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Anti Hunting Scumbags

Not in Our House: Protecting the American Outdoorsman

Our cherished outdoor endeavors are threatened thanks to a group of people who simply don’t agree with our chosen lifestyles. Yes, they are boldly walking into our front doors & telling us how to live our lives…

Hung By The Gun

George Zimmerman Get His Guns Back…Again

You have to keep up to understand what is happening with George Zimmerman. Almost the entire media & the left wants him in jail or dead, because he would not to allow himself to be killed by a black teenager…

Registered Drop-In Auto-Sears, RDIAS

ATF Confiscating Drop-In Auto-Sears

The target of gun control isn’t criminals, it’s us. The objective of these laws is to make us criminals and make lawful gun ownership too difficult and dangerous to attempt…

Sergeant Danny Nightingale

When ‘British Justice’ Becomes A Very Bad Joke

What about all the other people who have not committed, or intended to commit, any anti-social act, but have had their lives turned upside down because the UK Firearms Act is a terrible, vicious law???