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The Doubletap Ammunition .450 SMC rounds work from a standard +P rated .45 ACP pistol.

I Feel The Need for .45 SMC Speed

Sometimes we shooters do things because, well, why not? It’s as good reason as any, right? At first glance, the .450 SMC cartridge may appear to fall into the “why not” category…

Hornady American Gunner

Hornady Announces 2015 New Products

Hornady Manufacturing, an industry leader in ammunition technology, announces a comprehensive lineup of new products for 2015, including American Gunner ammunition and Full Boar ammunition…

Buffalo Bore Heavy 30-30 Winchester Rifle Ammunition

John Wayne Would Have Killed To Have This Ammo

If you are looking for ammo for your grandfather’s gently used 30-30 lever action rifle, the 28A / 30-30 will get that job done and is safe to use in almost all of the older lever actions…