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NY SWAT Cop Ridiculed After He’s Pictured with Eotech Rifle Sight on Backwards

NY SWAT Cop Ridiculed After He’s Pictured with Eotech Rifle Sight on Backwards

AmmoLand Gun News

AmmoLand Gun News

New York – -( A SWAT team in upstate New York is being mocked as an example of the difference between military and police training after an officer was captured peering through a backwards Eotech sight on his combat rifle.

As users on Reddit were quick to point out when the image was 1st posted, the reverse sight makes it effectively useless.

Users mocked the SWAT officers training and some went so far as to question the motives of some of the men serving in local law enforcement.

The officer is using a ‘military style’ assault weapon with a close quarters combat sight that costs roughly $500.

‘It’s disturbing to think that 1) none of his buddies corrected it, and 2) he’s in a real-life situation with his optic on backwards, which means he’s never fired that rifle with the optic on it, which means it isn’t zeroed and he thought it was OK to show up to a gunfight with an unzeroed weapon,’ wrote one Reddit user.

New York is the same state that recently passed the NY SAFE Act restricikng ownership of the same type of rifles to regular New York citizens, with one of the reasons being that they do not receive the same training as SWAT “Only Ones”. To add insult to injury the New York legislature is in the process of passing an amendments to the SAFE Act to exempt police from this law.

  • 12 User comments to “NY SWAT Cop Ridiculed After He’s Pictured with Eotech Rifle Sight on Backwards”

    1. swampsniper on March 25, 2013 at 12:30 PM said:

      It doesn’t really matter if you shoot with your eyes closed.

    2. Nothing suprises me from that city of total idiots !HBH

    3. Just another total and complete moron in nyc.! Pitiful,just pitiful ! Notice even the other SWAT team members don’t pick up on it ? These idiots must mount those Eotechs ” bloomberg style”. I really can’t get past the total dumbass of this !!! HBH

    4. andres vazquez on March 26, 2013 at 8:19 AM said:

      So the new logic in New York is-Civilians cannot own these weapons as they are incapable of handling them safely, hence they are to be used only by cops and soldiers. When the police demonstrate incompetence-let’s change the rules-as in the rules do not apply to cops. Brilliant…….

    5. C.B.Tools on March 31, 2013 at 10:51 PM said:

      As of this writing, over 50 NY counties oppose the NY “safe”
      act. This should come as no surprise since most of NY State is rural.

      What the city politicians (Cuomo) have failed to realize is
      that the entire southern tier of NY State, as far east and north as
      Schoharie and Otsego counties, is included in the cultural region known
      as Appalachia. Google Appalachia or Appalachian counties.

      The Appalachian Mountains stretch from Maine to Alabama but the
      Appalachian cultural region is more specific.

      In violating the second amendment rights of NY citizens, Cuomo has not
      only declared war against rural New Yorkers, he has declared war
      against Appalachia. This is no small matter. If there is one thing that
      Appalachian folk have in common from North to South, it is the fact that
      they don’t take kindly to outsiders that attempt to take away their
      rights and freedom.

    6. [...] Unfortunately it is real: NY SWAT Cop Ridiculed After He?s Pictured with Eotech Rifle Sight on Backwards [...]

    7. jerry on May 8, 2013 at 9:34 AM said:

      Lets hope he points the carbine the right way ??

    8. RickJames on May 9, 2013 at 12:41 AM said:

      Notice that the front patch on his plate carrier looks like “MEDIC”. That explains everything in one word. Maybe a medic assigned to the Team from a local FD? He also looks to be using the back-up, flip-up style rear sight with the A2 front sight. No excuse for others not picking it up but just sayin’….!

    9. These cops are not from the NYPD

    10. Alex X on June 2, 2013 at 8:34 PM said:

      Don’t worry…I’m sure Mr. Bloomberg will outlaw rifles with backward sights.

    11. Rickjames – you’re trippin’ – that plate would say “police” just as well, since all one can see is part of “IC”.
      As for the flips, what else? You should know he can’t see reticle in the optic…

      These are the reasons to not militarize cowboy cops.

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