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SCCY CPX2-CB 9mm Pistol

SCCY CPX2-CB 9mm Pistol Review ~ 100% Functioning

The gun was shot several hundred times & functioning was 100%. Based on shooting where it does well I can recommend the SCCY CPX2-CB 9mm Pistol as long as you are aware of the two weak points…

Metro Arms American Classic Commander 1911 Pistol

Metro Arms American Classic Commander

Full size power and accuracy, craftsmanship details and affordably priced, the Metro Arms AC Commander 1911 in 9mm and .45 ACP with Lifetime Warranty.

Mk4 T

CMMG’s Newest Rifle Line Defines Versatility

The new Mk4 T series rifles are CMMG’s latest definition of versatility. With four different calibers and two different barrel types to choose from, the Mk4 T line-up has something for everyone.

Boberg XR9-S pocket 9mm Pistol

Boberg XR9-S Pocket Pistol – FAIL

The XR9-S is compact and light, which is great for concealed carry. But if it can’t be trusted to shoot more than one shot without jamming or pulling another round apart, it’s defensive applications are limited, to say the least…

9mm Versus The 45ACP

9mm Versus The 45ACP

Aah, the never ending debate about the effectiveness of handgun ammunition in different calibers…

Sphinx SDP Compact 9mm Pistol

Sphinx SDP Compact Pistol

Sphinx, the Swiss pistol manufacturer, known for its precision engineering, manufacturing and quality standards, is releasing a 9×19 Parabellum compact pistol designed specifically for the law enforcement and military markets…