Brady Gun Control Group Rolls-Out Brand New Lie On CNN News


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Brady United President Kris Brown and her gun control activist allies are running out of lies to tell about America’s law-abiding gun owners and the industry that provides for the exercise of the Second Amendment.

Instead of supporting the Constitution and law enforcement efforts to get tough on criminals who break the law and prosecute individuals who commit violent crimes using firearms, Brown and the gun control industrial complex would instead rather use lies to scare the public and shame them into giving up their own rights.

The latest example of Brown’s displayed dishonesty was on CNN for a segment related to Hollywood efforts to promote safe firearm storage. There was no fact check of Brown’s lie, and it’s readily apparent the falsehood was uttered to tug at viewer’s emotional strings to push an antigun agenda.

New Lie on Display

Last year, Brady United for Gun Control announced it was spearheading an effort to bring on Hollywood executives to help the group sell more gun control. Americans weren’t listening to them enough – meaning they were instead exercising their Second Amendment rights to purchase and possess firearms – and Brady needed a marketing upgrade. Brady announced the addition of three big names to help them sell more gun control to an American public that wasn’t interested. In a release, the gun control group publicized the hires, saying they will “bolster efforts and cultivate new relationships in the entertainment industry.” The goal is to “ignite a movement among culture leaders and creators to spark positive norm and behavior change and reshape America’s relationship with guns.”

Fast forward a few months, and CNN ran a news segment highlighting that actors on the TV show “S.W.A.T.” were using a gun safe in the home when one of the actors returned home off duty. Brown was included and interviewed about the show visually demonstrating safe firearm storage.

“The new approach is one of the successes of the #ShowGunSafety campaign launched by advocacy group Brady United, which is now partnering with studios across the country after first meeting at the White House for a roundtable with actors and writers last year,” the report narrator says.

“That is a gamechanger,” Brown said of the show including the quick scene of the gun safe in use. Then she spouted the lie. “We lose eight kids a day… to family fire. That’s due to firearms in the home that are not safely stored.”

CNN has an in-house fact checker but it’s unlikely that the statement from Brown will get any second look.

Fast False ‘Fact’

There’s really no telling where Brady’s Brown came up with the statistic that eight children are tragically lost everyday due to firearm accidents in the home. The closest data point that could be found was a statistic on the website End Family Fire that says “Every day, 8 kids are injured or killed from unintentional shootings.” Not surprisingly, End Family Fire is a gun control advocacy effort made up of a partnership between Brady United, the Ad Council, Docs Demand Action (an offshoot of the Michael Bloomberg-backed Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action groups), Bishops United Against Gun Violence and others.

Stating the obvious, it is quite different to suggest eight children are killed in the home every day from unsecured firearms than it is to suggest eight kids are killed or injured by firearms each day. The blurring of data and statistics to match their desired gun control outcome is all too familiar for the gun control movement that is running out of facts.

Last month, The Washington Post analyzed, and was forced to concede, that the often-repeated gun control lie that “Gun violence is the leading cause of death for children” was indeed false. President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, official statements from The White House, countless gun control politicians and gun control activist groups – including Brown – have all repeated the claim. Never mind that it is completely false.

“When you focus only on children — 17 and younger — motor vehicle deaths (broadly defined) still rank No. 1, as they have for six decades,” The Washington Post reported. “In the interest of accuracy, it would be better for White House officials to refer to children and teens when citing these reports. When all motor vehicle accidents are counted, then motor vehicle deaths continue to exceed firearm deaths for children — defined as people under age 18 — whether or not infants are included.”

If Brown is going to start making more TV appearances to tout her Hollywood gun control activism, she might want to make sure she has her data and facts straight.

Real Solutions, Responsible Firearm Leadership

Promoting safe firearm storage in the home when guns are not in use is a pillar of responsible gun ownership. The firearm industry wholeheartedly agrees. However, the firearm industry also believes in facts and truthful data and ensuring law-abiding gun owners are knowledgeable and can choose the appropriate safe storage device that works for their individual situation.

One of the firearm industry pillar programs of safe and responsible gun storage is Project ChildSafe® – a program that has provided more than 41 million firearm safety kits, including gun cable locks, free of charge, no questions asked, to anyone who requests one through law enforcement partnerships in all 50 states and five U.S. territories. Keeping firearms out of the hands of children, and also those individuals who may be struggling with depression or other mental health difficulties, is of critical importance. This isn’t something new. NSSF has been at this for a quarter century. This year, 2024, marks the 25th anniversary of this life-saving effort. Those lock distributions are on top of the free gun locks included with every firearm that’s shipped from the manufacturer. The firearm industry’s commitment to safety is unrivaled.

Along with Project ChildSafe, NSSF’s Real Solutions. Safer Communities® initiatives have had a real, positive impact on reducing firearm tragedies and keeping communities safer, all while protecting and ensuring Constitutional rights are honored. It’s why the firearm industry is gratified that unintentional firearm accidents have trended to historic low numbers since data was first collected more than 100 years ago. While the work is never done, that’s a statistic the firearm industry is proud to be a part of and that Brady United’s Kris Brown, CNN and Hollywood should all recognize.

About The National Shooting Sports Foundation

NSSF is the trade association for the firearm industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of thousands of manufacturers, distributors, firearm retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations, and publishers nationwide. For more information, visit

National Shooting Sports Foundation

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“Instead of supporting the Constitution and law enforcement efforts to get tough on criminals who break the law and prosecute individuals who commit violent crimes using firearms, Brown and the gun control industrial complex would instead rather use lies to scare the public and shame them into giving up their own rights.” One way is hard, expensive yet proven to work since 90% of violent crime is committed by 10% of criminals, and the “criminal justice system” already knows who they are. The other way is easy, cheap, and accomplishes very little since you can’t control criminal behavior by punishing… Read more »


how is using gallows expensive?


swm – have you priced lumber lately?


DDS – I’ve been studying the ‘gun control’ debacle er um debate for nearly 60 years. The lies the antis were telling to further their agenda are essentially the same ones they are STILL using today, just with different packaging. The reality is that all they have is lies, distortions and half truths but the non-thinkers out there eat up the propaganda. After all, it is for the children……………


If you have been studying it for 60 years then you know allot of the new non existent words that they use to say guns bad. It’s ridiculous how they get away with it and scare people with a word that sounds scary. Poor sheeple, if only they knew what their masters are spewing makes them weaker when they follow it.


Heres another angle. Most criminal use of firearms are committed by people with mental health issues.
The left wants to know what the right is going to do about people with mental health issues.
How about this, we already know the largest group suffering mental health issues are criminals.
Quit releasing them with little or no bail and giving them early release from jail and prison.
That would be a start.


Enough Already
“To Arms!”


Let’s see how this election turns out first. Give the system one last chance.


That’s one reason I stopped watching police procedurals like the FBI franchise and S.W.A.T..The narrative is blatantly anti civilian ownership of firearms.


Keeping your stuff locked up is a plus for their side. If you keep all of your guns locked up, it makes things safer for the home invader, the local police when they flash bang your home and batter the door down at the wrong house, or BATF when they come a killing, er calling, at zero-dark-thirty. Given how computers and cameras have invaded every other aspect of our daily lives, I can almost imagine a not-so-distant future, where like NYC and some of your current and former Crown ruled countries, you are required to keep all firearms locked in… Read more »

Last edited 16 days ago by Grigori

There was actually a parody video on yooToob about that around 10 years ago. l have searched in vain to find it again. Pretty sure l have it downloaded on one of my old computers. lt describes what you said EXACTLY.


There is no law stating that all of your guns have to be locked up; only that a firearm “not in use” should be (in some locations) or must be locked up. If you’re not using it, why would you not keep it under lock? Also, leaving guns “conveniently placed” around the house isn’t very smart as home invasions are fast and chaotic. So, since the majority of defensive gun uses occur with three shots fired in three seconds at three feet and closing, just how much time does anyone think they can afford to waste getting their hands on… Read more »

Last edited 15 days ago by Whatstheuseanyway

Flibbertigibbet advice.


If someone wants to keep guns in safes around the house, then, as you say, good luck getting to them when you need them. Maybe it works, maybe not. If one wants to keep loaded guns lying loose around the house, then good luck ensuring that they never get mishandled, with the consequences of that. Generally, a safety-conscious person would consider that a terrible idea. Loaded revolver in the laundry hamper? What could go wrong? Unless the above are good ideas, then this brings it down to a gun (or more, for multiple carriers) in use, holstered to the body… Read more »


Bill, I keep 90% of my firearms locked in my safe. My G19, ColtAR15, 12ga pump ,are always easily accessible and ready to go if needed .


I punch in 6 digits, yank the door open, and my “ready gun” is in my hands. Takes longer to type it than to do it. It wouldn’t be that much faster if it was in a nightstand drawer plus in the safe my guns are protected from the casual street punk home burglar.



That’s why every home should have a free safe paid for by us via the tax dollars that they steal and waste.


Germany already REQUIRES most/if not all gun owners to keep their guns at GUN RANGES UNDER LOCK AND KEY. This is a FORCED process upon Germans.


Yep, and my uncle owns one of those shooting ranges and the reason why is so he has guns if he needs them.


The “blue face” in your picture is OK. Better still would be the “blue face” added in front of the “BLUE HELMET”!

Get Out

IMOA, fight fire with facts, shouldn’t we be going out and providing truthful statistics on these TV shows and movies as well? Throw a couple of lines in the script that illustrates how more gun laws don’t and never will stop criminals from getting guns. Perhaps a segment showing a family member defending self and family from violent predators and being praised for being prepared instead of charged as the aggressor. A good segment could be a college student defending herself on campus from a predator too. If they can spread their lies, why can’t we be the ones to… Read more »


GO – there ARE pro-gun groups that ‘try’ to get the truth out BUT the gun control ‘faithful’ simply Do Not Listen to the facts. One brief example – how many of the ‘kids’ allegedly killed every day are in reality late teen gang members?


The problem is much deeper than a media campaign. Here is the root of the matter. The Progressive New Left is not driven by reason and fact. This ideological movement is driven by emotion and what I have termed magical thinking. This truth applies across the board to their approaches to all things Western Civilization. They have progressed their fantasy based magical thinking to the point where men can become women, right is wrong, good is evil and gang bangers are children. To counter them you need to attack the root of the problem and the root of the problem… Read more »


No access to the media for guns in a positive light.


Stop the presses!!!!!! Lying liars lie.

”I am shocked to find there is gambling going on here”


Two liars one agenda!


Yesterday I saw a commercial for the first time on TV about how important it is to have your guns in safe storage but the main part of the commercial was about how dangerous it is to have a gun. They used safe storage to get there.
The commercial is supposed to be for the good of the people but you can tell it was made by anti gunners. I heard a commercial that was similar on the Dan Bongino show.


I agree with safe storage ….on you or with you at all times that is about as safe as you can be


and loaded…none of this looking for ammo or mag bs

An-Old -One

I carry my 4″.45acp all day and take it off when I go to bed. Also carry a spare 7 rd. mag. My fshc in 5″ 16 rd is a bit heavy to carry

Last edited 13 days ago by An-Old -One