreation programs. This change will supercharge funding for these critical funding streams while expediting processes at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

Under the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA), all applicants seeking to transfer a suppressor are required to undergo a background check and pay a $200 tax stamp. This funding is currently deposited into the U.S. Treasury without any specific direction, even though total revenues generated from this tax are expected to approach $200 million this year.

The Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act would strategically allocate these taxes to both support wildlife conservation and recreation and expedite ATF processing.

Specifically, 15% of the total revenue would go to the ATF’s NFA division, aimed at expediting the processing of suppressor applications. The remaining 85% would be split further: 85% would be allocated to the Pittman Robertson Wildlife Restoration Trust Fund to support wildlife conservation, law enforcement, hunter recruitment, and other related lawful activities, while 15% would be provided for the development, maintenance, and operation of recreational shooting ranges. These dedicated ranges enhance safety, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to the recruitment and retention of ethical hunters and shooters.

“I am pleased to introduce this important bill that underscores our commitment to conserving America’s natural heritage, investing in outdoor recreation, and making ATF’s processes for law-abiding citizens more efficient,” said Congressman Blake Moore (UT-01). “This bill represents a transformative step in funding our nation’s wildlife conservation while streamlining federal processes.”

“By paying fees for licenses and equipment, Maine outdoorsmen have sustained our state’s recreational opportunities for generations,” said Congressman Jared Golden (ME-02). “Applying this same principle to the sale of accessories like silencers will increase consistency with the law, bolster conservation efforts in Maine, and make the background check process more efficient and effective.”

Without changing the criteria for obtaining a suppressor, the Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act would build upon our rich conservation heritage by increasing conservation funding and enhancing the capacity and efficiency of the ATF and FBI in the processing of applications for suppressors.

“This bill dedicates significant resources that would accelerate wildlife conservation and restoration efforts, such as habitat improvement, research and education. It’s a powerful commitment to conservation. It also improves ATF application efficiency, which will improve processing time for those seeking to legally obtain a suppressor.” -Joel Ferry, Executive Director of the Utah Department of Natural Resources.

“The Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act is a great opportunity to advance conservation and recreational shooting in this country by applying the revenue to areas that the consumers support. The additional funding for conservation will further advance the mission of the Mule Deer Foundation: ensure the conservation of mule deer, black-tailed deer and their habitat. The Mule Deer Foundation is proud to be a supporter of this legislation and we thank Congressman Moore and Congressman Golden for their leadership on this issue.” -Joel Pedersen, President and CEO of the Mule Deer Foundation.

“SAM-ILA applauds the introduction of the Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act. Conserving Maine’s wildlife by utilizing all the best hunting heritage tools that can generate the money to pay for them is always the best policy. Thank you Congressman Golden and Congressman Moore.” -David Trahan, Executive Director Sportsmans Alliance of Maine Institute for Legislative Action.

“The Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act will provide the single most consequential benefit to America’s wildlife, hunters and recreation that the Pittman Robertson Wildlife Restoration Trust Fund has received since it was signed into law in 1937, cementing the North American model of wildlife conservation for the next hundred years. I thank Congressman Moore and Congressman Golden for their leadership and for their commitment to conservation and America’s sportsmen.” -Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central & Congressional Sportsmen Foundation Board of Directors.

“The Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act is no-nonsense legislation that will keep pace with the user-pays wildlife conservation efforts that have made the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation the envy of the world. Increasingly greater numbers of hunters use suppressors to harvest wild game, as it is legal to do so in 41 states. Suppressors are a safety tool that protects hearing and reduces noise pollution. This legislation is in keeping with the modern application of suppressors to ensure the taxes paid for suppressors are applied to wildlife conservation, recreational shooting range construction and improvements and reducing the lengthy processing backlogs for suppressor approval by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Firearm and ammunition manufacturers fulfill a critical role funding wildlife conservation and this bill would bring the taxes paid by suppressor customers into those same vital efforts.” -Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel.

“Delta Waterfowl is proud to support the Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act. This bill will provide a major boost to hunter supported conservation of America’s ducks and waterfowl habitat across the four North American flyways. Delta recognizes the leaders of this bipartisan effort, Representatives Moore and Golden, and offers its support to pass this bill into law.” -John Devney, Chief Policy Officer of Delta Waterfowl.

“The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies thanks Representatives Moore and Golden for their steadfast support for conservation. Building on the proven success of the Pittman-Robertson Act will strengthen the partnerships between hunters, target shooters, and manufacturers that enable state agencies to manage healthy habitats, ensure abundant wildlife populations, and provide accessible outdoor recreational opportunities for the public.” -Chuck Sykes, Director of the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries and President of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

“The Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act will provide a significant plus up to the Pittman-Robertson account for the purposes of bolstering recreational shooting opportunities and enhancing wildlife conservation. Moreover, the legislation will provide ATF with the resources they need to process firearm suppressor applications in a timely manner. We are thankful for Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus (CSC) Member Rep. Moore and CSC Vice Chair Rep. Golden for introducing this legislation that will support our hunters, target shooters, and our state fish and wildlife agencies through expanding Pittman-Robertson.” -Jeff Crane, President and CEO of the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation.

“Safari Club International applauds the introduction of the Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act. Expediting ATF processing while directly benefiting conservation is a win-win for all hunters and wildlife. Thank you Congressman Moore for your leadership.” -Ben Cassidy, Executive Vice President, Safari Club International.

“For more than 80 years sportsmen and women have funded conservation through their purchases. We applaud Reps. Moore and Golden for this innovative bill that will build upon this tradition and commit additional resources to restoring wildlife habitat and supporting state-level professional wildlife management.” -Collin O’Mara, CEO of the National Wildlife Federation.

“TRCP appreciates Rep. Moore and Rep. Golden for their leadership to increase funding for conservation through the Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act. This bill will help fund projects that support abundant wildlife populations and public access for hunting and fishing.” -Whit Fosburgh, president and CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.

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It is difficult to argue against enhancements of funding for wildlife habitat restoration, hunter safety training, and shooting range creation and maintenance. BUT…. By attaching them to a revenue stream expected to be created by increased suppressor sales, we would create a constituency for continued $200 tax on suppressor transfers. I would rather see suppressors moved out from under NFA, eliminating the $200 transfer tax on them, and have their sales subject to the existing Pittman Robertson tax. If we’re claiming to be working toward elimination of NFA, we shouldn’t be in favor of finding more programs that will depend… Read more »


I agree with you but suppressors are out of site in price. At least buying one is. You can build one if you have the equipment to do it and a lot cheaper cost.


translation: more government bloat, bureaucracy and waste.

How about just drop the NFA altogether. Legal machine guns and suppressors don’t kill anyone that I know of… I don’t see articles in the news about that happening. The Al Capone era has been over for quite some time. Its like TDS still living in the minds of liberals.. probably for decades.


That’s a simple, and direct, Marxist redistribution of wealth, IMHO. Amazing how many liberals who call themselves “conservative Republicans”, come out of Utah. (I should talk. The entire, elected government in Boise, particularly Congressmen and the two “McConnell boys” Senators, Crapo and Risch, could be imported to Sacramento or Seattle, and feel pretty much at home there. But I digress …). 1) There should be no NFA, again, it’s an FDR socialist construct. 2) There should be no “tax stamp” on silencers, let alone SBR’s or short barreled shotguns. 3) There should be no ATF, working 24/7 to remove American’s… Read more »



Wild Bill

You are aware, of course, that ATF was created by a memo and can be eliminated by revocation of the memo.


On the surface this seems like a noble cause, however, this will embed yet another tax in our system, not to mention the fact that this diverts revenue from the Treasury. How does that “lost” money get restored? Probably via yet another federal tax to restore that lost revenue.


I am curious as to what the Securities and Exchange and the IRS see this? And WHY does the term, “co-mingling of funds” keep coming to mind?

Last edited 25 days ago by USMC0351Grunt

ALL federally confiscated funds that are literally stolen from WE, The People should ONLY BE USED for the good of ALL the people ONLY to operate the INTENDED INFRASTRUCTURE and BUSINESS OF GOVERNING OUR NATION ONLY! NOTHING MORE! ALL monies stolen, er., confiscated, I mean “borrowed” from WE, The People should be NO MORE than the MINIMIZED BUDGET as accepted by WE, The People through OUR Representatives void ALL lobbyists, con men, schemers, whiners and otherwise beggars. This means, NO! You will NOT get federally funded to measure the extensive stretch factors of the butt holes of earth worms! As… Read more »