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Black Man With A Gun Reloaded

Black Man With A Gun Reloaded – New Book

Now free to tell it all, Blanchard shares personal stories and struggles beginning with his family life, humorous stories as well as lessons learned as a an African American gun rights activist…


Introducing the Freedoms

The site is called “Freedoms’ Network,” and can be found at . I will be helping all the bloggers and podcasters onboard promote and grow their audiences as best I know how…

Zimmerman - Martin Shooting

No Winners in the Zimmerman – Martin Shooting

I wasn’t there that night on February 26, when Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida but I still weep about it. I grieve for both families and our nation…

When Did Self Defense Become Immoral?

I got a chance to read an OP-Ed from a minister in Virginia today that wrote that the repeal of the one gun a month rule for law abiding Virginians was “immoral.”…WTF

The Sheeple

I am a Slave, No One Told Me?

Being a part of this human herd is common place for the urban dweller. As is the thought of being involved in a crime…

Harriet Tubman

Maryland vs Moses – The Antebellum Madea

Today we have people that haven’t thought through the gun control argument. I don’t think they understand where we’ve come from. They don’t want to admit that guns protect, and are the symbol of a free person…

Zen of Gun Ownership by Kenn Blanchard

Zen of Gun Ownership Now Available

Kenn Blanchard shares the last twenty years of his life as a activist known as the Black Man With A Gun in a new ebook, now available on Kindle called the Zen of Gun Ownership…

Holy Day Wishes

As we entered December, I faced a dilemma. Many of our JPFO members are not Jewish, and it is inappropriate for an Orthodox rabbi to send Christmas greetings…

Turkey Guns

What did you get for Thanksgiving?

This week on the Black Man With A Gun Podcast I will share some links and names for firearms trainers Facebook friends have recommended…

Kenn Blanchard

Gun Control is Anti-American

Gun control is not new. It has been going on sense the invention of gun powder. It is and always has been about control. That is not American…


You Can Not Legislate Crazy

Crazy people are always a wild card. You can’t predict what sets them off this time or will cause them to act violently…

Urban Shooter Podacast Special Event

An Urban Shooter Podacast Special Event Coming on the Urban Shooter Podcast (USP) Upper Marlboro, MD –( The Urban Shooter podcast is planning a special event Oct 30th, 2010 in Virginia. Hope all in the Mid Atlantic can attend. I am celebrating three years of podcasting, and my 200th episode early with a live version […]