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By John Farnam

Russian Tanks

Russian Tanks

Defense Training International, Inc

Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO --( More comments on Ukraine, from colleagues:

Seeing that promises of “protection” from the USA aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, Japan now realizes that America has no intention of defending them from a nuclear China, regardless of all the flowery “agreements” and “treaties.”

So, we can expect Japan to go nuclear shortly. They have no choice!

Ukraine was hoodwinked by the WJC Administration into giving-up its nuclear weapons, a decision they now painfully regret. The Japanese watch TV too!

And, so do the Saudis! In view of current events, they’ll also refuse to remain non-nuclear with a nuclear Iran right next door, and a weak, confused USA across the ocean.

We can expect something similar from the South Koreans, and others.

American weakness, manifested in Benghazi and many other places, is rapidly changing the global complexion!

My advice to Ukranian leaders is to televise images of Ukraine soldiers wiring for instant demolition, all of those Russian natural gas and oil pipelines.

Then, send two messages:

  • One to Vlad P, that all his expensive assets in Ukraine are about to be vaporized.
  • The other to the EU to the effect that, when you don’t honor your commitments to defend us, you’d better have lots of warm coats!”

Comment: Where is Neville Chamberlain when we need him?


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As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

  • 2 User comments to “Neville Chamberlain – Where Are You?”

    1. 11Hotel on March 4, 2014 at 1:34 PM said:

      While Nobel prize winner Comrade Barry is disarming America, including our nukes, he has at the same time spawned a new nuclear arms race around the world. God help us…

    2. If this “Progressive” regime continues past 2016 we’ll all be singing “Goodbye American Pie”.

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