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Battle New Jersey Gun Rights

Battle for New Jersey Gun Owner Rights

Constitution Daily

Constitution Daily

Washington, DC --( The United States Supreme Court is still evaluating a case that would define rights related to concealed gun permits in New Jersey and potentially across the country.

The case of Drake v. Jerejian was expected to be heard in private conference by the nine Justices last Friday. Orders were issued today and the Drake case wasn’t among those cases denied or accepted by the Court.

A petition was filed with the Court in January. The petitioners, led by attorney Alan Gura, want answers to two questions: whether the Second Amendment secures a right to carry handguns outside of the home for self-defense and if New Jersey officials violated that right by requiring people to prove a “justifiable need” for carrying a handgun for self-defense outside their homes.

Gura has argued that four federal district courts, along with several state supreme courts, have ruled that the Second Amendment extends the right to carry handguns to outside of the home for self-defense, while several other federal courts have disagreed.

The Third Circuit was among the courts that decided self-defense rights were restricted to inside the home, and it upheld New Jersey’s “justifiable need” law.

Gura said the state’s handgun laws are so restrictive that “few ordinary people can hope to obtain” a permit.

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    1. Carl Stevenson on April 22, 2014 at 11:15 AM said:

      Hopefully, the day will come when the people of the slave states will revolt and fight for their rights. Anyone (individual, “law enforcement,” of politician) who tries to cage anyone for merely exercising their God-given, Constitutionally guaranteed right to defend themselves (anywhere, anytime) deserves to be shot or hanged for their treason.

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