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John 11:25

The Meaning Of Life

Whether you’re an atheist, a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, a Buddhist, until you fill the God-shaped hole in your soul you will find no rest.


Chanukah Celebrates Rededication

December 16 through 24 of 2014 marks this year’s celebration of Chanukah and one can only hope that it will be enjoyed without providing an excuse to attack Jews around the world…


Hating On Santa Claus

So you can be an atheist, but you can still celebrate a holiday devoted to the man who Christians deem the son of God? All the while hating on good ole Saint Nick…


The Case for Christmas (Part 1)

I recently read his short 91-page booklet titled “The Case for Christmas,” in which he viewed the sacred holiday as an investigative journalist and interviewed scholars on the heart of its meaning…